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This pack contains the Polish soldiers developed by the OFPL team and like their Polish GROM Units are very well made. Not only are soldiers...


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This pack contains the Polish soldiers developed by the OFPL team and like their Polish GROM Units are very well made. Not only are soldiers included in the pack but a nicley modelled BRDM, UAZ and a Mi-8 troop transport helicopter. For the size of the pack, the amount units you get and the quality of them it is definitely worth the download.

Needed Addons - JAM 3

Face Textures - Face Textures

OFPL Extension Pack - OFPL Ext

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Download 'wpsoldiers_0.55.rar' (24.64MB)

WP Soldiers mini-mod
version 0.55 (18-12-2005)

Dear player,

Hereby, we've the pleasure to present this addons pack to you. It contains Polish Army soldiers, vehicles and equipment for Operation Flashpoint game. We have to warn you, that some models include certain dose of fiction, that is caused by many factors, including, but not limited to lack of knowledge and resource materials, game engine limitations, and sometimes plain laziness of the authors (most often, mine - Offtime). Despite all that, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy using these addons.

A little background story... the action takes place on the island of Nogova in 1996. After the end of the conflict (which the Resistance is about), some resistance members are disappointed with the new pro-American government. They disagree to disarm and new acts of violence are begin to escalate. International community, observing these events, considers the partisans as terrorist. Eventually, the uprising evolves into a civil war and NFOR peacekeeping forces are sent to Nogova. Small Polish Army contingent is among them.

Having said all that, the campaign is still in the phase of "production"...

Best regards,

1. Credits
We would like to thank the following persons for their help:

Offtime config, models, tekstures, scripts and everything else.. 
Jack_410 interior model and textures of BRDM-2 
Agent Smith config, LOD models, scripts, bug fixing 
Ebud major help with soldier models 
Tow. Szumek Star 266 truck model 
Llauma head model and textures 
Extraction additional head textures 
Diesel Mi-8 model 
Hawk suspension script for Mi-8 
Gordy cockpit for Mi-8 
Alderous scripts 
Panda scripts 
Hyakushiki hand textures 
Jachu Wist-94 pistol model 
Firegold AKMS model 

Special thanks go to:
Hummel (LWP), Lenin (OFPL), ZoloQ (OFPL), Stg.Stryker

The authors of OFPL_Events addon are listed in included txt document. 

Additional information regarding the contents of each PBO archive is included in text files in this folder: \Operation Flashpoint\WPSoldiers\txt\

2. Pack contents
OFPL_men1.pbo soldier models 
OFPL_men1p.pbo pilot models 
OFPL_men2.pbo BlackOp soldier model 
OFPL_Mi8.pbo Mil Mi-8 helicopter model 
OFPL_Weap90.pbo weapons models 
OFPL_s266.pbo Star-266 truck model 
OFPL_BRDM.pbo BRDM-2M96 model 
OFPL_uaz.pbo UAZ model 
OFPL_objlight.pbo static objects models 
OFPL_WPS_0.pbo additional components needed for the archives above 
OFPL_Events.pbo SFX scripts 
facestex.pbo head textures for Llauma head model 

Each of the PBO archives has corresponding text file, explaining its contents. In case of problems, questions or uttermost curiosity, please make yourself familiar with those files.

JAM3 addon is required for our weapons. Download it here:

The latest version of Operation Flashpoint is also required (1.96) and facestex2pbo - textures for Llauma head model. You can obtain the later ones from our website.

3. Available weapons
Weapon Weapon class name Magazine class names 
7.62mm kbk AKMS + PBS-1 OFPL_PBS1 OFPLpbsmag, JAM_E762_30SDmag,
7.62mm PK OFPL_PK OFPLpkmag, JAM_E762M_200mag, JAM_E762M_200HDmag,
7.62mm SWD OFPL_SWD OFPLswdmag, JAM_E762_10mag 
9mm Wist-94 OFPL_wist94 OFPL_wist94Mag 
Semtex charge OFPL_ObjCarry OFPL_tBomb 
Bandages / First Aid Kit OFPL_ObjCarry OFPL_Bandage,

4. Contact us at:
OFPL Forum

Offtime @ BIS Forum

Agent Smith @ BIS Forum

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