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This version of the OFrP Objects pack has fixed several bugs that were in the last version and will add more immersion to your Frenchpoint m...


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This version of the OFrP Objects pack has fixed several bugs that were in the last version and will add more immersion to your Frenchpoint missions.

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Download 'ofrp_objets_v3.1rc1.exe' (13.06MB)

 		french army mod / mod francais
  ##  ####   ###  
 #  # #      #  # 
 #  # ### ## ###
 #  # #   #  #  
  ##  #   #  # Accurate Addons for OperationFrenchpoint

    	FRENCH ARMY FORCES Objects pack

          version 3.1RC1       07/07/2006

   Copyright 2001-2005 by BIPBIP / UIOX / HORRIDO



Authors: OFrP Team
File: OFrP_Objets.pbo
Size: 21.7 Mo

(1) Installation:

You must have installed the 1.91 version of Operation Flashpoint.

Put the file OFrP_Objets.pbo in the \Addons or \Res\Addons folders of Operation Flashpoint.

(2) Usage:

OFrP units can be found in the Resistance side

OFrP - Weapons

Fixed Milan on tripod				OFrP_Milan
Milan ammo					OFrP_MilanM

Fixed Eryx on tripod				OFrP_EryxL
Eryx ammo					OFrP_EryxM

Fixed AN-F1 on tripod				OFrP_ANF1D
AN-F1 ammo					OFrP_ANF1M

Fixed Mistral on tripod				OFrP_Mistral
Mistral ammo					OFrP_MistralM

Fixed M2-Fr machinegun				OFrP_M2D
M2-Fr ammo					OFrP_M2M

81mm Mortar					OFrP_LLR81L

120mm Mortar					OFrP_120RT

Name of weapons/magazines to limit, reload weapons, or detect in a script remaining ammos:
Milan						OFrP_MilanLauncher
Eryx						OFrP_EryxLauncherF
ANF1						OFrP_ANF1V
M2-Fr						OFrP_M2v
Mistral						OFrP_MistralLauncher
Mortier 81					OFrP_LLR81
Mortier 120					OFrP_120RT_F1 and OFrP_120RT_F2

General (identical) working of the weapons:

An action "Unmount" is present, if it's actionned, the weapons is unmounted and is loaded by the unit which triggered the action, If another unit was already carrying the weapon, no action is taken. This action is also working with the IA units of your group. The remaining ammunitions are created on the ground, at the same time. Those ammunitions can be carried by another unit with the "Take ammo" action.

The unit which is carrying the weapon has an "remount weapon" action available. If he triggers it, the weapon will be remonted in the direction he is watching at 1m forward. This weapon is empty. Note that if this weapon is dropped in a vehicle, it's no longer remountable. However you can get in a vehicle while carrying a weapon (in the way you would do it normally).

Ammo loading:
The carrier of one ammo item is detected by the weapon and the action is triggered on the weapon. Unlike the carried weapon, an carried ammo can't be dropped. The ammo loading can be done even if an unit is using the weapon system. This principe is identical for the ammo crated from the mission editior and the ammo created after a werapon was unmounted.
Known bugs : If you wait that the weapon is completely out of ammo before carring new ammo, the reloading time can increase dramatically, the "reload missile" appears sometimes, but not always.
Nota : An remonted weapon is longer to reload.


Objects :
unmounted Milan weapon 				OFrP_MilanLP
2 ammos for transport				OFrP_MilanMPD
1 ammo for transport				OFrP_MilanMPS
Tube éjecté					OFrP_MilanTEject

Unmounted Eryx weapon				OFrP_EryxLP
2 ammos for transport				OFrP_EryxMPD
1 ammo for transport				OFrP_EryxMPS

Unmounted AN-F1 weapon				OFrP_ANF1LP
2 ammos for transport				OFrP_ANF1MPD
1 ammo for transport				OFrP_ANF1MPS
empty magazine					OFrP_ANF1TEject
empty casing					OFrP_Cart75

Unmounted Mistral weapon			OFrP_MistralLP
2 ammos for transport				OFrP_MistralMPD
1 ammo for transport				OFrP_MistralMPS

2 M2-Fr ammos for transport			OFrP_M2MPD
1 M2-Fr ammos for transport			OFrP_M2MPS
empty magazine					OFrP_M2TEject
empty casing					OFrP_Cart127

Nota: these classes are weapons.

To start a mission with unmounted weapons, you only need to put the following lines in the init :

Mistral	:	This addWeapon {OFrP_MistralLP}; [This] exec {\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\Mistral\Mistraldem\InstallActionMistral.sqs}
Milan	:	This addWeapon {OFrP_MilanLP}; [This] exec {\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\Milan\Milandem\InstallActionMilan.sqs}
Eryx	:	This addWeapon {OFrP_EryxLP}; [This] exec {\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\Eryx\Eryxdem\InstallActionEryx.sqs}
AN-F1	:	This addWeapon {OFrP_ANF1LP}; [This] exec {\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\ANF1\ANF1dem\InstallActionANF1.sqs}

To start a mission with carried ammos : This addWeapon {OFrP_MistralMPD} (for example) only.

OFrP_CartVide = 100 // Set the number of empty cartridges seen on the ground for the Anf1 and M2, use it in a trigger or an init field of a unit. (default:600)


OFrP - Objects

Sand gag fences straight			OFrP_FenceWood 
Sand gag fences straight (open)			OFrP_FenceDroite
Sand gag fences with angle			OFrP_Fence
Sand gag fences with angle (open)		OFrP_FenceAngle
Tent						OFrP_Tente
Tent (open)					OFrP_tente2
Tent (medic)					OFrP_tente3
Light ammo crate				OFrP_mun
Heavy ammo crate				OFrP_mun2
Missile ammo crate				OFrP_mun3
Table with FAMAS				OFrP_OBJ1
Table with map					OFrP_OBJ2
Vigilant control device				OFrP_PC
Vigilant					OFrP_Vigilant

Hidden Selection of the table with map:
Use this line: this SetObjectTexture [0,"\OFrP_Objets\HS\Everon.pac"]
We have maps for the 4 islands of BIS (This maps are so in use on the table with map of the VB2L):



The Vigilant is an addon who needs a specific dialogue to use it. As it's not possible to create a description.ext file in an addon with the current version (1.91), the Vigilant must work with a DESCRITION.EXT FILE IN THE MISSION WITH THE FOLLOWING LINE:

#include <OFrP_Objets\resource.cpp>

This line is used to connect the description.ext file to the addon.


How to use it ?

The use of this UAV is easy. You control it with a control device called by an user action when you are near to it. Then appears a dialog where you can:

Select a drone in the list (only if there is multiple vigilant)
Start/Stop the engine
Change Speed
Change Altitude
Change Bearing (Rotation is permanent if you don't set it to 0. The UAV will form circle.)

You can make the camera zooming, rotating and going up/down.

You can see in the interface some informations about the chopper: remaining fuel, position in the map, speed, bearing, altitude and the actual slider's values.

To quit the dialog, type ESCAPE.

Tips about slider's use:
Sliders can be use by 3 different ways:
By operating directly the cursor, by clicking on the extremity arrows or by clicking between the cursor and an extremity.
The best adjustment are by using extremity arrows.

The Vigilant can fly 1 hour before beeing out of fuel, it can be detected by IAs, can't fly over 200 meters and over 80km/h.
There is no limit in the number of Vigilant.
If the engine stops, the Vigilant crash on the ground like another chopper, there is no autogyration.

In a mission, the nominal configuration is one PC control unit and one or several Vigilant drones.
It is easy to use, the player takes control of the vigilant through the PC controler.

For mission creators and script makers, it is possible to use it in a different way:

-In the mission editor, create a mission with the Vigilant with the engine started and flying in the air:
In the init field of the Vigilant, paste the following line of code:
	this engineon true; this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, 10]
The engine will be started, and the Vigilant will be flying at 10 meters high.

-You can also dispense yourself of using the PC control unit in the folowing way:
by adding an action for the player, or to an object.
In the script launched by the action, paste the following line of code:
	[_this select 0] exec  &quot;\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\StartPCcontrol.sqs&quot;

-It is also possible to control the Vigilant by the use of scripts, for example in the case of a cutscene or intro.

-Each Vigilant has the following global variables:

Vigilant%1Altitude	Height in flight  	from 0 to 200 meters	no limits by script

Vigilant%1Vitesse	Speed	   		from 0 to 20 meters/seconde	no limits by script

Vigilant%1Drift		Drift	  		from -1 à 1 degrees		no limits by script, a little hairy, because it works with a cumulative loop (+1 every 0.01 seconds)

Vigilant%1Zoom 		Camera zoom 		from 0.01 to 1			Never input 0 (OFP would be killed), stay away from values > 5

Vigilant%1Rotation	Rotation caméra    	from - 50 to 50		If you input values outside this range, you risk to experience strange results.

Vigilant%1Updown	Camera up/down   	from -15000 to 15000	If you input values outside this range, you risk to experience strange results.

%1 represents the ID of each vigilant, it starts at 0 and it is the order of creation in the editor. Wich means the variables for the first vigilant will be like this:


all of this is done with a vigilant with the engine started. If you want to have the dialogs, put the following line in your script:	
[player] exec  &quot;\OFrP_Objets\Scripts\StartPCcontrol.sqs&quot;

to close the dialog : closedialog 0

(3) Credits
The weapons included in the objects pack were modeled for a manual use, excepted the Milan and Mistral launchers.
The Milan was modeled by BipBip, I did made the dismountable weapons system and used it as a basis. Thanks to him, because without the basis of the Milan, those weapons would not have been made.
The Eryx was made by Olympi, retired from OFrP (we could say a veterant ;) ). I give him a very fiendly salute. :)
The AN-F1 was modeled by Bobmoran, the weapon specialist of OFrP. His weapons are also shown on the &quot;table with weapons&quot; included in the pack.
The sand bags fences were made by BipBip.
The Mistral's textures were mainly created on the basis of BipBip's photos.
A big THANK YOU to Lupus and it's infamous &quot;polishings&quot; (normals reorganisations), which give to all those 3D-models a very good aspect, even with very low angles of lighting. 
Thanks to the testers, Flo_Wer, Hôpdeux, Powell, SPQR, and all the others.
Thanks to SPQR for all his military advices.
The MP versions would never have been completed without Flo_Wer's dedicated server, and all the hours he spent in testing.
Thanks to OFrP and its Partners.


(4) Known Bugs

In MP on a dedicated server when a weapon have been unmounted when we take 2 missiles or magazines when it is only 3 remaining, the last which should normally stay visible also desappear.

(5) Copyright
This package is freeware

Users or distributors cannot ask for payment in any form, for this package. This package is protected by international copyright law.

The project was one year in the making, and although it is planned that it shall be distributed as freeware, the authors reserve the right to utilize any portion of the work for commercial purposes in the future.  All rights reserved.
All elements of this package are freeware.
This product, whether in beta form or final form, may not be transferred to CD-ROM or any temporary or permanent media (diskette, ZIP diskette, tape, video, etc. without written permission of the authors.
The package or any part of it, may not form part at any time, of any free media, distributed as part of a commercial, shareware or any other non-free type of product  as a book, a magazine, a video or other type of media, without the written permission of their authors.
The package, or any portion thereof, may not be uploaded to any site or redistributed without the written permission of the authors.

Finally, this package must remain intact as it is currently distributed.

-Team OFrP

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