MAS AH-64A/D Apache Longbow



Alrighty here we have another lovely air craft from MAS , this one being the AH-64A/D Longbow. Like the other MAS addons this one is also very complex from all the things it can do and has. I must say myself that I personally like this thing and that I would prefer to use it compared to the stock AH-64. However I would guess most of you don't use the stock stuff anyway.


Needed Addons:

MAS Pilots 1.2




AH-64D Apache Longbow PUBLIC RELEASE 1.33 by Franze and xNodunitx

DISCLAIMER: If your PC blows up, you get overweight, or your dog dies from using this addon, you can't hold xNodunitx or Franze responsible. You know the drill. Use at your own risk!

NOTICE: While this document contains the latest information at the time of upload, there will no doubt be errors in it. The absolute latest information on the addon may be found at http://www.mechmodels.com/mas

Please note that JAM2 is required to use this addon.

Extract fz_ah64d.pbo, fz_ah64d_cfg.pbo, fz_helipilots.pbo to your OperationFlashpoint\Addons directory.
Extract the folder "AH-64D" to "Missions".
Extract 2-8-ah64_nightstrike.Abel.pbo and 2-8-ah64armorattack.Eden.pbo to "MPMissions"

NOTICE: This addon could possibly lag low-powered PCs or if you're running enhanced OFP graphics. This addon was designed on a 1ghz, 512RAM, GeForce 3 equivalent system, and has been run on a variety of PCs and settings, but in high action areas or missions with huge numbers of units, PC slowdowns can occur.

ALSO: Delete any previous versions of the fz_ah64d.pbo file you might have or overwrite with this one.

General Information
All helicopters are listed under "WEST>MAS Helicopters" and "EMPTY>MAS Helicopters". Additionally, the crashed meshes are availible under "EMPTY>MAS Helicopters" as well. There's also a simple landing pad under "EMPTY>MAS Objects", although use of this object in a mission is not required. AH-64 Pilots are also availible under "WEST>MAS Helicopters". 

If you wish to use them, there are four additional BIS modified units with this package: Mi-24E, ZSU-23-4 and Resistance variants of said vehicles. The Mi-24E is equipped with a rapid fire 12.7mm gatling machine gun, 8 Spiral ATAMs and 64 57mm rockets. The ZSU-23-4 uses a quad setup of 23mm cannons. These weapons are similar in power to what the AH-64's weapons are capable of, and programmed in similar fashion for use as adversaries. They retain all BIS characteristics except for weapons. You can find them under East>MAS OPFOR and Resistance>MAS OPFOR.

There are four versions of the helicopter availible: the AH-64D Apache Longbow with Radar, AH-64D No Radar Apache, AH-64A (1985), and AH-64A (Modern). The AH-64D NR has a maximum targeting range for IR targets out to 3km, while the AH-64D can see targets from out to 8km. Both versions are by default equipped with 8 AGM-114L Longbow Hellfires, two M261 19 shot 2.75in High Explosive Rockets, Four AIM-92 Stinger missiles, a M230 30mm "Chaingun" Cannon, and a laser designator. The AH-64A's both have similar capabilities, but the Modern A version can be equipped with stingers and more diverse rocket types. Both A models can track targets out to 2.5km.

When any helicopter approaches a ammo truck, they must stop and land in order to change armament. Possible loadout options include removal or addition of Stingers on the wingtips, 4xM261 pods for a total of 76 rockets, 16xAGM-114A/K/L Hellfires, or the default armament of 2xM261 pods and 8xHellfire. There are also magazine options for the M261 pods when a loadout including them is selected (Modern A, D and D NR only). There are options for Multipurpose Submunition, Flechette, High Explosive, Mixed, and APKWS. Multipurpose Submunition offers a larger blast radius at the expensive of damage, while Flechettes do virtually no damage to armored targets (unless you hit a target enough) but offer exceptional performance against light vehicles and infantry. High Explosive is the default type, and works best against armored targets. APKWS stands for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System. It's a guided rocket with a M229 warhead that can track targets and fly in the general direction of them. Additionally, if Fire Extinguishers have been spent in the mission, you can reload the fire bottles nearby ammo trucks. Select loadout from the Action Menu.

The Hellfires offer two methods of firing: LOBL and LOAL. LOBL is Lock On Before Launch, which makes the missile assume a default path to the target. LOAL is Lock On After Launch, and will cause the missile to arc upwards before striking the target. This mode is ideal from firing missiles at targets behind cover - unfortunately, it is not very accurate when on the move and under short distances.

When the helicopter reaches a certain damage point, the helicopter will spiral out of control and crash. If the helicopter crashes at any time, it is replaced by a crashed vehicle and the dead helicopter is removed. Because of the unique way this system works, it is recommended to preload empty AH-64 crashes on some out of the way area on the map, to avoid stutters when the crash script activates. Preload means to place a crash model for each type of helicopter on the map. That is, if you have 8 AH-64A's, put a single AH-64A wreck on the map.

If there is a incoming missile to the helicopter, it will identify the missile type, range and whether it is high or low. It will then attempt to jam the missile and keep it from hitting the helicopter. The AH-64 is generally a stealthy aircraft but even against a guided missile it had better seek cover.

If the helicopter takes a very heavy hit (from a missile, rocket or heavy damage weapon) or reaches a certain amount of damage, there is a chance of a critical hit. Critical hits affect how the helicopter functions and how well it flies. Most first level damage (shown as MARG on the systems MFD) is otherwise nothing to be worried about, but the more hits you take, the more likely a critical hit will cause a complete chopper failure. When damage of the helicopter reaches a certain point, the chances of a failure greatly increase. A cannon failure will render the cannon inoperable, while a engine failure will cause the helicopter to start draining fuel at a faster rate. A tail rotor failure spirals the helicopter out of control. Wing failures can cause wing mounted weapons to become inoperable. As damage gets very heavy, there becomes a chance for a engine fire - when this happens, you must be VERY quick to activate fire extinguishers to put the fire(s) out. Failure to do so will result in the helicopter's destruction. Note that you can only use fire extinguishers once before requiring the fire bottles to be replaced.

There are other failures that can occur, but the basic ones are described above.

Both the pilot and the gunner on the AH-64D's have MFD options. For the gunner, the left MFD displays armament and map - it defaults to armament. The right MFD can display map and systems - default is Systems.

The pilot left MFD can display engine information, systems, and armament. The right MFD can display map, systems, and flight.

For those wanting to use a presupplied decal on the helicopter(s), use this command in the initialization field:

(For AH-64D)
this setobjecttexture [83,"\fz_ah64d\units\unitname"]

(For AH-64DNR)
this setobjecttexture [84,"\fz_ah64d\units\unitname"]

(For AH-64A's)
this setobjecttexture [47,"\fz_ah64d\units\unitname"]

There are 10 default crests availible:

1stcav.paa (1st Cavalry Division)
2ndarmor.paa (2nd Armor Division)
4tharmor.paa (4th Armor Division)
82ndair.paa (82nd Airborne Division)
229oif.paa (229th Aviation Attack Helicopter Regiment Operation Iraqi Freedom)
apahshntr.paa (Apache Hussien Hunters)
eagle.paa (2-101 Aviation Regiment "Eagle Warriors")
firebird.paa (A Company 1-14 Aviation Regiment "Firebirds")
renegade.paa (4-3-R Adversary Forces "Renegade")
tomhawk.paa (1-14 Aviation "Tomahawks")

If you wish to use a custom unit logo, you can place your file in the mission folder (it must be either .paa/.pac or .jpg and no larger than 128x128 pixels). 
this setobjecttexture [84,"37thairsupportwing.jpg"]

Scripts can now be turned on/off with these commands (enter in the init field of any unit on a mission) - by default, setting a command for 1 turns it ON, and setting it to 0 turns it OFF.

fz_ah64rtrwash = 0 (turns off rotor wash script)

fz_ah64scripts = 0 (turns off ALL AH-64 scripts)

fz_ah64Dscripts = 0 (turns off all AH-64D Longbow scripts)

fz_ah64Ascripts = 0 (turns off all AH-64A scripts)

fz_ah64nrscripts = 0 (turns off all AH-64D NR scripts)

fz_ah64arming = 0 (disables dynamic arming)

fz_ah64crash = 0 (disables crash scripts)

fz_ah64dust = 1 (turns rotor wash dust color to grey)

fz_ah64desert = 1 (turns rotor wash dust color to beige desert)

fz_ah64grass = 1 (turns rotor wash dust color to dark green grassy)

fz_ah64sand = 1 (turns rotor wash dust color to sand)

fz_ah64water = 1 (turns rotor wash dust color to water color)

fz_ah64cmfx = 0 (turns off countermeasure effects)

fz_ah64aicmfx = 0 (turns off countermeasure effects for AI)

fz_artystrikes = # (Artillery strike variable for AH-64D, where # is the amount of strikes availible)

Class Names
fz_ah64d - Radar Equipped AH-64D
fz_ah64dNR - No Radar AH-64D
fz_ah64a_85 - AH-64A, 1985 Early version
fz_ah64a - AH-64A, Modern version
fz_nkzsu - ZSU-23-4
fz_nkzsug - ZSU-23-4 Resistance side
fz_nkmi24 - Mi-24E
fz_nkmi24_igla - Mi-24E with 4 Igla missiles
fz_nkmi24g - Mi-24E Resistance side
fz_nkmi24g_igla - Mi-24E Resistance with 4 Igla missiles

fz_ah64d_plt - AH-64 Pilot
fz_ah64d_plt_d - AH-64 Pilot Desert
fz_manpads_w - FIM-92 AA Soldier (West)
fz_manpads_e - Igla AA Soldier (East)
fz_manpads_g - Igla AA Soldier (Resistance)

Weapons and Magazines:
fz_m230a - M230 Cannon
fz_lbhfeight - 8 Longbow Hellfire Launcher
fz_lbhf - 16 Longbow Hellfire Launcher
fz_lsahfeight - 8 Laser Hellfire Launcher
fz_lsahfkeight - 8 AGM-114K Laser Hellfire magazine
fz_lsahf - 16 Laser Hellfire Launcher
fz_lsahfk - 16 AGM-114K Laser Hellfire magazine
fz_ah64ld - AH-64 laser designator
fz_artyweapon - Artillery Marker

fz_275herp - 38 shot Rocket launcher
fz_275mpsm - 38 shot MultiPurpose Submunition magazine for fz_275herp launcher
fz_275flec - 38 shot Flechette magazine for fz_275herp launcher
fz_275guided - 38 shot APKWS magazine fz_275herp launcher
fz_275herp14 - 14 shot High Explosive magazine (for mixed rocket loadout)
fz_275mpsm12 - 12 shot MultiPurpose Submunition magazine (for mixed rocket loadout)
fz_275flec12 - 12 shot Flechette magazine (for mixed rocket loadout)
fz_aim92 - 4 shot Stinger launcher

fz_275herp2 - 76 shot rocket launcher
fz_275mpsm76 - 76 shot MultiPurpose Submunition magazine for fz_275herp2 launcher
fz_275flec76 - 76 shot Flechette magazine for fz_275herp2 launcher
fz_275guid76 - 76 shot APKWS magazine for fz_275herp2 launcher

(Note that if you want a helicopter to have a specific armanent BEFORE the mission starts, you can use "this removeweapon "weapontype"", "this removemagazine "weapontype"", "this addweapon "weapontype"", and "this addmagazine "weapontype"" to the initalization field of the choppers. It is not recommended to add more weapons than what can be equipped on the helicopter via ammo trucks. Example of legal weapon changes:

this removeweapon fz_lbhfeight; this removeweapon fz_275herp; this removemagazine fz_lbhfeight; this removemagazine fz_275herp; this addmagazine fz_lbhf; this addweapon fz_lbhf

Any other forms of combinations other than removal of default weapons and replacement with either fz_lbhf or fz_275herp2 could cause odd effects.

Additionally the A model AH-64s are designed only to use the AGM-114A launchers (fz_lsahf and fz_lsahfeight), so giving them anything but that type of missile will result in the missiles not appearing properly on the racks. The same rule applies for the D models, which can only mount the Longbow (fz_lbhf and fz_lbhfeight) types.


Changes from 1.32
- HELLFIRE launch modes changed to: LOBL, LOAL and DIRECT
- New launch mode: LOBL, which causes the missile to take a steady upward climb and then dives down
- New weapon burst modes: M230 50 round burst, rockets can now fire in 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 shot ripples
- Increased sensor power and detection radius

Changes from 1.31
- Weapons moved to mas_heliwep.pbo
- Stinger missiles given proximity detonators (From Hudson & Pennywise F-18)
- Modified system failure effects (marginal hits cause helicopter handling trouble)
- Scripting system streamlined for better performance
- OPFOR units moved to mas_heliwep.pbo
- Hellfire missile upgrades

Changes from 1.3
- Hellfire missiles have been upgraded to counter newer tanks
- Enhanced perfomance with all variants
- Added new version: AH-64A(BIS) with dynamic arming, but BIS powered weapons
- Added BIS powered weapon magazines; compatible with all AH-64A weapon systems

Changes from 1.2
-Models are now binarized
-AH-64D Longbow has a new artillery interface: use action "Request Artillery" then click on map for strike area
-JAM RPGs and ICP RPGs no longer tip off missile warning
-New sounds taken from Longbow 2 (thanks to Shadow for the files!)

Changes from 1.1
-Emergency cargo animations changed from M-60 Commander to custom type (one leg off the side of the FAB, other leg propped up on the FAB)
-New textures by xNodunitx
-Added rotor wash script
-Added commands to turn scripts on/off
-Additional details added by xNodunitx
-Modified system failure script to function better in multiplayer
-AI now use the M230 and rockets on infantry
-Enhanced crew survivability gives crew better chance of surviving a crash from a system failure
-Missile jamming script made more effecient and gives more information on incoming threats
-New rocket type: APKWS
-New loadouts: auxilliary tank and swap pylons (8HF,38rkt loadout)
-Countermeasures FX
-Added OPFOR units: Mi-24E, ZSU-23-4 for Resistance and East
-Added FIM-92 MANPADS launcher and 9k38 Igla/SA-18 Grouse MANPADS launcher

Changes from 1.0
-Added AH-64A(1985) and AH-64A(Modern) versions of the helicopter
-Pilot's right MFD now shows current positioning of helicopter on the map display (not accurate)
-Crashed meshes now have damaged appearance
-AH-64 pilots now have JAM XM177E2 carbines
-AH-64 crashed meshes now have ammo for rifles (A and D) and Stinger launchers (D only)
-Added AGM-114A Hellfire types for AH-64A models
-Pilot and Gunner animations changed from UH-60 to AH-64

Changes from Beta
-Improved textures somewhat
-Face count reduced to 7200 in main LOD
-Fire Geometry bug fixed
-Arming menu not disappearing sometimes - fixed
-Added rocket magazine types: MPSM and Flechette
-Modified the Hellfire model to use less faces and redone to look like AGM-114L
-Chaingun has recoil animation and new tracking azimuth
-System failures now execute in the following manner: 25% damage = 1 roll on Systems Damage - 50% damage = 2 rolls on Systems Damage - 75% Damage = 3 rolls on Systems Damage

Current Issues
-Sometimes rocket magazines wont be properly removed in Multiplayer if two players are in one gunship. The cause for this issue is unknown.
-Unless the crash models are loaded in a mission, there will be a stutter when a crash occurs with a AH-64.
-Arming of the helicopter in multiplayer MUST be done by the pilot, otherwise the helicopter will have issues with changing armanent and it's appearance. In singleplayer, no issues have been noticed.
-Occasionally, due to the enhanced survivability, more than one crash mesh may be created when a AH-64 crashes. This is a bug that has been deemed worth it due to more realistic survivability on the helicopter.
- If two players are sharing the same helicopter, the gunner will not get system failure messages. Only the pilot will notice system failures and their associated effects.

Q: Will you be doing any other country's AH-64 versions?
A: There is a WAH-64 for the United Kingdom out. Other versions are pending.

Q: Why are the weapons so powerful?
A: The weapons are powerful because they've been proven in reality to be powerful. Tanks in OFP these days can kill other tanks with one or two shots. As a result, these helicopters are designed to counter addon tanks as well as BIS ones.

Q: How come the AH-64Ds come with Stingers by default, but the A's don't?
A: The AH-64s used by the US Army usually aren't equipped with Stingers even though they can be, but the Ds have them by default as a result of trying to enhance their capability over the As. The modern A can be equipped with Stingers but simply doesn't come with them by default. Stingers, overall, have the power of a bag of frozen peas, but they are strong enough to put a dent in other aerial threats; however, they remain a purely defensive weapon.

Q: Why aren't the crashed AH-64's displayed with what I loaded onto it?
A: To save PC power and keep the game from being bogged down, the wrecks display their default armament.

Q: Why can't we shoot the pilots out of the AH-64's cockpit?
A: The AH-64 has armored glass and armored structure around the pilots capable of withstanding 12.7mm hits. It's highly unlikely you could kill the crew with a small caliber weapon; even if it did penetrate the glass, the bullet is liable to lose a ton of it's energy and arc in a direction totally off the sights, missing the crew entirely. This is not always the case, but for the sake of gameplay, the AH-64's crew cannot be killed by external fire. The cargo positions are vulnerable however.

Q: Why do you have cargo positions on the side of the helicopter?
A: AH-64 pilots are trained in a emergency rescue capability, which consists of landing and strapping pilots to a few handles on the side to rescue them in a hot zone. If there's no SAR bird availible or the pilots are in danger, the AH-64 can land and rescue the pilots before they come under harm. This is difficult in OFP, but it is nonetheless possible and useful.

Q: Why do you have the option to remove Stingers from the helicopter?
A: Because most of the time there's just no need for the Stingers.

Q: Why do the AH-64As and AH-64D NR not have a radar display?
A: Because none of those helicopters are equipped with a Longbow Fire Control Radar.

Q: AGM-114A? AGM-114K? AGM-114L? WTF?
A: These are Hellfire missile types. AGM-114A is the early model that is no longer in production, AGM-114K is the Hellfire II currently in use, AGM-114L is the Longbow Hellfire that uses the Longbow FCR to track targets.

Q: How come the AH-64D NR has AGM-114Ls if it doesn't have the FCR?
A: This is due to the fact that the AH-64Ds use the same model; it saves some PBO size not to have separate models. Plus, the AGM-114L can home in on targets that the AH-64D with Radar have designated for it, so if a AH-64D Radar is present, the AH-64D NR can lock onto it's targets. Additionally, the AGM-114L can also lock onto radiation energy (IE, the GUNDISH radar on the ZSU-23-4). This isn't modeled in OFP, but for all intents and purposes that's how it works.

Q: What is the "Artillery Strike" weapon on the AH-64D with Radar and why don't the other AH-64s have it?
A: The Artillery Strike is a beacon that's styled like a rocket, that, upon hitting a target or area, will summon explosive shells equivalent to 155mm into a 150x150m area. This weapon is absolutely DEVISTATING, which leaves behind a path of destructive influence. It is imperative you stay outside of the kill zone when this weapon has been fired. Once it's fired, there's no turning back. The other AH-64s don't have it by default because they aren't equipped with the advanced electronic systems that the AH-64D Longbow has. All can be "equipped" with artillery, however, but this would be similar to "assigning" a artillery unit to the AH-64's objectives, while the Longbow can check for any availible artillery units.

Q: Can the armament be reconfigured mid-mission?
A: Yes. You must be within 15 meters of a BIS ammo truck to change armament, as well as on the ground and at a complete halt. You can leave the engine on.

Q: What does all this "9k32 Missile 10 Oclock low 300.0034 meters" stuff mean?
A: It is the ASE/RWR warning you of a missile launch on your aircraft, and letting you know it is attempting to jam the missile. Oclock represents direction of the missile on you, where 9 oclock is your left, 3 oclock your right, 12 oclock your front, and 6 oclock your back.

A: Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AH-64D) and Radar Warning Reciever (AH-64A).

Q: What does "AH-64" stand for, and what does the "D", "A" and "NR" stand for?
A: "AH-64" means "Attack Helicopter, model 64". "D" means it is the D version of the Helicopter, "A" means the A version, and NR means "No Radar".

Q:What is te external tank for? 
A: Slows down fuel leaks.

Q:What are Flechette Rockets for? 
A: A dedicated anti-infantry rocket, also known as a "beehive" because of the thousands of razor-sharp arrows released from each rocket as it approches its target.

Q: What does MPSM stand for and what is it used for?
A: MPSM stands for Multiple Purpose Sub-Munition. This rocket type has a larger area effect and is better suited for use against armor and infantry than standard HE (High Explosive) Rockets.

Q: What is the AKPWS? 
A: A guided rocket system designed to reduce wastage of Hellfires versus light targets while still retaining guidance. Currently it is still experimental but was included in this addon for added capability and future scenarios.

Q: I see "LOBL" on my IHADSS. WTF?
A: It means Lock On Before Launch.

A: Integrated Helmet And Display Sighting System. Represented as a fixed "HUD" unit in OFP due to limitations. It displays information on your aircraft's aerodynamic state and condition.

Q: What is LOAL and LOBL? 
A: LOBL means Lock On Before Launch. In LOBL mode the missile flies straight toward its target. LOAL, meaning Lock On After Launch makes the missile arc upwards before the target is locked, allowing crews to fire with minumum exposure to hostile fire.

Q: How can I get the best out of my AH-64? 
A: Do not fly it like a fixed wing aircraft. Fly as low as possible, use the terrain to your advantage. Find a place to "bob-up" (hide and then pop up) to both observe the enemy as well as to attack. Never do so for more than a few seconds. Use LOAL (explained above) whenever possible and always give enemy AA assets (such as Shilkas) priority, that is kill them first if possible. In a D, you can also call in an artillery strike. If you command more than one helicopter, use the laser designator to get a squadmate to attack your target if you are out of Hellfires or effective tank-killing weapons.

Q: My pilot just said "Right Engine Fire"/"Left Engine Fire". What's that mean?
A: You're on fire! Fire the extinguishers ("Fire Bottles" on the action menu) and get out of dodge!

Q: I just saw "Left Engine Failure"/"Right Engine Failure" but I'm still flying. What gives?
A: In a engine failure, you automatically get a fuel leak to simulate the increased strain on the live engine to keep you in the air. Eventually you will run out of fuel, and it is necessary *before* you run out to set down as fast as possible (preferrably in a safe zone).

Q: Both of my engines have failed. Am I still OK?
A: NO! You need to land ASAP! When both engines have failed, you will very rapidly run out of fuel and are liable to stop flying and start falling at any moment. Set down immediately!

Q: My pilot just said "Hardpoint damaged" yet all weapons are intact. What's going on?
A: Sometimes the damage assesment can be inaccurate and your systems will still be OK.

Q: I just just set down/crashed and survived? And there is an enemy helicopter/aircraft still around! 
A: (applies only if your helicopter was equipped with Stinger launchers) Go to one of the weapon pylons until the menu says "take FIM-92 Stinger" and grab it. Rememeber, you need to grab the missile seperatly and load it (if you don't have the availible slots) before firing! If there is no hostile aircraft in the area it is always a good idea to grab a Stinger but most of all, get out of the combat zone! If you can avoid confrontation, always do so if possible. You're a AH-64 pilot, and only equipped with a carbine, a pistol and some smoke shells. Don't chance it. Run! If you have a friendly helicopter, call him/her in to pick you up in a safe zone!

Q: Sometimes my AH-64 gets tipped over accidentally and I can't get back up. Why?
A: The reason for this is due to the unique balancing of the AH-64 to retain high agility with good speed. If you set down when flying at a angle and fair speed, you can tip over without meaning to. When landing, or near the ground, it is always a good idea to remain at a low speed and remain as rigid as possible. Aerobatics only go so far, and OFP denies you the use of more advanced aerobatic maneuvers. Play it safe and realistically and you'll be fine.

Q: I just took a hit and everything is going to hell! Engines have failed and we're going in! What do I do?
A: This is a dangerous situation; if you're high enough, you can bail out and survive, but if you're lower than bailing height, it might just be safer to stay with the helicopter. If you're the pilot, try to remain as level as possible to the ground and set down easy. If you're the gunner, hope your pilot knows how to autorotate or set down for a safe crash. Sometimes you just don't make it - it's a fact of helicopter pilot life. Next time don't get hit!

Q: I don't like flying with a gunner at all. Can you make a gunner-less version?
A: A gunner in this helicopter is a lifesaver. The creators and testers have played multiple times with the helicopter to get it perfectly balanced for harmonization between the Pilot and CP/G. Remember, two is better than one. With the pilot flying and the gunner gunning, with both crew members looking for threats, it is much easier to stay in the air. No, no gunner-less version will be made.

Q: Help! Everyone with a machine gun or a RPG is shooting at me! What do I do?
A: Do not overfly hostile zones - you'll regret it. Instead, stand off and engage threats from afar to reduce vulnerability to hostile fire. By far, the most deadly threats to the AH-64 is small arms fire, and lots of it. However, a small arm has a hard time tracking a helicopter engaging at maximum range with it's weapon systems.

Q: How come as gunner I see the view from the chaingun and not the TADS/PNVS?
A: To keep clipping issues from getting into your view while using the optics.

A: Target Acquisition and Designation System & Pilot Night Vision System.

Q: The helicopters are too powerful! Isn't there some way to tone them down?
A: No. As stated before, these are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. The weakest AH-64 in this package is the AH-64A(1985) but even then it's still a powerful performer.

Q: Are there any other projects like this that you guys are working on?
A: We will not announce any new projects until we are sure they are ready to be released.

Q: I thought the AH-64 handled worse than a Hind and was ten times as weak.
A: Don't give into the media hype. The AH-64 is a very capable platform, so as long as it's used properly. The Hind is a armored assault helicopter, but it can't even maintain a hover. Plenty of Hinds were lost during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; few AH-64s have been lost to enemy fire, and actual fatalities to the helicopters and their crews are very low in combat.

Q: I am in a AH-64 and someone is lasing a target, how do I see it? 
A: Hit tab or look for "Laser Target" in the target list (2 key). Note you also need to have a Line Of Sight on the target. (assumes use of default key bindings, recommended you bind this to a joystick if you have one)

Q: My gunner/crew refuses to board my helicopter! 
A: The Game's AI (or Absentminded Imbeciles if you like) are not known for their intelligence and will sometimes try to walk through the helicopter itself. Your best bet is to tell them to walk to your 2 o clock or 10 o clock and then tell them to board the helicopter. This mostly applies to multiplayer clients.

Credit where it's due
-The missile jamming script was borrowed from BAS and modified from Diesel's A-10
-The crash and map scripts were taken from DKMM's Mi-28
-The tail rotor failure script and rotor wash script were taken from Vektorboson
-Various scripts were taken from and/or modified from Col. Klink's scripts/tutorials
-Some other scripts borrowed/modified from BAS
-Artillery marker script was modified from Greg Sheka's artillery script
-Music in the missions was taken from the game Heavy Gear and Shattered Steel
-Pilot's hands courtesy of ORCS (thanks guys!)
-Various CPG voices and betty voices were taken from Longbow 2

The mesh, weapons, config, and other scripts were made by: 
Franze ([email protected]) 

Hellfire (also contributed some textures)
King Homer
Shadow (contributed Longbow 2 sounds)

Sources & Resources
Federation of American Scientists (www.fas.org)
Jane's Information Group (www.janes.com)
Boeing (www.boeing.com)
AH-64 Apache Info Web Site (http://members.aol.com/ah64info/index.htm)
Aircraft Resource Center (http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com)
Operation Flashpoint Editing Center (www.ofpec.com)
Bohemia Interactive Studios Forums (www.flashpoint1985.com)

NOTICE: Content within this package is free to use, AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT WHERE YOU GOT IT. Some scripts are modified from other sources, but the main content (models, textures, config file, dynamic arming scripts, system damage scripts, initialization scripts, etc) belong to Franze and xNodUnitx (and of course, BIS). If you wish to use the content from this addon in your own addon, please contact either Franze or xNodUnitx first.

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