OFPL Polish Mi-8

OFPL Team is proud to present early beta of Polish version of Mil Mi-8 addon.


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OFPL Team is proud to present early beta of Polish version of Mil Mi-8 addon.

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Download 'mi8v01b.zip' (2MB)

Polish Mil Mi-8 by OFPL team (Operation Flashpoint Poland)

Created for WP Soldiers mini mod, Operation Carrot Studio & LWP mod.

THIS IS BETA STAGE ADDON, doesnt include all features and functionality we plan in full release.

Version: 0.1b


Offtime - textures, modeling
Diesel - modeling, animations
Special thanks to:
Gordy for cockip part from his Mi-8 model.
Hawk for gear script.
BIS for base Mi-17 model.

There is 1 PBO file in the zip file, which need to be extracted into your Operation Flashpoint/Addons folder.
(NOTE: you can use either the OFP/Addons or Res/Addons folder)


Comparing to BIS Mi-17 much more round in few places, 
complete new cockpit geometry and proper cockpit windows,
6 instead of 5 side windows,
open cargo space,
animated side doors,
animated gear.

0.1b - first released by Offtime. (pbo name: OFPL_Mi8.pbo)

This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
This addon is open source for everyone who wants to modify it in any way,
just please dont release versions as replacements for this one.

Open source restrictions:
1. You dont have full rights to this model no matter how much you will change in it, 
this model belongs to community.
2. You dont need to ask me permission to redo this model, 
dont expect others to ask you, once you will release your version based on this model.
3. Remember about Credits part in your readme.txt
4. Remember about Open Source license in your readme.txt
5. Remember to write exactly what you did to this model in Version History part of readme.txt
6. And whats most important in Open Source license - make sure to release fully editable version of this addon.

Enjoy the addon!

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