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Alrighty , here we have the F/A-18 Super hornet from MAS Productions. While I am not a personal fan of the Super Hornet or Hornet fighter/bombers this addon is very well done having both the F/A-18E and F airframes. This addon is very complex I suggest you read the readme very well to fully understand everything that the jets have to offer and what they can do ingame.

They require the MAS Pilots that you can get by clicking here and JAM3 for the pilots.




MAS F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Public Release 1.01 Quick Fix 1/03/07 by MAS Productions
DISCLAIMER: If a meteorite hits your PC, causes the PSU to explode, and thus frying your
motherboard and HDD while using this addon, you can't hold MAS responsible. Or any other
freak accident. Or even any non-freak accident. It's not my job to make sure your PC
runs 100% all the time, OK? And I don't take care of your dogs or your cats, or whatever.

You know the drill, people. Use at your own risk!


Required Addons




General Information

This package represents two F/A-18 airframes:

F/A-18E Super Hornet

F/A-18F Super Hornet

The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is the Navy's primary multirole fighter currently in service. It was designed as a potential 
successor to the F/A-18C/D Hornet, with improvements in range and payload. While the F/A-18A-C was to replace light 
strike aircraft such as the A-7 Corsair II, the F/A-18E/F was to serve as a heavy fighter capable of taking over roles 
left behind by the A-6 and F-14. It featured greater range, increased payload, and enhanced attack capabilities over 
legacy Hornets, coupled with being on the front of engineering and design.

A highly unpopular design with Grumman aircraft fans (even more so since the retirement of the F-14), the F/A-18E/F is 
often criticized as being too slow, too short ranged, and too complex. But in an era of budget cuts and dwindling defense 
procurement, the F/A-18E/F is the best solution to hold the line until more advanced aircraft are brought to operational 

NOTE: This addon is VERY complex and requires a strong machine to run. Use the F/A-18s sparingly in missions (unless you use
some of the switches detailed below) or you will experience lag.


Both the versions of the Super Hornet have the following features:

- Advanced arming system - capable of loading more than 70 combinations of weapons!

- Can employ the following weapons: AIM-9M/X, AIM-120C, AIM-7M, Mk82, Mk83, Mk84, Mk20, CBU-78, GBU-10, AGM-65E, 
AGM-88, and AGM-154A

- Real functioning cockpits - see your fuel level in the cockpit, aircraft status on MFDs, your location on the map, 
and more!

- Aircraft damage - take hits and be prepared to hear "WARNING: AIRCRAFT DAMAGE" as your computer lists the various 
systems damaged or destroyed by enemy fire!

- Aerial refueling: both aircraft come with capability to refuel from a F/A-18F with a buddy pod.

- Advanced multirole capability - Super Hornet can perform CAP, interception, strike, CAS, ground attack, and more - 
without having to return to the carrier!


Extract the file fz_f18.pbo to your OperationFlashpoint\Addons directory. Extract the folder "MAS Super Hornet" to your 
OperationFlashpoint\Missions directory. Extract the folder "MPMissions" to your OperationFlashpoint\ directory. That's it! 
Optional: extract the folder "fz_f18aws_tst.Intro" to your OperationFlashpoint\Users\Username\Missions directory.

Script Switches
Switch 	Description
fz_f18_noscripts = 1 	Turns all essential scripts off.

fz_f18_noarming = 1 	Turns off arming at ammo trucks with action menu.

fz_f18_noloops = 1 	Turns off looping scripts, but leaves other nonessential scripts active.

fz_f18_no_ag_scripts = 1 	Turns off Aggressor scripts.

fz_f18_aicheck = 1 	Checks aircraft for player. Used only for single player to improve performance when AI is 
flying F/A-18s. Puts looping scripts into a standby loop until the player is in the aircraft or the aircraft is destroyed. 
Do not use in multiplayer unless performance is an issue.

fz_f18_chatter = 1 	Turns on radio chatter messages.

fz_airrefuel = 1 	Turns on aerial refueling.

fz_f18_harmarray = [***] 	Adds target to HARM radiation target array, where *** is the target. Separate targets 
by commas.

fz_18mapsize = # 	Sets the map size, default is 256.

fz_18custmap = "***" 	Sets the custom map, where *** is the name of the map in the mission file. For example, "island1.paa".

fz_artystrikes = # 	Amount of artillery strikes for F/A-18F, where # is the amount.

Class Names

fz_f18e_aws 	F/A-18E Super Hornet
fz_f18f_aws 	F/A-18F Super Hornet
fz_f18weps 	F/A-18 AWS Weapons proxy
fz_f18_ejectseat 	F/A-18 Ejection Seat
fz_f18e_canopy 	F/A-18E Canopy
fz_f18f_canopy 	F/A-18F Canopy
fz_harmtarget 	HARM Target Proxy
fz_gpstarget 	GPS Target Proxy

fz_f18_m61 	***	M61A2 Vulcan w/ 578 rounds
fz_f18_aim7 	*** 	2xAIM-7M Launcher
fz_f18_aim7_1 	*** 	1xAIM-7M Launcher
fz_f18_aim7_3 	*** 	3xAIM-7M Launcher
fz_f18_aim7_4 	*** 	4xAIM-7M Launcher
fz_f18_aim9x_2 	*** 	2xAIM-9X Launcher
fz_f18_aim9m_2 	*** 	2xAIM-9M Launcher
fz_f18_aim120 	*** 	2xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_aim120_1 	*** 	1xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_aim120_4 	*** 	4xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_aim120_6 	*** 	6xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_aim120_8 	*** 	8xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_aim120_10 	*** 	10xAIM-120C Launcher
fz_f18_mk82hd 	*** 	2xMk82 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk82hd_4 	*** 	4xMk82 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk82hd_8 	*** 	8xMk82 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk82hd_10 	*** 	10xMk82 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk83hd 	*** 	2xMk83 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk83hd_4 	*** 	4xMk83 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk83hd_8 	*** 	8xMk83 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_mk83hd_10 	*** 	10xMk83 Snakeye Launcher
fz_f18_rockeye 	fz_f18_rockeye, fz_f18_cbu78 	2xMk20 or CBU-78 Launcher
fz_f18_rockeye_4 	fz_f18_rockeye_4, fz_f18_cbu78_4 	4xMk20 or CBU-78 Launcher
fz_f18_rockeye_8 	fz_f18_rockeye_8, fz_f18_cbu78_8 	8xMk20 or CBU-78 Launcher
fz_f18_rockeye_10 	fz_f18_rockeye_10, fz_f18_cbu78_10 	10xMk20 or CBU-78 Launcher
fz_f18_mk84_2 	*** 	2xMk84 Launcher
fz_f18_mk84_4 	*** 	4xMk84 Launcher
fz_f18_jsow_2 	*** 	2xAGM-154A Launcher
fz_f18_jsow_4 	*** 	4xAGM-154A Launcher
fz_f18_gbu10_2 	*** 	2xGBU-10 Launcher
fz_f18_gbu10_4 	*** 	4xGBU-10 Launcher
fz_f18_agm65e 	*** 	2xAGM-65E Launcher
fz_f18_agm65e_4 	*** 	4xAGM-65E Launcher
fz_f18_agm65e_6 	*** 	6xAGM-65E Launcher
fz_f18_agm88 	*** 	2xAGM-88C Launcher
fz_f18_agm88_4 	*** 	4xAGM-88C Launcher
fz_f18_agm88_6 	*** 	6xAGM-88C Launcher


Q: Why are dumb bombs guided? Aren't they supposed to be unguided?
A: Dumb bombs are guided to make up for lack of CCIP (continuously calculated impact point) symbology. The game engine
doesn't allow for a fluid HUD display with CCIP. So the bombs are semi-guided to make up for this.

Q: HARM never hits the target I want it to. It just sails on until it explodes.
A: Make sure you have a line of sight to your target, and make sure you aren't launching too close. HARM requires 3KM (at 
least) of space to maneuver and scan for it's target.

Q: The weapons are way too powerful.
A: I really don't have time for this. The weapons pack punch because these aren't bags of frozen peas we're talking about.
How happy would you be if a 500lb bomb fell on your doorstep? Or a 2000lb bomb for that matter?

Q: What is the purpose of wing folding?
A: Wing folding lets you squeeze into tight spots or fit more aircraft on the deck of a carrier.

Q: I took some damage and now my controls are going nuts. Flaps go up and down, and the landing autopilot clicks on and off.
A: Your hydraulics have taken some hits. That translates into flight control damage. You really don't want to get hit there.

Q: My bombs keep blowing my socks off!
A: You're dropping too low with too little speed. Make sure you fly quickly enough and high enough to be outside of the
bomb's blast radius.

Q: Why use CBU-78 over Mk20? Why use Mk20 over CBU-78?
A: CBU-78 is an anti-tank only mine dispenser. Anything other than tanks won't trigger them. Mk20 is a multi-purpose cluster

Q: Why use Mk82 over Mk83? Doesn't Mk83 pack a larger punch?
A: Do you like to drop bombs low? Mk83 will blow your socks off at lower altitudes. Mk82 is much safer for low altitude 

Q: Why use Mk84 over GBU-10? Why use Mk84/GBU-10 at all?
A: Mk84 doesn't require ATFLIR for guidance. Also, Mk84 isn't as accurate or as draggy as GBU-10. GBU-10 is very accurate and
requires good speed and altitude when dropped.

Q: The gun fires way too fast!
A: The M61 vulcan is capable of firing at a rate of 6,000 rounds per minute. With 578 rounds in your magazine, that leaves
you with about 6 seconds of firing time. It's an accurate rate of fire, so don't knock it!


PR 1.01 changes
- Fixed an error message with the map display.
- Fixed an error message "fz_aim9l_2".

Beta 0.3 changes
- Added more versatility in weapons loadout.
- New GUI loadout system prepared. To use: take mission template, extract all files except mission.sqm, place in your
mission. If you have a preexisting description.ext file, there may be conflicts.
- Changed texture on F/A-18E to VFA-14 "Top Hatters" CAG bird.
- New sounds: betty voice, engine, gun. Taken from Jane's F-18.

Beta 0.2 changes
- Binarized addon.
- Added LODs for F/A-18E and F/A-18F, plus AWS weapons.
- Added M61A2 ammo counter to HUD and weapon display.
- Fixed startup bug with MAS Helipilots.
- F/A-18F - commander can successfully designate radiation targets, but GPS targeting is still FUBAR.
- Added AIM-9M capability to F/A-18E and F/A-18F.

Beta 0.1 changes
- Fixed config.bin error with helipilots.
- Cockpit features added.
- Weapon railing/racks modified and enhanced.
- Some new scripting features.
- New scripts: damage and engine.
- Fixed AIM-9P texture bug on Aggressors. (Texture is an OLD placeholder! Will change later.)
- Removed obsolete F/A-18A, B, C, E standard, and E ACES from addon and selection. Any mission
using these variants will show up, but they'll be with AWS model and WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. Replace
with an AWS variant at your nearest convenience.
- Some system text removed, although plenty remains. Will clean up later.

Known Issues
- MP starts in aircraft can result in initial errors. These should not cause issues.
- F/A-18F - Commander is a whiney bastard. Recommend you chuck him out as soon as you're
airborne. Or take-off without him. Just so as long as he's not in the back seat (worst
back seat driver ever).
- F/A-18F - Commander MFD pages and map are blurry. Unknown cause.
- Have not been tested on dedicated server. YMWV.


Franze (modeling, texturing, scripting)
Hellfire (weapon texturing, testing)
Nodunit (testing)

Special thanks: 
RockofSL - fixed the bug I had with cannon firing point.

Scripts borrowed/based/enhanced upon scripts from the following:
Colonel Klink
And anyone else I may have forgotten.

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