MAS Helicopter Pilots



Here we have a group of pilots from MAS Productions based off of Hyakushiki's infantry package, so you know they look good.

They are needed for the other MAS Productions addons and require JAM3.



MAS Helicopter Pilots v1.2

Disclaimer: Seriously, do I need to say this again? Oh, what the hell. In order to please all lawyer-kind, understand that by using this package, you do so of your own free will and at your own risk! Happy?


Required Addons: JAM3

MAS Helicopter Pilots serve as the basis for helicopter crew and fixed wing aircraft crew unless the user prefers to use a custom pilot over the ones included in this package. The available pilots are 4 types of AH-64 pilots and a Navy pilot.

Notes: The AH-64 BDU pilot and AH-64 BDU pilot desert were based off of the soldier model from Hyakushiki's infantry package. They were taken WITHOUT permission.

The M4 and M9 models and textures were taken from SJB - WITH permission - and are credited to:

M4 - SJB, -X- and sas.stu
M9 - SJB and Spydr

Added Units
WEST>MAS - Pilots
AH-64 Pilot - fz_ah64d_plt
AH-64 Pilot BDU - fz_ah64d_plt_bdu
AH-64 Pilot Desert - fz_ah64d_plt_d
AH-64 Pilot BUD Desert - fz_ah64d_plt_bdu_d
Navy Pilot - fz_f18plt


M4A1 - mas_m4 - "mas_m4mag","JAM_W556_30mag","M16"
M9 - mas_m9 - "mas_m9mag","JAM_M9mag"


1.0 - First release
1.1 - Changed weapons to custom M4 and M9 from SJB Weapon Pack
    - Added BDU pilots from HYK Infantry Pack
1.2 - Changed default magazines to those included with package
    - M4A1 changed to M4 with single-burst trigger
    - Navy pilot added

For more information, visit http://www.mechmodels.com/mas

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