Iraqi Infantry

This teaser from the Iraqi Mod team gives you a preview of some of their infantry. Many variants are included of the modern-day troops who...

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File Description

This teaser from the Iraqi Mod team gives you a preview of some of their infantry. Many variants are included of the modern-day troops who served under Saddam. The skins look to be of a very high standard and the units contain many features such as removable helmets. Well worth a look.

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IM:UC Iraqi Infantry Teaser v 0.8

 Model: Hottentotten Mike, RTR_Commander
 Textures: Hottentotten Mike
 Scripts: Hottentotten Mike
 Beta Testing: Rest of Team



OFP: v1.96 + JAM2     

1. Addon
2. Installation
3. Features
4. Contact

1. Addon

This teaser pack contains infantry soldiers of the Iraqi army from 1990 - 2003 under the Saddam era. In this pack you will find regular conscript soldiers who have two uniforms which are khaki and olive. These guys usually had the most basic of equipment and uniforms and are quite plain. Also in this you will find a few variations of Repbulican Guard soldiers who are one of the elite soldiers of Saddam. Just for the teaser we have included two camoflague uniforms and also the plain khaki and olive green uniforms too.

2. Installation

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Addons folder or you can create our mod folder which would be something like IMUC and then just make sure you have a shortcut for the mod folder.

3. Features

The unit classes which you will find in this pack are as follows:

                 Regular Soldier (Green)

Officer          IMUC_Green_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Green_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Green_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Green_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Green_Sniper

                 Regular Soldier (Khaki)

Officer          IMUC_Tan_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Tan_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Tan_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Tan_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Tan_Sniper

                 Republican Guard Soldier (Green)

Officer          IMUC_Green_RG_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Green_RG_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Green_RG_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Green_RG_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Green_RG_Sniper

                 Republican Guard Soldier (Khaki)

Officer          IMUC_Tan_RG_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Tan_RG_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Tan_RG_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Tan_RG_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Tan_RG_Sniper

                 Republican Guard Soldier (Dot Camo)

Officer          IMUC_Dot_RG_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Dot_RG_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Dot_RG_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Dot_RG_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Dot_RG_Sniper

                 Republican Guard Soldier (Lizard Camo)

Officer          IMUC_Lizard_RG_Officer
Solider          IMUC_Lizard_RG_Soldier
RPG Soldier      IMUC_Lizard_RG_SoldierRPG
Machine Gunner   IMUC_Lizard_RG_SoldierMG
Sniper           IMUC_Lizard_RG_Sniper

4. Contact



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