MI-26 Halo Crew

This addon is required for proper use of the MI-26 Halo, and includes several pilots and crew for use with it. They are competently modelle...

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File Description

This addon is required for proper use of the MI-26 Halo, and includes several pilots and crew for use with it. They are competently modelled and could also be used as a replacement for the BIS pilots. They also carry quite a nice handgun. I won't bother giving it a full length review as they're simply another piece of the excellent MI-26 addon. If you haven't downloaded that already then what are you hanging around here for?

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Our Weapons project present:

Pilots pack. version 1.0

Soviet Army Aviation pilots.

Project website:

Open forum: 


Website of NA[CCCP] squad":



Using in Your own purposes of any content of OWP_Crew.pbo file (models, textures, spripts, animations, sounds, config.cpp & etc) 
and original ideas is PROHIBITED without permission of Our Weapons project.
You may post this add-on on any site, using in your campaign or missions freely.

This is an unofficial addon and Bohemia Interactive Studio or Codemasters don't have any liability for it. 

This is non-commercial addon. Any commercial using of this addon or part of it is prohibited.
Installation and requriments:
Installation: copy OWP_Mi26.pbo in to addons\ direcctory, copy missions in missions\ directory.
Do not raname file! In game, you will find this addon under "Our weapons (Nashe Orujie)" directory.
This addon requries Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 1.96.

This pack contains:
-Pilot in helmet 
-Pilot with headgear

-helmet put in and out animations
-new models of heads and hands
-pilots armed with APS pistol
-There is also APBS featured in pack


1. Helmet put in/out animations.
Now, this feature correctly working only with pilot without helmet and headgear.
To force unit put in helmet, type in init:
unit_name exec "\OWP_Crew\helmetin.sqs"
To force unit put out helmet, type in init:
unit_name exec "\OWP_Crew\helmetout.sqs"

2. Òî attach arm patch to pilot, type in init:
unit_name SetObjectTexture [0,"\OWP_crew\t\molniya.paa"]

3. Classes:
OWP_ApsBullet 		APS bullet
OWP_ApsSilentBullet     APBS bullet (without tracers)

OWP_Aps  		APS pistol
OWP_Apbs                APBS pistol (silenced)
OWP_Apsmag              APS magazine
OWP_Apbsmag             APBS magazine

OWP_Pilotwh		Pilot 
OWP_Pilothg		Pilot (with helmet)
OWP_Pilothm		Pilot (with headgear) 

OWPHelmetIn		Pilot put in helmet
OWPHelmetOut		Pilot put out helmet

4. Known issues:
-If you kill pilot, when animation is played, he stays in that pose, in which has died.
-If you play animation with putting helmet on, and than get in any vehicle, helmet will be visible from 1-st person view.



Models: DPS
Textures: DPS 
Scripts: DPS
Config.cpp: DPS
Animations: DPS
Testers: TinK_Off, Duher, AlexZ, Armageddon, KGB_CCCP, Grifelium
OW project thanx Red Hammer Studio and Laser personality, for help with work on models.

In next versions, we plan to include other variants of pilots, with different gear. Also we plan include Army's Aviation technicians.


                          Copyright © 2004 OW Project. All right reserved.

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