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Christmas will have come early this year for fans of the Operation Frenchpoint Team as this is the 6th release of their mod packs. This new...

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File Description

Christmas will have come early this year for fans of the Operation Frenchpoint Team as this is the 6th release of their mod packs. This new version of their air pack has fixed various bugs present in the last release and it has also added new content such as desert camo.

-C-160 Transall (2 versions) - Rafale (3 versions) - New versions of Mirage 2000 - New 3D model of Puma chopper - Desert Camo for Gazelle and wrecked Puma - All sorts of bugs corrected (MP Bug of Fennec's doors ...) - Driveable Parachute

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          OPERATION FRENCHPOINT / www.ofrp.net

          ##  ####   ###       ##  # ###
         #  # #      #  #     #  # # #  #
         #  # ### ## ###      #### # ###
         #  # #   #  #        #  # # # #
          ##  #   #  #        #  # # #  #

          FENCH ARMED FORCES -pack Air-

          version 3.0 RC1    16/09/2006

          Copyright 2002-2006 OFrP


Files : OFrP_Air.pbo - OFrP_AirA.pbo - OFrP_AirB.pbo - OFrP_AirC.pbo - OFrP_AirD.pbo - OFrP_AirE.pbo - OFrP_AirF.pbo - OFrP_AirG.pbo - OFrP_AirH.pbo
Size: 63,4 Mo

The air packs depends on the following packs : OFrP_Armes, OFrP_Infanterie, OFrP_Objets

There is an example missions demonstrating the use of the new winch in the "mission_demo" folder that you can load in the editor.

(1) Installation:

You have to have an 1.96 or above version of OFP.

Place the OFrP_Air.pbo file in the folder \Addons ou \Res\Addons in your OFP folder.

The units of the Air pack are accessible in the editor in :

- Camp: Resistance

	- Class: OFrP - Air
	- Class: OFrP - Air (Desert)
	- Class: OFrP - Infantry

For more information on this addon, please visit OFrP's site : www.ofrp.net

(2) Usage

(a).It's possible to remove the flares if they are creating problems in a mission or an intro. To do it, simply put in the init field of the unit : 
This removeweapon "OFrP_flarelauncher70"
Or, ti simply remove the weapons while still having the launcher : This removemagazines "OFrP_flarelauncher70"

Here are the names of the flare-launchers of this pack :

Pumas : OFrP_Flarelauncher70
Gazelles : OFrP_Flarelauncher32
Fennec : OFrP_Flarelauncher32
Jaguars & Mirages : OFrP_Flarelauncher


(b).A smoke script made by Drakkhen is in this pack (Scripts folder >> fumee.sqs), to use it, simply type in the init field of the unit : [this,50] exec "\OFrP_Air\Scripts\fumee.sqs" . To increase or decrease the lengh of the smoke trail, you can change the 50 valor.


(c).In a mission where only the LGB have to be used (Mirage 2000-D >>> laser target) it is better to remove the 2 Magic-II AA missiles if the aircraft is plioted by IA : This removeweapon "OFrP_MagicLauncherk"


(d).To deactivate the dust smoke, simply type in a trigger : OFrP_duster0=true
It advised to deactivate the dust scritp in MP games.


(e).When a pilot ejects from a Jaguar, he does quit his former group and joins another group named "EjectedTeam", Simply give the same name to an SAR chopper (as leader), so it can find where the pilot is only by uning [5][5] (report status). In SP if this pilot is an IA, it will automatically rescue the downed pilots. However, this script doesn't work in MP, and it can even crash dedicated servers.
If the ejected pilot as fallen at sea, an inflatable boat is automatically generated.
To deactivate this script (ejection & inflatable boat), juste type in a trigger : OFrP_eject0=true


(3) Copyright

This package is freeware

Users or distributors cannot ask for payment in any form, for this package. This package is protected by international copyright law.

The project was one year in the making, and although it is planned that it shall be distributed as freeware, the authors reserve the right to utilize any portion of the work for commercial purposes in the future.  All rights reserved.
All elements of this package are freeware.
This product, whether in beta form or final form, may not be transferred to CD-ROM or any temporary or permanent media (diskette, ZIP diskette, tape, video, etc. without written permission of the authors.
The package or any part of it, may not form part at any time, of any free media, distributed as part of a commercial, shareware or any other non-free type of product  as a book, a magazine, a video or other type of media, without the written permission of their authors.
The package, or any portion thereof, may not be uploaded to any site or redistributed without the written permission of the authors.

Finally, this package must remain intact as it is currently distributed.

-Team OFrP


Thanks to Aurélie Aynié (Dassault Aviation) for the pictures of the Mirage 2000's cockpit

Thanks to "Little Vanhoute" (www.littlevanhoute.fr.st) for it's pictures

Thanks to "Napalm02" for it's photos

Thanks to "Corso" (http://www.force27.com) for the pictures of the transall

Thanks to "Colimateur" (http://www.force27.com) for it's photos


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