MERCS THS - Toyota HiLux Specia

Okay now here we have a addon from the merc team of a Toyota HiLux pickup truck. There are 2 versions here one with special scripting and on...


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Okay now here we have a addon from the merc team of a Toyota HiLux pickup truck. There are 2 versions here one with special scripting and one with no scripting. The truck with scirpting has some special features to it ...

Features: * 6 cargo slots (+ driver) * Camo Net * Car Key (for the doors only) * Custom sounds & scripts * ECP 1.085 compatible * Healing capabilities * Multiplayer compatible * Repair script

Overall this isn't bad at all with some interesting scripts on the truck itself however I am not a fan of pickup trucks but if you are feel free to try it out!

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Download 'mercs_ths.rar' (3.68MB)


 ---------------- MERCS THS - Toyota HiLux Special - Version: 1.0 -----------------

AK-Chester  -  [email protected]
AK-George   -  [email protected]

Operation Flashpoint : Resistance - Version: 1.96

MERCS_THS.Eng.txt  -  english readme (this file)
MERCS_THS.Ger.txt  -  german readme
MERCS_THS.gif      -  screenshot(s)
MERCS_THS.Noe.pbo  -  singleplayer demo mission
MERCS_THS.pbo      -  addon

1. Put the "MERCS_THS.pbo" into your ..\OperationFlashpoint\Res\Addons directory.
2. Put the "MERCS_THS.Noe.pbo" into your ..\OperationFlashpoint\Missions directory.
3. Have fun!

There are two versions included, both based on the same model but with different
configs. Both of them have healing capabilities. 

- HiLux
A "basic" version, no scripting involved.

- HiLux Special
This version is equipped with a key, a camouflage net and a repair script.
Please note that this version uses global variables to make it multiplayer
compatible, so there can't be more than one HiLux Special in a mission at a time.
Any player who has a key (dummy weapon) can lock and unlock the HiLux Special.
The camouflage net can be attached and removed by any player if the HiLux Special
is empty and locked (by key).

Both versions of the HiLux can be found under...
Civilian > MERCS ...and under... Empty > MERCS

We also made the Camo Net and Car Key available in the editor, but usually you
won't need them. Some mission editors may find them useful, though.
Look under... Empty > MERCS Objects

Editor Names  /  Class Names:
HiLux         /  MERCS_THS
HiLux Special /  MERCS_THS_B
Camo Net      /  MERCS_THS_Net
Car Key       /  MERCS_THS_Key (dummy weapon)
Car Key       /  MERCS_THS_KeyHolder

MERCS_THS_Locked = false (true if locked)
MERCS_THS_Repair = false (true while repairing)
MERCS_THS_Status = 0 (controls lock & camo status)

This addon is compatible with ECP 1.085.

License / Disclaimer:
You are permitted to install, use and modify this software for personal
entertainment purposes only. Any commercial, military or educational use is
forbidden without the authors permission. You are free to distribute this software
as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge. The authors take no
responsibility for any damages this software may cause. Use it at your own risk.

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