OFPL PKP - Train Pack

This file basicaly goes with the island and object pack just posted but is in a diffrent zip file and such so posted sepertaly.



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This file basicaly goes with the island and object pack just posted but is in a diffrent zip file and such so posted sepertaly.


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Download 'ofpl_pkp_v1.0.zip' (2.07MB)

OFPL PKP - Train Pack
version 1.0

Operation Carrot Mod

Table of contents
1.	Credits
2.	Installation
3.	Addon Usage
4.	A quick start guide
5.	A very short guide on how to implement your custom train engine


1. Credits

Well... really great thanks to Vektorboson and AEF Team... they did the most of work. Without them you wouldn't see this addon. :)

3D Modelling	Vektorboson, Agent Smith
Textures	Vektorboson, Agent Smith, [AEF]Odin
Interior Model	[AEF]Odin, Lester
Scripting	AEF Kampagne Mod Team
Beta testing	Operation Carrot Mod team

Also everyone else who I forgot to mention. ;)

Praise, bugs & critics - please contact us at:
Our homepage - http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/
Our forums - http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/forum/


2. Installation
Extract the file OFPL_PKP.pbo into ...\Res\Addons folder or any Mod folder.

Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.92 or later and AEF Train addon (AEF_train.pbo) are required to play.
Download AEF Train addon v1.11 from here:

Train can be found under
    Civilan / Empty > OFPL - PKP > ...


3. Addon usage
You may already be familiar with the AEF Train. Well, this one is operated in the very same way. Please read AEF Train readme for the exact details. Many questions regarding the train have also been answered in this thread:

Due to the fact this train is based on AEF Train system, it also unfortunately inherits most of its bugs. This is a price to pay for the working train in OFP. Please keep in mind that this game was not designed for this kind of addons. The train is currently NOT MP-compatibile.

Will the train cars supplied in this addon work together with AEF ones?
Yes, they will. In fact you can use PKP train cars with AEF engine and SP-32 engine with AEF cars or you can even mix them however you want.

The engine reproduced in this addon is Romanian SP-32 locomotive. Around 150 have been in service in Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (Polish National Railroads). As a bonus you get 3 diffrent train cars: empty car, one with containers and coal hopper.

4. A quick start guide:
- Load AEF Treben map or any other map with railroads.
- Find the dots showing railroad line.
- Place the engine over on of the dots. Make sure to put in proper direction.
- Place some wagons.
- Drive the engine towards cars to auto-couple them.


5. A very short guide on how to implement your custom train engine

Ok, this part is the tricky one. And if you're not an addonmaker trying to make a custom train engine, just skip it.
What you need to do, is:
- take a look at this addon's config - use it as example.
- copy the script folder to your addon folder.
- open all the scripts and replace OFPL_PKP string with whatever your OFPEC tag is.
- the only script that you need to modify manually is _init.sqs
  Make sure you put the proper path in the YOURTAG_PATH variable
  Look for AEF_TrainObj and AEF_Waggons arrays.
  You have to put the definitions of your train cars/engines in these arrays.
  Just like I did with OFPL_PKP_xxx cars.

  The fields explanation is as follows:
  ["OFPL_LocoSP32", 8.25, 1]

  "OFPL_LocoSP32" - class name
  8.25 - distance from model center ([0,0,0] point in O2) to the end of bumpers
  1    - is this an engine? 1 - engine, 0 - regular car

If you have more questions,
- contact ag_smith on BIS forums:

- or ask in this thread (the preffered way):

Ā© 2005 by Operation Carrot Mod.
All models, textures and scripts are intellectual property of their respective authors.

If you want to modify any of these addons, please ask us first.
This addon must be distributed only in the provided form.
Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the authors.
This is an unofficial addon. You know the drill: "You use this addon at your own risk. Neither BIS, Codemasters nor anybody else can be held responsible in case the use of this addon results in any problems".
Not tested on animals. ;-)

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