Lost Brothers Mod: Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula by the Lost Brothers Mod. Nothing much to say so I'll show you some comments:

It looks very nice! I can't w...

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The Sinai Peninsula by the Lost Brothers Mod. Nothing much to say so I'll show you some comments:

It looks very nice! I can't wait, I'm downloading right now. I've been at Sinai mountain and the St. Catherine monastary a few months ago. And btw, I looove The lost brothers work
If you like this one, Cisco, then you'll REALLY love v2.0, which will be made from scratch from a .wrp already made from DEM (digital elevation model) data. Overall, the end result will be much more realistic. This one, however, is unique and well-crafted enough to be "required reading", if you're into desert warfare. When v2.0 is finished, the two islands/terrains (i.e., v1.0 & v2.0) will play differently and be able to co-exist in your addons folder.

Great desert map with a lot of attention to detail .. something missing in many maps! Only issue I see which is due to OFP non existant AI path finding is the bridge across the canal. I am having very hard time getting my units to cross that bridge, specially armor and other vehicles. And if one get destroyed on that bridge, then NO ONE is crossing, not even infantry! It is an issue with all bridges in OFP.

Only way around I think: Make water shallow enough to be crossed on foot. (here goes realism!) Or Make river banks lower near water level, so it would be easy for infantry to get into zodiacs and quickly cross the canal. Any release date on V2? Keep up the good work.

v2.0 probably won't be out for several months. v1.0 is final. Best case is a couple of months, while worst case might be 8 months.

From the looks of the .wrp generated from DEM data, that whole area is a shallow, delta sort of area. I'll be sure that this is looked at closely, in v2.0 . The priority, however, is that large ships be able to cross the Suez.

Excuse the grammar, but most of these guys have never been to school in their lives. If you are interested in the other work of the Lost Brothers Mod, see their two addon packs here and here.

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