Okay this is kind of strange to me but here we have a safe addon .... I'm not sure what you would do with it but it's here.. Es gibt auch...


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Okay this is kind of strange to me but here we have a safe addon .... I'm not sure what you would do with it but it's here..

Es gibt auch einen readme auf Deutsch in der Akte

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 ---------------------------- MERCS Safe - Version: 1.0 -----------------------------

AK-Chester  -
AK-George   -

Operation Flashpoint : Resistance - Version: 1.96

MERCS_Safe.Intro     -  mission editor template (folder)
MERCS_Safe.Eden.pbo  -  singleplayer demo mission
MERCS_Safe.Eng.txt   -  english readme (this file)
MERCS_Safe.Ger.txt   -  german readme
MERCS_Safe.gif       -  screenshot(s)
MERCS_Safe.pbo       -  addon

1. Put the "MERCS_Safe.pbo" (addon) into your
   ..\OperationFlashpoint\Res\Addons directory.
2. Put the "MERCS_Safe.Eden.pbo" (singleplayer demo mission) into your
   ..\OperationFlashpoint\Missions directory.
3. Put the "MERCS_Safe.Intro" folder (template for mission editors) in your
   ..\OperationFlashpoint\Users\YourName\Missions directory.
4. Have fun!

The Safe and a (placeable version of the) Note with the Code that's required to
open the Safe can be found in the ingame editor under... Empty > MERCS Objects

To make the (required) dialogs available in your custom mission, you'll need to put
a copy of the included description.ext template into the same directory where your
mission.sqm is. If you are already using a description.ext in your mission, then
just copy the contents from our template and paste it to your existing file.

In the demo mission an enemy officer carries the Note with the Code and drops it
like any other "weapon" once he's killed, allowing the player to pick it up and
access the Code. The officers init field looks like this:

this addWeapon "MERCS_Code_Paper";

If you want the player to have that Note with the Code right away, just put that
same line in his own init field. A player that has that Note can check the Code
anytime using the action menu. That action menu entry will disappear once the
Safe is empty.

Please note that there can only be one Safe in a mission (at a time).

Editor Names  /  Class Names:
Safe          /  MERCS_Safe
Safe Code     /  MERCS_Code_Paper (dummy weapon)
Safe Code     /  MERCS_Code_PaperHolder

MERCS_Safe_Code = 123456 (a random six digit number, automatically generated)
MERCS_Safe_Empty = false (true once the Safe has been "emptied")
MERCS_Safe_InUse = false (true while a player tries to open the Safe)
MERCS_Safe_Numbers = [] (dialog related, nothing you'll have to deal with)

This addon is compatible with ECP 1.085.

Beta Testers:
AK-Joolz, Blink Dog and CanadianTerror. Thanks a lot! :-)

License / Disclaimer:
You are permitted to install, use and modify this software for personal
entertainment purposes only. Any commercial, military or educational use is
forbidden without the authors permission. You are free to distribute this software
as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge. The authors take no
responsibility for any damages this software may cause. Use it at your own risk.

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