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The genius of Mapfact has struck again. They have came up with a very clever Rucksack system to store extra ammo and carry a radio so you ca...


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The genius of Mapfact has struck again. They have came up with a very clever Rucksack system to store extra ammo and carry a radio so you can call in airstrikes etc. No other addons are required for this to work however it is compatible with a few other community mods such as Inv44, BWMod, JAM 3, Marine Assault Pack and Lasers US Weapons Pack. Furthermore the General Dynamic Campaign Engine by Kutya also uses this addon.

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Download 'map_ruck_v1.1.rar' (2.82MB)

This Addon.pbo containes several Rucksack models and a radio equipment. Rucksack and radio as well are secondary weapons, they cover the LAW weapon slot and get carried on the back - who would have thought this!

Both weapons also have to be "shot" just like any other weapon, with the only difference that something else will happen.

The radio equipment requires batteries, every single battery is able to send 30 messages. The battery magazines are kept in one of the 10 ammunition slots like you gun magazines, too. In order to use the radio meaningfully it's a good idea to use the eventHandler "Fired". This way you can trigger any event you want to.  An idea is the application of the SupportPacks by snYpir, available at the  OFP Editing Center. 

Just use your imagination, there's no other limit.

The Rucksack of course is the main part of this addon. Think of the Rucksack magazines as of different pockets in a real Rucksack. In the Inventory you´ll find the pocketss where the pistol magazines are located. Each Rucksack pocket covers at least one slot, that will be closed for any other stuff (like handgun magazines). That´s bad, but handgun mags can be placed in the Rucksack now as well.
Every Rucksack pocket contains several magazines (but always from one kind only): for guns, handguns, rocket launchers, handgrenades, smokeShells, and other useful equipment.

Version 1.1 brings additional dummy rucksacks (an idea of Chernobyl). These are backpacks without models and without textures - practically invisible backpacks. Despite of being invisible they offer the full functionality. They are meant to be used on unit addons that already have a backpack integrated in their model, e.g. MarineAssaultPack units. This is a way to fix the not so nice look of overlapping backpacks. A smal downside: when you put down a dummy backpack it's rather hard to find  it again.

Additionally the magazines for the Invasion 44 Mod Demo were added. (refer to appendix)

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