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Today we are releasing a very big project which kept us pretty busy for a long time....

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[quote] [ 23.07.06 / Infantery Weaponpack release ]

Today we are releasing a very big project which kept us pretty busy for a long time. More than one year ago, Marco-Polo-IV was asking us whether we would help him to finish his Infantry Weaponpack. The idea of that Project was to enable realistic conditions for different combatsituations. The exchange of magazines between units should be enabled. So a soldier armed with a M16 can give his magazine to someone who has a M4 or a G36. Its further more easier for Mission-designer to create their missions because they only need to use 2 or 3 magazines for weapons with same calibre.

Features of the Infantry Weaponpack:

- More than 100 different weapons on the east and westside. - new magazinemodels - Magazines were viewable after they got down on the ground - Fix an remove silencer - generalmagazines for different calibres - exchange of magazines for weapons with different calibres is possible - new weaponsounds - more realistic ammunition ranges - Weapon information dialog is viewable in the missions now - BetaC Mag for 5,56mm and 9mm weapons are avaiable now - empty weapons with empty magazineslot - weapons gets matched models, up to the loaded magazines - BetaC and 30 Rounds Mag can be used now by M249 - Vehicles were not more automaticle equiped with ammo - additional ammunitionboxes

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Full list of added weapons:
G36 Series:
- G36A G36A with Silencer
- G36C G36C with Silencer
- G36K G36K with Silencer
- G36AG36 G36AG36 with Silencer

XM8 Series:
- XM8
- XM8 with XM320 GL
- XM8 CC XM8 CC with Silencer

G3 Series:
- G3A3
- G3A4
- G3A4 Folded
- G3A3 with Scope 
- G3SG1 G3SG1 with Silencer 

MP5 Series:
- MP5A5
- MP5A5 with Aimpoint
- MP5A5 with EoTech
- MP5A6 SD
- MP5A6 SD with Aimpoint 
- MP5A6 SD with Eotech

M16 Series:
- M16A2 
- M16A4 
- M16A4 with ACOG 
- M16A2 with M203 
- M16A4 with M203  
- M16A4 with ACOG and M203 

M4 Series:
- M4A1
- M4A1 with ACOG and M203
- M4A1 with Aimpoint and M203
- M4A1 with Reflex and M203 
- M4A1 with ACOG, M203 and Silencer
- M4A1 with Aimpoint, M203 and Silencer
- M4A1 with Reflex, M203 and Silencer 

M4 Sopmod:
- M4 Sopmod with ACOG 
- M4 Sopmod with Aimpoint
- M4 Sopmad with Reflex
- M4 Sopmod with ACOG and Silencer
- M4 Sopmod with Aimpoint and Silencer
- M4 Sopmad with Reflex and Silencer 

C7 Series:
- C7A1
- C7A1 with M203 
- C7A1 with Aimpoint
- C7A1 with Aimpoint and M203 
- C7A1 with Elkan
- C7A1 with Elkan and M203 

C8 Series:
- C8A2
- C8A2 with Aimpoint
- C8A2 with Elkan

L85 Series:
- L85A1  
- L85A1 with AG36
- L86A1 LSW
- L85A2 

- Famas
- Famas with Scope    
- FamasF1
- FamasF1 with Optik
- FamasF1 with M203 

STG77 Series:
- STG 77 
- STG 77 Schwarz 
- STG 77 with  M240
- STG 77 with  M240 Black
- STG 77 LMG
- STG 77 LMG Black 
- STG 77 Carbine 
- STG 77 Carbine Black 
- STG 77 Combat
- STG 77 Combat Black 

AK74 Series:
- AK74
- AK74 with GP25  
- AKS74
- AKS74 Folded
- AKS74 with PSO1
- AKS74 with GP25
- AKS74 with PSO1 and GP25 
- AKS74 with Silencer
- AKS74 with PSO1 and Silencer
- AKS74 with GP25, PSO1 and Silencer  
- AK74M
- AK74M with PSO1
- AK74M with GP25 
- AK74M with GP25 and PSO1 

AKM Series:
- AKM 
- AKM MetalMagazin
- AKM with GP25
- AKM with Silencer
- AKMS Folded
- AKMS with Silencer
- AKMS with GP25 and Silencer 

Sniper H&K:
- MSG90A1
- PSG1

Sniper Remington: 
- M40A1
- M24
- M24 Camo 

Sniper Kinght:
- SR25 SR25 with Silencer

Sniper Dragunov:
- Dragunov SVD

Heavy Sniper:
- M82A1 (West)
- V94 (East)

MGs West:
- M249 
- M249SAW 
- M249SPW with ACOG M249SPW with ACOG and silencer
- M240 
- M240 with M145
- M60
- M60E4
- MG3 

MGs East:
- PK
- RPK74
- RPK74 with PSOV1 

Silencer :
- Silencer for 5.56 mm
- Silencer for 5.45 mm
- Silencer for 7.62 mm
- Silencer for 9 mm

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