Lost Brothers Mod Addon Pack

Lost Brothers Mod Number 2

-1.IDF infantry (New) a. New Sniper units in infantry, airborne, and police forces using-M82A1,SR-25, and Gal...

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File Description

Lost Brothers Mod Number 2

-1.IDF infantry (New) a. New Sniper units in infantry, airborne, and police forces using-M82A1,SR-25, and Galat'z rifles. b. Two new dedicated sniper units with face veils and the above weapons. c. Updated units with bug fixes. d. New pistols. e. New Counter Terorrism unit (S'13 with ski masks). f. Soldiers with clown hats (all the snipers wear the clown hats). g. M4's/CAR-15's updated so that now they are properly sized.

-2. Egyptian Infantry (new) a. Egyptian Frontier Corp (two versions) b. Egyptian Task Force 777 Counter Terrorism force (with body armor). c. Bug fixes on old units. d. New weapons for CT units. Mostly HK weapons such as the MP5 and PSG-1.

-3. Unarmored ground/sea vehicles a. S'13 Fast Attack Boat b. Toyota "technical" fast attack vehicle (used by Frontier Corp). c. Israeli M35A3 and M939A2 trucks

-4. Egyptian Air a. Mi-8 (armed transport and Special Operations version). b. AH-64D Apache gunship c. Mirage V fighter bombers d. Updated C130 e. CH-47D Chinook

-5. Israeli Airforce a. AH-1 Cobra gunship b. UH-1N (two versions) c. CH-53 d. Kfir fighter bomber e. Updated C130

-6. Egyptian Armor a. M60A3 MBT b. M113A3 APC c. BMP-1 (Guard and Regular) d. YPR-765 IFV e. M1A1 Abrams MBT d. updated SA-6 e. fixed ZSU-23

f. armored radar vehicle -7. IDF Armor a. Magach 6 MBT b. Puma Combat Engineering Vehicle(CEV) c. Anti-mine rollers d. Merkava Mk2 MBT (two versions- regular and one with .50 cal. HMG mounted on barrel.) e. Merkava Mk3 MBT (early model similar to Mk2 but with 120mm cannon and autoloader). f. Merkava Mk4 MBT (two versions- regular and "Bullet Sponge").

****IMPORTANT**** Some of these addons will overwrite your old LoBo .pbo files as they are updates to the old versions.

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