Kilo Class Submarine

This addon features a working model of the Russian Kilo-Class attack submarine.

The model is well done, and submarine afficiondos should...

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File Description

This addon features a working model of the Russian Kilo-Class attack submarine.

The model is well done, and submarine afficiondos should be able to recognise it as the Kilo class. The rest of us can compare the screenshots, and you should agree with me.

The addon uses the Chain of Command torpedo system to great effect. The pleasures you may expect of seeing your missile rocketing away on the surface of the water are there, as you'll see in the screenshots. The sub will dive to different depths using an easy to understand set of commands in the action menu. The gunner enjoys the pleasures of looking through the periscope, which reveals an unforntunate bug which causes you to see the submarine above the surface of the water even if it has dived.

The interior of the sub is vastly detailed and quite simply superb, it's one of the best I've seen as you can see from the screenshots, but it may place a bit of a burden on lower-end systems.

The AI currently cannot fire torpedoes, this is due to Chain of Command's torpedo system and not this addon, the readme explains this further and assures us that this will be fixed. For this reason, if you are the sub driver you'll need to select manual fire. The gunner is not superior in rank to the driver, so if you want to play the gunner you will be unable to order the driver around via the normal in-vehicle command system.

This addon is worth trying out just to have a look at how submarines can work in OFP, and it is a very intersting experience to try it out.

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The Everon Cartel 
 Proudly Presents
The EC Kilo Class Type 636 Submarine!
Operation Flashpoint's First Functional Submarine

*An online version of this readme is available at:

Important Notes

This addon was created for Operation Flashpoint versions 1.91 and above.  Due to factors
beyond our control, there are some limitations to this addon.  Please refer to the limitations section of this readme file for details.

Also, we have created a thread in our forums for feedback here:  

Please understand that we welcome all constructive comments and will do our best to reply to them.  However, we will not respond to any unhelpful or immature comments, it's a free addon and a labor of love after all!
Table of Contents

1.  Kilo Class History
2.  Installation
3.  Notes for Mission Makers
4.  Features
5.  Limitations
6.  Credits
7.  Legal and Permissions
1.  Kilo Class History

The Kilo class submarine is designed for anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare in the protection of naval bases, coastal installations and sea lanes, also for general reconnaissance and patrol missions.

The Kilo is considered to be one of the quietest diesel submarines in the world and it can be outfitted with several types of deadly torpedos.

The standard Kilo class submarine is equipped with six 533mm forward torpedo tubes situated in the nose of the submarine and it carries 18 torpedoes with six in the tubes and twelve on the racks.

The Kilo is currently operated by India, China, Iran, Algeria, Poland, and Romania.

2.  Installation

IMPORTANT!  This addon requires the Chain of Command torpedo system available here:

Please refer to their site for more information on the great CoC Torpedo addons!

Installation:  Place ECL_KL42o.pbo in your Res/Addons folder, and the mission "ECL_KL42o Sub Test.intro in either of your missions folders.  (\flashpoint\missions or \flashpoint\users/username/missions)

3.  Notes for Mission Makers

In order to achieve some things with the sub in cutscenes and having the AI pilot it, the mission designer must manually cause them to happen via the use of init commands.  The main two things that you will need to know is how to manually dive the sub and how to detect the depth or animation phase that the sub is in.

Manipulating and Detecting Depth

To manually cause the submarine to change depth via triggers and scripts, use the following command:

subname animate ["arm1",0.18]  

Where subname is the name you have given the sub and 0.18 is the animation distance for the 
periscope depth.

Animation distances are as follows:

Submerged Completely:  .6
Tower Depth:  .036
Periscope Depth:  .18
Surfaced:  0

To detect what animation phase or depth the sub is at, use this in the condition field of a trigger:

subname animationphase "arm1" > 0.7

Where subname is the name you have given the sub and 0.7 is the animation phase distance.

Manipulating Captive Status

By default, the submarine is not captive while it is surfaced, and is set to captive when it is submerged.

If you have a need to change the way the captive status is handled for the sub, use these commands:

["CCM",Subname,"captive"] exec "\ECL_KL42o\iscapt.sqs" - For captive mode ( sub is always captive)

["CCM",Subname,"ncaptive"] exec "\ECL_KL42o\iscapt.sqs" - For default mode (captive when dived)

["CCM",Subname,"detected"] exec "\ECL_KL42o\iscapt.sqs" - For detected mode (sub is never captive)

Sub location in M.E. (mission editor) and weapon magazines names

There are two versions of the submarine on the "East" side or "Empty" class in the "Everon Cartel" subclass of the Mission Editor.  One has a default loadout of 10 Shkval CoC torpedos and the other has 18 APR3e CoC torpedos.

Weapon magazine names:


4.  Features

*Ability to go under LST's, PBR's, LSD's, everything we've tested 
 except for other EC Kilo Subs...
*Long radar range
*Full range of submersion capabilities, using action menu options
*When sub is dived, enemies do not attack ^ (see below for more 
 details on this)
*Highly detailed cargo, pilot views
*Periscope included, with certain unavoidable limitations ^ (see 
 below for more details on this)
*2 versions included, 1 with the COC Shkval torpedos and 1 with 
 the COC APR3e torpedos. (great work on the torpedo's COC!  Thanks!)
*Custom sounds
*Custom gunner optics
*Great beta testers
*Many .p3d workarounds, a little luck and a lot of time to get it working!
*All signs, gauges, etc are in Russian.  (we used a free translator for 
 a lot of it, so it may be pretty bad if you speak Russian)  ;-)

5.  Limitations

*AI cannot fire torpedo's..  CoC members advise that this will be fixed in 
 the next release of the torpedo's and at that point we will make any 
 adjustments if necessary. 
*When looking through the "iron sight" view in the gunner's position 
 (through the periscope), the submarine that you see does not dive.  
 This is unfortunately an OFP game limitation.
*Enemies will follow you when dived if you have their waypoint 
 settings on "guard" or "seek and destroy"... We have found that 
 the enemy will pass the sub when on a regular "move" waypoint.
*Fire geometry is somewhat limited... The submarine is able to be 
 shot, but certain parts cannot.  (the tower for instance, cannot be shot)
*Wake does not disappear when sub is dived.  This cannot be 
 avoided, it is a game limitation.
*The soldiers that are inside the sub with you will look warped for 
 about 3 seconds when you first see them.  You can speed up the 
 process by zooming in on them if you want.
*AI Cannot Dive the sub, they must be commanded to do so. 

If anyone wants to help us fix these problems, feel free to notify us!
Check our forums for a thread here:

6.  Credits

To start, we'd like to thank Yves "evil lair" Allaire for making the great 
textures available at this site:  (HFX) 

We'd also like to thank all the great beta testers that helped us:

Any other testers that we forgot about.  (sorry, it's been a year and we
have bad memories)    

EC Team Roles:

Kaliyuga-3d modeling, research, testing, .cpp editing, sound engineering,
LCD-scripting and coding "Master"
Asmodeus-3d modeling, texturing, testing, .cpp editing

Also, we'd like to thank Denoir and the whole CoC team for their support
with us implementing the CoC torpedos.  Thanks!

And of course we'd like to thank BIS for making the great game that
OFP is and has become with their continued support.  We were even 
so lucky as to get feedback from Maruk and we greatly appreciate it!  
Cheers and happy Holidays!

Thanks to OFPEC for being the best OFP editing site around and thanks 
to everyone else that helped us with this project!

7.  Legal and Permissions

This submarine is the combined effort of a team of dedicated individuals.  They used
their spare time and produced this for free.  So, they ask that you respect the following:

*You may only retexture or otherwise alter the submarine with the express permission 
 of The Everon Cartel.

*The Everon Cartel is not responsible for any damage caused by using this addon and 
implies no support for this addon.

*BIS is not responsible and implies no support for this addon.

*This addon may not be commercially sold.

Any questions or comments, please email us at:

Happy Holidays from the EC Crew!

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