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Download the patch: Liberation Mod Patch (1.07) Liberation Mod Patch (1.08) Liberation Mod Compatible Addon Pack OPTIONAL

The Liberation 1941-1945 team has released their long awaited first modification for Operation Flashpoint, based on the eastern European World War II front, which features the 1941's Barbarossa Operation, where German forces betrayed and invaded USSR by surprise.

The mod has been totally translated into English and French, a German version will be released in a upcoming patch. If you have trouble installing it because the installer is in Russian, type your OFP installation directory in the fill box (c:program filescodemastersoperation flashpoint for example), and hit the Enter key of your keyboard.

This mod features a lot of outstanding units for both sides and excellent new effects, now the Tanks use the first realistic armor damage system based on penetration values and not on just 'hitpoints' (in Classic OFP, you were able to destroy a T80 with several dozen of handgrenades)! The Tanks has also a special localized damage system, so you can disable tracks or engine and the tank will be immobilized!

The PzIII, PzIV and T-34 tanks have also a course machinegun, where a 4th crew can take place and as a tank commander you will be able to control him as well. As you already know the OFP Engine limitation doesn't allow multiple gunner positions, so they probably had to create an "invisible vehicle" attached to the tank using a getpos/setpos script which is working but not perfect. But if you let the AIIA in it, it's working pretty well in Single Player (except on big slopes), and adds more firepower against infantry.

There are also new scripted mines, that explode only if a vehicle wheel or track has a direct contact with the mine's detonator surface! So in a tank convoy going along a road, the first tank to explode might not be the first tank of the column anymore! They reworked their Grenades as well, that now send shrapnel around.

It's not needed to talk about the units, as you've already seen screenshots showing their perfect visual quality! Do not miss the new fire, smoke and especially the "armor hit" effect which is very impressive! With the new armor script the Tanks fights are becoming more tactical than BIS ones and last much longer! As a soldier, you can now climb on the tanks and half-tracks, which is useful to kill an enemy driver not willing to disembark for example!

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Download 'liberation_1.0.exe' (136.04MB)

Here's a list of what's included:



1.1 RKKA Infantry (1940 uniform)
1.2 RKKA Infantry (1941 uniform)
1.3 RKKA Infantry (1941-1942 field uniform)
1.4 Artillerymen (1941 field unifrom)
1.5 Artillerymen (1941-1942 field uniform)
1.6 NKVD Borderguards
1.7 NKVD infantry
1.8 RKKA Air Force Pilots
1.9 Tank crews (1941 uniform)
1.10 Tank crews (1941-1942 field uniforms)
1.11 RKKA Motorized infantry


2.1 Wehrmacht Infatry
2.2 Motorized infantry
2.3 SS Infantry
2.4 Motorized SS Infantry (spring and autumn camo)
2.5 Wehrmacht Anti-tank infantry
2.6 Wehrmacht medics
2.7 Field gendarmerie
2.8 Wehrmacht tank crews
2.9 SS Tank crews
2.10 Wehrmacht Recon Infantry



Heavy tanks
3.1. KV-1
3.2. KV-1E
3.3. KV-2

Medium tanks
3.4. T-34-76 (summer 1941)
3.5. T-34-76 (autumn 1941)
3.6. T-34-76 (spring 1942)
3.7. T-34-76 (spring 1945)
3.8. T-34-57 Tank Destroyer

Light tanks
3.9.  T-26 1933 model (commander)
3.10. T-26 1933 model
3.11. T-26 1939 model


Light tanks
4.1. Pz-II ausf C
4.2. Pz-II ausf C (commander)

Medium tanks
4.3. Pz-III ausf E (37mm gun)
4.4. Pz-III ausf E (50mm short barrel)
4.5. Pz-III ausf J (50mm long barrel)
4.6. Pz-IV ausf F (75mm short barrel)
4.7. Pz-IV ausf F2 (75mm long barrel)
4.8. Pz-III ausf E SS 1942 (50mm short barrel)

4.9. Stug-III ausf B
4.10. Sdkf 251\1 (SS and Wehrmacht)
4.11. Sdkf 251\8 (SS and Wehrmacht recon)
4.12. Sdkf 251 (medic)



5.1. 45mm Field Gun

6. Germany

6.1. 37mm ÐÀÊ-36



7.1. GAZ-M1
7.2. GAZ-AA
7.3. GAZ-AA (medic)
7.4. GAZ-AA (fuel)
7.5. GAZ-AA (ammo)


8.1. Opel Blitz
8.2. Opel Blitz (fuel)
8.3. Opel Blitz (ammo)
8.4. Opel Blitz (medic)
8.5. Opel Kapitan (SS and Wehrmacht)
8.6. Kybelwagen (with MG-34)
8.7. BMW R-12 (heaps of versions)
8.8. BMW R-71 (heaps of versions)

9.1.PO-2 Recon Plane
9.2 Several modifications of La-5 figher

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