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Initially it started with BadAss' question about working repair shops and fuel stations that are included of course. You'll find invisible...

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File Description

Initially it started with BadAss' question about working repair shops and fuel stations that are included of course. You'll find invisible logistic points, which simulate the respective functions, there are working support vehicles for the resitance side, the most of the enterable buildings, new ammo crates for MP games, Lester's invisible targets, more dangerous cal. 50 MGs with new sounds...

Additionally there are some old new units: all civilian models for all three war parties, with the full ten magazine slots, some new groups with multiple armaments, mechanics, that are able to repair vehicles, and special operatives and snipers, that are more attentive, can heal, can disarm mines and bombs, and run faster.

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MAP_Editorupdate Addon V.1.0 by Aron ([email protected])


Requirements:  Operation Flashpoint inklusive Addon Resistance.
Copy the file "MAP_Editorupgrad.pbo" into your "Operation Flashpoint\Res\AddOns"folder.



About every enterable building of CWC and Resistance completely with all dooranimations and working ladders, 
as with the official islands.
Buildings like repair shops, fuel stations, hospital and ammo bunkers that offer their respective functions 
(repair, refuel, heal, rearm). The military garage can repair vehicles and allows for rearming and refueling. 
The radiotower (as placed on Nogova) can now be destroyed with about three satchels, for it is a good 
mission objective.
Additional buildings I found useful.
You have to place the towns hall a bit deeper to not get stuck in it when entering. A value of about -0.5 
does it well. Just type or copy and paste this command in the init line of the building:

"this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, -0.5]"

Of course without the "".

The watchtowers and barrier unfortunatly have the same weakness as the respective ones on the islands: 
an AI unit spots the enemy over quite a distance but opens fire (if it does) only at about 50 m.


Several objects that were not available in the editor or that were not working:
HeliPad (refuel,heal,repair,reammo)
the same but invisible
invisible Pad to repair
invisible Pad to heal
invisible Pad to refuel
invisible Pad to reammo vehicles
shelter with ammobox for 600 weapons and 6000 magazines
invisible targets (by lester) for men-,tanks-,IR- and lasertargets.

The invisible objects are supposed to simulate the respective possibilities with visible objects eg. 
on the official islands.

There are 6 ammo crates (2 big, 2 small, 2 invisible) that can contain 600 weapons and 6000 magazines. 
It's that much to reduce the number of magazine packages lying around in MP games.
All 6 crates will explode and cause some damage when they are destroyed. Three of them are as solid 
as you're used to in OFP, three are pretty weak and won't take many hits of your rifle.
The 2 invisible crates are supposed to simulate weapons crates at many spots eg. crates in sheds.

There is a paletta with four barrels and three single barrels to refuel. Even more they can contain 5 
weapons and 50 magazines. The barrels will explode after being hit by three or for bullets.

All objects that can contain weapons and ammo for infantry are and got to be filled with whatever you 
wish, preferably with a simple script.

There's a small first-aid-box with the possibility to heal your self and the ai. It can be placed in 
nearly every building or tent.

Lester allowed me to include his very usefull invisible targets. I have renamed them to avoid conflicts 
in case some one uses the original ones.

BadAss wanted me to do an invisible and function free object. So there's the "ASS Point" that you can use 
as a waypoint object for example.

With the following commands you can fill or empty service vehicles/ buildings/ or points :

Name setFuelcargo 0/1
Name setRepairCargo 0/1
Name setAmmoCargo 0/1

Unfortunately this won't work with the island placed buildings.

You'll have to drive to the rhs of the ammo bunker to rearm.


Working SUPPORT VEHICLES for resistance, a more attentive MG 50cal with stronger bullets and a new 
sound that will engage over bigger distances (all three sides). A M113 and Jeep with MG with the 
same MG features.


SpecOps and Snipers for west, east and resistance that are more attentive, can heal, can disarm mines 
and satchels, can run faster (they're specialled trained! *g). SpezNas are a bit slower than BlackOps for 
they carry a rucksack. Snipers have all magazine slots.

Medics for west, east and resistance that have all ten magazine slots (to make them more attractive for MP) 
but with only one slot for binocular / NV Goggles.

Mechanics for west, east, resistance and civilian that can repiar vehicles. With limited repairing capacities 
and without repair animation.

A mine layer for resistance that can disarm mines and satchels.

All civilian models (including police men) for all three sides and with all magazine slots.

Three agents (civilian modells, too) for all three sides and with all magazine slots.

There're some groups, too. Under side civilian there's a group of twelve units called "civilian militia" 
and a snmiper team of two men. Under side agents there's a two men sniper team and two four men assault 
teams, one of them with silenced weapons.

The model Angelina can't carry any sidearms. Unfortunatly it wasn't update with resitance.


Additionally there're some new marker colors that have been created on suggestion of BadAss.

	in the EDITOR:

The (civilian) buildings can be found in the editor under:

	- empty\Mapfact EU: Buildings

Facilities like repair shop, fuel station, ammo bunker:

	- empty\Mapfact EU: Support

Objects like ladders or lamps and the invisible targets you'll find under:

	- empty\Mapfact EU: Misc

Vehicles like repair or ammo trucks as well as the MGs are found under:

	- empty\Mapfact EU: Vehicles
	- side\Mapfact EU: Vehicles

The units can be found under:

	- side\Mapfact EU: Units


Many thanks go to Lester for allowing me to use his model, icon and idea of the invisible targets.
A special thanks goes to Kegetys for his Editorupdate. I use the two ladder models, some of the icons 
and of course the basic research he did on finding out the models.
And thank you BadAss for your ideas and support.


Don't blame me, BIS, Codemasters for any errors or damages that may seem to be caused by this addon. 
This is an unofficial addon and USAGE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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