Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Patch

This is the final version of the 1.96 patch. There are no changes from the beta version, if you have that, you don't need this. This will...


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This is the final version of the 1.96 patch. There are no changes from the beta version, if you have that, you don't need this. This will patch all versions, from 1.75 up.

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Download 'ofp_resistance_patch_196.zip' (12.84MB)


© 2001-2004 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

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This package will update your Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year Edition to version 1.96.


More info about upgrades and patches can be found on www.codemasters.com/flashpoint or www.flashpoint1985.com.


Run OFPResistancePatch_196.exe. 

Multiplayer game in 1.96 version is NOT compatible with 1.75-1.91 games / servers. 

*** 1.96


- When MP mission file transfer failes, client is disconnected
- Several anti-cheat measures implemented.
- Unit killed inside a vehicle sometimes did not respawn.
- Gunner aiming was unstable.
- Visual glithes in the ingame browser.
- Faster response in various game setup screens.
- Testing of server-client mod compatibility is now possible.

Stability and Security:

- More improvements in virtual address range handling. This should prevent error messages like "Out of memory (index buffer)
- Various crash opportunities fixed.
- Better handling of virtual memory address space. When this space was exhausted, it could cause a crash or olive green screen.
- AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation was possible on very fast CPU.
- Whole partition could be deleted when DirectPlay server creation failed (this could happen when TCP component was missing or it was blocked by a firewall).
- Different file-acess technique is now used when memory mapping fails. This should prevent Cannot memory map file errors.
- Some crash opportunities fixed.


- Command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.
- Event handlers were not saved properly (affects some 3rd party addons).
- Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game.


- Improved AI Airplane dogfighting.
- Fixed terrain lighting direction bug.
- Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.
- Some other minor bugs fixed.


1.96  - Fixed: SCUD animation caused strange visual behaviour (introduced in 1.95)
1.96  - Fixed: Long blue triangle artifacts (introduced in 1.95).
1.96  - Fixed: MP - when mission file transfer failes, client is disconnected.
1.95  - Fixed: More improvements in virtual address range handling.
1.95  - Fixed: AI units could not take any magazines.
1.95  - Improved: Several anti-cheat measures implemented.
1.95  - Improved: AI Airplane dogfight evasive tactics.
1.95  - Fixed: Airplane rudder working during flight.
1.95  - Fixed: after load, engine was off for cars, tanks and planes 
1.95  - Optimized: Much faster map drawing for very big islands.
1.95  - Fixed: Rendering artifact: White dots or lines on a terrain when using HW T&L.
1.95  - Fixed: Bug in animation loading. As a result some 3rd party addons with custom animation could cause a crash.
1.95  - Fixed: Ship wobbling when going south and using mouse controls.
1.93  - Fixed: MP: Some .pbo files containing subdirectories were not accessed correctly on Linux server. This included sounds.pbo and voice.pbo.
1.93  - Improved: Nonconnectable sessions are on the end of MP session list
1.93  - Fixed: Wrong time left info position in MP session list 
1.93  - Fixed: Lighting direction was wrong on terrain (bug was present since version 1.00 and even before)
1.93  - Fixed: Units inside vehicles sometimes did not respawn.
1.93  - Fixed: Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.
1.93  - Fixed: MP: Small numeric error in vehicle orientation network transfer could make gunner aiming very difficult (cursor could move with no reason)
1.93  - Fixed: Crash when SCUD launch sound loading failed.
1.93  - Fixed: Possible crash during removeAllEventHandlers. 
1.93  - Fixed: Crash possible when deleteVehicle was used in waypoint "On activation" field.
1.93  - Fixed: Scripting command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.
1.93  - Fixed: Crash when too long mod list entered  
1.93  - Fixed: Crash when "variants" field in the voice config was empty. 
1.93  - Fixed: Scripting command drop could cause crash when used with NULL object.
1.93  - Fixed: Event handlers were not saved properly.
1.93  - Fixed: New command line option -nomap was ignored sometimes.
1.93  - Fixed: AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation possible on very fast (~3GHz) CPU due to bad handling of high resolution timers.
1.92  - Improved: Flushing of stdout (for instant console output) on Linux.
1.92  - Fixed: Game sometimes freeze when AI rearms 
1.92  - Fixed: Event handler "init" is now launched on all machines in MP game
1.92  - Improved: MP: faster response in MP-game setup (mission setup, roles assignment, connecting to server, ..)
1.92    - Fixed: Avoid delete of partition (rmdir *.*) when DirectPlay server creation failed
1.92  - Fixed: Different file-acess technique used when memory mapping fails. This should prevent Cannot memory map file errors. This alternative technique
can be also enforced for all files by using command line switch -nomap
1.92  - Fixed: Crashes in MP when somebody use ammunition which does not exist on other computers (for example through mods)
1.92  - Added: New server.cfg option "equalModRequired". When used, users with different -mod than the one used on the server cannot connect.
1.92  - Added: Testing of -mod compatibility in MP


1.91  - Fixed: When MP mission was played after resistance campaign, weapon pool was available in MP.
1.91  - New: New scripting function typeOf <object>.
1.91  - Fixed: Vehicle movements were too slow downhill on some roads.

1.90  - Fixed: MP: Flying ammo crates or jumping vehicles caused by inconsistent terrain roughness determination.
1.90  - Fixed: MP: Cheating opportunity fixed: setPos can be no longer used to change position of objects that are part of landscape.
1.90  - Fixed: Improved text drawing in atypic resolutions like 1600x900.
1.90  - Fixed: Keyboard rudder control enabled while taxiing.
1.90  - New: Servers checks if world file (.wrp) used by client matches server version.
1.90  - New: MP: Added server.cfg array checkfiles[] - list of files that should be checked for each player connecting. Example: checkfiles[]={"HWTL\dta\data3d.pbo","dta\data3d.pbo"}
1.90  - New: MP: Added #debug checkfile command. Server admins can use this command to check if any file used by clients matches server version.
1.90  - Added: functions isEngineOn, engineOn
1.90  - Fixed: Message "Player ... is loosing connection" isn't write for server now
1.90  - Improved: Adjustable 2D viewport - improved support for Surround Gaming.
1.90  - Improved: Better airplane AI dogfighting.
1.90  - Fixed: Airplanes try to avoid mid-air collisions.
1.90  - Fixed: Tank and car exhausts did not work (introduced in 1.85)
1.90  - Fixed: createVehicle may be used to create shells and other non-ai vehicles.

1.89  - Fixed: XML download for Linux (can use no-protocol URI and proxy-server).
1.89  - Added: Item "proxy" added to Flashpoint.cfg to enforce proxy server used to download xml squad page etc.
1.89  - Fixed: It was impossible to climb some very steep stairways.
1.89  - Fixed: Helicopers appeared white on radar after Load/Retry.
1.89  - Fixed: onMapSingleClick handler is now saved when saving game
1.89  - Fixed: createUnit init string was not transferred in MP games
1.89  - Fixed: Joining to DirectPlay sessions through ingame browser often failed
1.89  - Improved: Slow plane takeoff improved, added more adjustable config parameters.
1.89  - Fixed: Chat sound more quiet.
1.89  - New: Adjustable plane wheel steering (wheelSteeringSensitivity). Should make big plane taxiing possible.
1.89  - Fixed: Resource cheating now shows "Modified config" message.

1.88  - Added: Dedicated server command #debug (userInfo) (Requires 1.87 client)

1.87  - New: Server can determine max. size of any single custom file acceptable on the server.
To do this add line MaxCustomFileSize=size_in_bytes into Flashpoint.cfg file.
Users with custom face or custom sound larger than this size are kicked when trying to connect.
1.87  - Fixed: Too many dead bodies were kept on server in 1.85.
1.87  - Added: Dedicated server command #debug (console, totalSent, userSent) (Requires 1.87 client, client output sent to OS using OuputDebugString)

1.86  - Fixed: Parachutes no longer smoke when destroyed.
1.86  - Added: function sideLogic 
1.86  - Fixed: On dedicated server with mission rotating, after #login and #missions no missions appears


1.83  - Fixed: When seagull fly more than 100 m from dead player, simulation was suspended
1.83  - Fixed: When function disableUserInput true is called, forget all pressed keys

1.82  - Fixed: MP: Problems with get-in very quickly followed by get-out.
1.82  - New: Scripting: Functions loadFile and preprocessFile added.
1.82  - Fixed: functions moveIn... can be called only for local soldiers now (ignored for remote soldiers)
1.82  - New: Scripting: Functions call, if, else, while added.
1.82  - Fixed: Units in cargo space of vehicle can take / drop items even when vehicle moves
1.82  - Added: parameter "kickDuplicate" added to dedicated server config
1.82  - Fixed: Transfer of user defined animations through network in MP
1.82  - Fixed: Fire burning is synchronized in MP
1.82  - Fixed: Walking upstairs was very hard, almost impossible(bug introduced in 1.75).
1.82  - Fixed: Weapon pool lost after using Revert or Continue to start missions First Strike or Fireworks.
1.82  - Fixed: Several fixes in radio submenu 0 - Reply.
- Custom radio key was the same as key for Repeat.
- Mission radio key was the same as key for Copy.
- Done could be issued only when some command was active.
- Negative could be issued only when some command was active.
1.82  - Improved: Editor: Vehicle classes (Armored, Car, ...) are now fully dynamic. Any addon maker can now introduce his own classes.
1.82  - Fixed: Some empty objects could also be inserted as Civilian, using group slots and causing confusion inside of the editor.
1.82  - New: Addons and scripting: Customizable event handlers for events: Killed, Hit, Dammaged, GetIn, GetOut, Init, Engine, Gear, Fuel, Fired, IncomingMissile.
1.82  - New: Scripting: New functions addEventHandler, removeEventHandler, removeAllEventHandlers.
1.82  - Improved: MP: Minimal error to send updates across network can be now adjusted by MinErrorToSend value in Flashpoint.cfg. Default value is 0.01. Using smaller value can make units observed by binoculars or sniper rifle to move smoother.
1.82  - New: Addon dependencies can be declared using requiredAddons[] section of CfgPatches.
1.82  - Fixed: Tanks no longer slide aside when standing on the hills.
1.82  - Fixed: Tanks jumping after getting in, especially on the hill.
1.82  - Fixed: Tank braking singnificantly faster.
1.82  - Fixed: MP: Fixed inconsistencies in determination of simulation precision, which caused remote vehicle shaking.
1.82  - Fixed: MP: Remote grenades and bullet tracers are now visible.
1.82  - New: Scripting: Function "private" introduces local variable in the innermost scope.
1.82  - New: Scripting: Brackets { and } can be used to enclose string constants.
1.81  - Fixed: MP: Ghost might be left after user disconnected.

1.80  - Added: functions missionName, missionStart, playersNumber
1.80  - Fixed: When replaying mission from campaign, weapon pool was not loaded.
1.80  - New: Scripting: flyInHeight now affects not only helicopters, but also planes.
1.80  - Added: functions velocity, setVelocity

1.79  - Improved: Mission on dedicated server launched if all roles are assigned and confirmed even if some players remain
1.79  - Improved: Mission voting is finished once result is certain.
1.79  - Improved: Compression of sound dynamic range less agressive.
1.79  - Fixed: Multiplayer setup display - sometimes bad message appears for server (or admin)
1.79  - Added: Elimination of "disconnect cheat"
1.79  - Fixed: Multiplayer session list: bad title appears when open the screen and Internet sessions was selected last

1.78  - Added: MP respawn in base - enable several respawn markers for each side / vehicle (named "respawn_west_1", "respawn_west_2", etc.)
1.78  - Fixed: Better usage of already transferred multiplayer missions (cache added)
1.78  - Fixed: Behaviour of AI in Capture the flag or Flag Fight missions (sometimes flag was placed on wrong unit)
1.78  - Fixed: Cursor movement orientation was wrong when camera was banked. This made plane mouse controls difficult.
1.78  - Fixed: MP: Missile direction was not transfered to other clients.
1.78  - Fixed: MP: Fired flares were not transfered to other clients.
1.78  - Fixed: setObjectTexture often did not work when repeating mission.
1.78  - Fixed: AH1 cannon was aiming, but not moving (wrong animation).
1.78  - Fixed: AI Helicopter pilot no longer climbs high when preparing to stop or land.
1.78  - Fixed: User dialog doesn't disappear when mission end
1.78  - Improved: AI Airplane mgun engaging improved.
1.78  - Fixed: A10 cannon adjusted to cause more dammage.
1.78  - Fixed: Dedicated server crashed when unregistered addon was used.
1.78  - Added: Radio commands India & Juliet

1.76  - Fixed: Scripting command nearestObject (pos,typeName) did not work.
1.76  - Optimized: Dedicated server CPU load improved, especially when many players are connected.

© 2001-2002 Bohemia Interactive Studio and The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters"). All rights reserved. "Codemasters"® is a registered trademark of Codemasters. "GENIUS AT PLAY"(TM) and "Operation Flashpoint"(TM) are trademarks of Codemasters. Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio. Published by Codemasters.
All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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