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Finally the Liberation 1941-1945 team have released their long awaited patch, 1.01 to 1.07. This time they have included a few missions to p...

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Finally the Liberation 1941-1945 team have released their long awaited patch, 1.01 to 1.07. This time they have included a few missions to play with that give you, armoured, infantry and air action.

1. Decreased lag and system slowdowns considerably ( let us know how demo missions run on your machine ) 2. Added new Soviet and German units (Soviet recon units, Soviet soldier with PTRD anti-tank rifle, BA-20 armoured car, DSHK - heavy soviet MG , German Sturmboat and pioneers, Soviet 37mm AA gun 61K, grenades, mines and much more). 3. Fixed plane models. Now they behave properly while on the ground. 4. Fixes to various other models. 5. Added cargo animations for up to 6 soldiers for T-34 and PzIIIe tanks. 6. Added a lot of brand new animations, including new basic anims,new anims for ptrd, machine-gunners and pistol, bolt acton anims, a lot of new death anims, strafe and roll etc 7. New sounds for weapons and vehicles, and new sounds for various infatry actions ( english radio is removed ). 8. Improved AI. Now soldiers take off the machine gun off the motorcycle and sturmboat when vehicles stop. Machine guns and artillery automatically turn towards suspected enemy activity. Nearby soldiers replace dead gunners of MG's and AT guns and automatically pick up better weapons of the fallen comrades. Tank crew tries to fix their tanks when tracks are damaged and many more. 9. Updated tank armour system. Distance, and armour thickness for front, rear and side armour is now taken into consideration. 10. Added several new effects. 11. Added Soviet and German tactical signs. 12. Added several new missions.

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Liberation 1941-1945 would like to thank everybody who helped and supported us for 3 long years since we started our project.


Administration and newsmakers of and and personally Goodspeed, Cervo, Genby, Psykke, Denorc for quick posting of all project related news, hosting of Liberation website, forum, ftp. Special thanks to Cervo and Psykke for helping us translate our mod into English and French.


Other mod teams: ORCS Development Studio, FDF MOD, WW2EC, Invasion 1944, Specnaz MOD. For helping us create our mod, coming up with new ideas and for being there for competition.

Special thanks to WW2EC command for the given idea of realization of animation rearm rifles and also Sengir for the given MP-missions. 

Great thanks go to people who took a major part in creating Liberation Mod, but that for one reason or another were not included in our team:


Steam – 3d models
Kondor - scripts
Shadowdragon - scripts
Cribban - animations
Muzhik – 3d models, animations
Phoenixhero – 3d models
Brat - island.
KBSH - 3d
sandy1942 - 3d
Sanchezzz - 3d

And also to the people who helped us test our mod and uncover serious bugs:
All that who created special thanks and creates missions and campaigns for Liberation 1941-1945 mod:

Crazy soldier
And others

You can find their creations in section "Range" on

Special thanks to BIS for creating such an amazing game “Operation Flashpoint”.


Liberation 1941-1945 Team:

AND – Mod co-founder, concept developer, 3d, 2d, technical support, design, forum admin, project coordinator.

Bdfy - Unit balancing, config.cpp, SFX, scripts, sounds, missions, manual.

Deadmoroz - 3d.

Dezoom - Animations.

DimaG – Unit balancing, config.cpp, SFX, scripts, sounds, missions, manual.

DUHER – island, missions, campaign.

Dusty - 3d, 2d.

Ingeneer – Mod co-founder, concept developer, 3d, 2d.

LarryTheSniper – Mod co-founder, concept developer, history consultant, storyline.

Lexik – Unit balancing, config.cpp, SFX, scripts, 3d, animations, missions, mod structure.

Loktewaa  - Missions, campaign.

Lovesan  - island, missions, campaign.

Maxguard – 3d, 2d.

Mikhalich aka SLON – Mod co-founder, concept developer, PR, web-site, head beta tester, missions. 

Motostrelok – Mod co-founder, concept developer, history consultant, PR, project coordinator, storyline.

Necros – 3d.

Redfrog – 2d.

Sanek – scripts.

SEA DEMON – 3d, 2d.

Stoppelhopser – Mod co-founder, concept developer, 3d, 2d, animations.

Strinder – 3d, 2d.

Stutzer – 3d, 2d.

Swan - 3d models and fortifications idea

HeniekJ – 3d.

Vimot - Storyline, missions, campaign.

Voyager – scripts.

WebRunner - history consultant.

Zyklon_C - 3d, 2d.

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