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It is time: Just before the announced release date (June/July) runs off, Sniping-Jack finished his Mapfact Nogova2 project.

This island upgrade kept Sniping-Jack busy for far more than one year and we are proud to present you the result of his work today. Chneemann as BETA tester, raedor as scripter and in particularly Lockheed Martin$ch as untiringly helping hand with config questions and some models (a.o.t. bridge) stood aside him expecially in the hot final phase.


MAP_Noe2 is planed as a compatible replacement to Nogova Resistance campaign "Resistance@Noe2"* Impressing ground textures New forests (mixed forest, dead forest) More AI suited ViewLODs in the forests Adapted Mapfact addons like Mining Ltd., barracks and airport buildings New buildings, small objects and plants Reworked buildings and forests for better AI suitability Ceveral new locations Economical updating because of separate PBOs High performance for enough power in mission** Mapfact multiplayer mission(s) are already in developement 370 partially only for the island created objects 777.777 objects overall (Nogova: ~177.200 objects) Totally new possibilities for island placed object functions through a logic Emergency buildings like fire station, police headquarters and hospitals Agriculture of tomatoes, wine, potatoes, wheat and cabbage



Mapfact Nogova2 by Sniping-Jack [ www.mapfact.net ]

This island works as a replacement of the original Nogova as 
soon as you activate the MOD folder "@MAP_Noe2".

Unpack the RAR file and put the contained "@MAP_Noe2" folder 
into your Operation Flashpoint root directory.

The archive contains following files:

+ @MAP_Noe2
	+ Addons
		- Noe.pbo
		- Jack_512.pbo
		- MAP_Noe2_Obj.pbo
		- MAP_Noe2_Tex.pbo
		- MAP_Noe2_Scr.pbo
		- Anims.pbo
	+ Campaigns
		- (the adapted campaign "Resistance@Noe2" is a seperate file 
		available on www.mapfact.net and if you wish to play it, please put it here)

Needed Files: (available on www.mapfact.net -> Mapfact-Addons)

	+ OilAddon
	+ Map_Misc

Please put both files either into "@MAP_Noe2\Addons" or maybe you already have 
a "@Mapfact" modfolder with the OilAddon and the MAP_Misc inside. 
In this case you just have to activate it, too, of course. 

You can start it comfortably with a launcher or alternatively with a shortcut.
After starting OFP you will find "Nogova2" instead of "Nogova" in the mission editor.

The "Resistance@Noe2" campaign is overworked but not fully tested.
Sometimes an intro could be incorrect for a few seconds.
If you have the campaign activated you will find it under campaigns -> "resistance @ Nogova2".

To get the fully funktionallity of the island and their new statics you HAVE TO place
a LOGIC into each mission you edit and start! 
You will find the needed logic unter LOGIC-> Mapfact Logics-> "MAP Noe2 Init"
Btw. the campaign allready have the logics inside.

The logic inits following features:

- several power switches to cut off lights within a certain area and even the radar towers on the airports 
- working fountains, flashlights, hangars and last but not least one welder which will detonate by one shot!
- burning oil turrets and pumps, randomly some objects will be disabled but you can start it manual ingame 
  or through the init of an object (OilAddon objects: please read the readme from that one).

You can switch off every function independent of each other by setting varaibles into the logic's init line:

MAP_Noe2_NoOilPump=True   : Disables animations of the oil pumps
MAP_Noe2_NoOilTower=True  : The oil towers won't burn anymore
MAP_Noe2_NoOilWell=True   : The oil wells won't burn anymore
MAP_Noe2_NoFountain=True  : The fountains won't have running water
MAP_Noe2_NoHangar=True    : The large hangars won't have gates
MAP_Noe2_NoRadar=True     : Disables animations of the radars
MAP_Noe2_NoFlag=True      : No flag poles and flags will be placed
MAP_Noe2_NoRadioTower=True: Disables the blinking light of the radio towers
MAP_Noe2_NoLightHouse=True: Disables animations of the light houses
MAP_Noe2_NoWelder=True    : The welder won't explode anymore

Be careful with the view distance! Each 100 meters more will drop the FPS significant and vice versa!
Try the missions with and without the logic. The animations and functions of the logic are not for free (FPS).
We tried to integrate a minimum and if you wish you can decrease some further effects - please read above. 

Still any questions? Please don't hesitate to visit our forum 
at www.mapfact.net (Thread "praise and critism for Mapfact Nogova2").  

Credits: Lester, Vektorboson, MIG and David_C

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