OFrP Boat Pack

Well this is a new addition to the Operation Frenchpoint mod family; a boat pack! This is a pretty small pack and only contains Zodiacs but...


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Well this is a new addition to the Operation Frenchpoint mod family; a boat pack! This is a pretty small pack and only contains Zodiacs but they are nicely made and can be used in some French Special Forces missions.

- Zodiac Hurricane (also in ANF1 version) - Zodiac FC470

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Download 'ofrp_mer_v1.0rc1.exe' (2.56MB)

 		french army mod / mod francais
  ##  ####   ###  
 #  # #      #  # 
 #  # ### ## ###
 #  # #   #  #  
  ##  #   #  # Accurate Addons for OperationFrenchpoint


          version 1.0RC1       07/07/2006

   Copyright 2001-2005 by Team OFrP



authors: OFrP Team
files: OFrP_Mer.pbo, OFrP_MerA.pbo, OFrP_MerB.pbo
size: 33.6 Mb

(1) Install:

You need to install the 1.96 version of OFP prior to use those addons.

Put the files OFrP_Mer.pbo, OFrP_MerA.pbo, OFrP_MerB.pbo in the \Res\Addons folder of Resistance.

The OFrP's units are available from the editor under:

-camp: Résistance
-class: OFrP - Mer
* Zodiac HURRICANE ANF1	: OFrP_Hurri_Anf1
* Zodiac HURRICANE	: OFrP_Hurri
* Zodiac FC470		: OFrP_Zodiac

For more informations about this addon, please visit:

(2) Credits

The HURRICANE Zodiac was made by dob, the anims by Flashpointgamer.
The Zodiac FC470 by Drakken.
With help of Lupus, Ikar, TMB, Wolf_51, Occitania

(4) Copyright

This package is freeware

Users or distributors cannot ask for payment in any form, for this package. This package is protected by international copyright law.

The project was one year in the making, and although it is planned that it shall be distributed as freeware, the authors reserve the right to utilize any portion of the work for commercial purposes in the future.  All rights reserved.
All elements of this package are freeware.
This product, whether in beta form or final form, may not be transferred to CD-ROM or any temporary or permanent media (diskette, ZIP diskette, tape, video, etc. without written permission of the authors.
The package or any part of it, may not form part at any time, of any free media, distributed as part of a commercial, shareware or any other non-free type of product  as a book, a magazine, a video or other type of media, without the written permission of their authors.
The package, or any portion thereof, may not be uploaded to any site or redistributed without the written permission of the authors.

Finally, this package must remain intact as it is currently distributed.

-Team OFrP

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