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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Demo...

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(c) 2002 Bohemia Interactive Studio and Codemasters Software Company Ltd. All
rights reserved.

Welcome to the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo.

In this demo there are two exclusive missions available. In one you'll play as
the commander of an infantry squad and in the other as a member of the squad.
Your mission is to neutralise the enemy forces in a small area of the new

In the full game you can look forward to a brand new campaign, featuring over
20 missions.

Visit official web pages of Operation Flashpoint at
http://www.flashpoint1985.com and http://www.codemasters.com/flashpoint !

Unzip the file to a directory and click on the "Setup.exe". The setup procedure
will install the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo to your PC. To play the
demo once installed click:
Start -> Programs -> Codemasters -> OFP Resistance demo -> OFP Resistance demo

New graphics

This demo features an entirely new island, Nogova, with new buildings and flora
and high resolution textures and models. 

There are two new Video options to enhance your experience: visibility and
terrain detail settings. 
Please note that by setting the values beyond the performance range of your PC
you may get very low frame rates in the game.

New Weapons
The demo features a selection of new weapons from Operation Flashpoint:
Resistance including the UZI sub-machinegun and Tokarev T33 handgun.


New Resistance campaign
The new campaign included in Operation Flashpoint: Resistance forms a prequel
to the original game's plot and is set several years before Operation
Flashpoint's Cold War hit crisis point. 
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance casts the player as Victor Troska, ex-Special
Forces soldier, living a peaceful civilian life on the island of Nogova, a
short distance from the original game's three islands. 
However, his situation changes when a Soviet force invades the island group and
destroys Troska's idyllic dreams.

Teammates: As you go through the full campaign, you will quickly become the
leader of your group. As your teammates survive battles, they become more and
more experienced. So try not to let them die and they will learn to fight

Weapons: You often be very short of specialist weapons in OFP: Resistance.
You'll have to collect good weapons and try not to lose them. 

Vehicles: The same for your vehicles, if you are not able to steal enemy tanks
in a mission where that is the goal, your attack on a heavily guarded enemy
position will be much more difficult later on.

New single and multiplayer player missions

As well as the full 20 mission campaign, there are 5 new single player missions
and 9 new multiplayer missions with updated and enhanced multiplayer code.



[W]                     Forward
[E] or [SHIFT]+[W]        Sprint
[A]                     Strafe Left
[D]                     Strafe Right
[S]                     Backwards
[F]                     Walking Mode
[SHIFT]+ Direction Key        Move Fast
[Z]                     Lie Down / Stand Up
[Q]                     Crouch / Stand Up
[Y]                     Hand Gun
[R]                     Reload Weapon
[RETURN]                Open Action Menu (see Action Menu)
[0]-[9]                 Call Command Menu and select menu items (see Squad
[Backspace]                Call Command Menu and go back a level in the command
[Nuumpad.]                Switch Command View On/Off
[V] or [Numpad 0]        Switch Weapon View On/Off
[+]/[-]                 Zoom In / Out (1st, 3rd Person View only)
[M]                     Map


Mouse Left / Right        Turn Left / Right
Mouse Up / Down        Look Up / Down
Left Mouse Button        Fire Gun / Throw Weapon / Use Item in hand
Mouse Wheel                Call Action Menu and highlight menu items
Middle Mouse Button /
Click Mouse Wheel        Select Action Menu Item
Right Mouse Button        Zoom In 

Commander of the squad

[F2]-[F12]                Select soldiers
[~]                     Select soldiers in main group / select all / deselect
[0]-[9]                 Give commands
[Numpad .]                Command camera

Land / Sea Vehicle Movement


[Q]                     Slow Forward
[W]                     Forward
[E]                     Fast Forward
[A]                     Turn Left
[D]                     Turn Right
[S]                     Decelerate / Brake
[SHIFT]+ Direction Key        Move Fast


Switch Between Mouse Look and Mouse Steer with numpad [*] key
                        Mouse Look                Mouse Move
Mouse Left / Right        Look Left / Right                Steer Left / Right
Mouse Up / Down        Look Up / Down
Right Mouse Button        Select Target / Lock On (see Targeting and Firing
Vehicle Weapons)
Left Mouse Button 
(Target Selected)                Fire Weapon
Left Mouse Button 
(NO Target Selected)        Move to point (providing you have assumed the role
Commander and you have a driver on your crew)
NB. You may only have access to your vehicle's Targeting and Firing Systems 
if you are so authorized (e.g. sole occupant of vehicle, gunner or Tank
(see Tank Command and Targeting and Firing Vehicle Weapons).

Air Vehicle Movement


[W] or [Cursor Down]                        Forward
[E] or [RShift and Up]                        Fast Forward
[A] or [Cursor Left]                        Strafe Left
[D] or [Cursor Right]                        Strafe Right
[X]/[C] or [Del]/[End]                        RotateLeft / Right
[S] or [Cursor Up]                        Decelerate
[Q] or [Page Up]                        Ascend
[Z] or [Page Down]                        Descend


Switch Between Mouse Look and Mouse Steer with numpad [*] key
                        Mouse Look                Mouse Move
Mouse Left / Right        Look Left / Right                Steer Left / Right
Mouse Up / Down        Look Up / Down                Nose Up / Down
Right Mouse Button        Select Target / Lock On (see Targeting and Firing
Vehicle Weapons)
Left Mouse Button (Target Selected)        Fire Weapon
NB. You may only have access to your aircraft's Targeting and Firing Systems if
you are so
 authorized (e.g. pilot of aircraft or gunner - see Targeting and Firing
Vehicle Weapons).
Universal Controls
[SPACEBAR]                Select weapon
Middle Mouse Button        Call Action Menu / Confirm Action
Mouse Wheel                Select Action Menu item
[/] numpad                Show Compass
[*] numpad                Toggle Mouse Look / Mouse Steer
Page Up / Page Down        Increase / Decrease game speed

Action Menu

[RETURN] / Middle Mouse Button - open Action Menu
[Square Brackets]  / Mouse Wheel - highlight Action
[RETURN] / Middle Mouse Button - activate Action and close Menu
[close sidebar]

The context-sensitive Action Menu is used for such tasks as selecting and
drawing your 
weapon/s or for selecting special weapons or ammo. It is also used to enter,
change seats 
or disembark vehicles. 

Encountering a specific point in a mission will sometimes cause new options to
available in the Action Menu. When this occurs, the Action Menu will
automatically appear
to allow you to activate the new options.

The Action Menu also allows you to access functions not available via the
standard control
keys. Press [RETURN] or Middle Mouse Button to call up the Action Menu and use
[ & ] or 
the Mouse Wheel to underline the action you want to perform. Once selected,
press [RETURN]
or Middle Mouse Button again to activate the action.


Targeting & Firing Personal Firearms

Personal firearms can be targeted in several ways depending on the view you are
using at 
the time. For some missions where fast paced no-time-to-think action is
required, the 
point-and-shoot method used in 1st and 3rd Person views may be the best option.
 where stealth, cunning and intelligence are required, the more considered
approach of 
Weapons View may be more appropriate, especially if you are equipped with a
specialist sniper

In 1st/3rd Person View

In 1st / 3rd Person view, the crosshair in the center of the screen shows the
aiming of your weapon. The floating dot shows the actual point that your bullet
would land at, 
not taking into account cross-wind or range. A perfect shot can be achieved
when the dot is in
 the center of the crosshair. Note how, when you are running, the floating dot
moves about much 
more quickly and is more difficult to locate in the crosshair. To aim more
accurately in this view, 
slow down or stop. Better still, lie down as this braces your arms against the
ground and gives
 you greater stability and less reaction from recoil.

In Weapon View

For even greater accuracy, switch to Weapon View by pressing [V] or [0 Ins] on
the numpad. This view shows 
your gun sights and allows you to draw a much more accurate bead on your enemy.
If you have a weapon 
that is equipped with specialist sights, you will be able to aim even more
accurately still.

To re-map control keys for the various actions available, simply click in the
field that you want to 
amend and delete its contents. Enter the new key and click OK.
If at any time you want to return the control keys to their original settings,
simply click the Default button.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1
Pentium or Athlon 500 CPU
128Mb RAM
16 Bit DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Compatible 3d Graphics Card with 16Mb RAM
250Mb Free Hard Drive Space After Installation

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1
Pentium or Athlon 700 CPU
256Mb RAM
16 Bit DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Compatible 3d Graphics Card with 32Mb RAM
500Mb Free Hard Drive Space After Installation

3dfx - Voodoo3, Voodoo4, Voodoo5
ATI - Rage 128 pro, Radeon
Matrox - G400, G450, G500, G550
Nvidia - Riva TNT, Riva TNT2, GeForce, GeForce2, GeForce3, GeForce4
S3 - Savage 2000
PowerVR - Series 3 (Kyro II)

RADEON USERS: if you are encountering any graphical problems please go to the
video options menu in the game and turn off the W-BUFFER option. This fixes a
number of issues.

© 2002 Bohemia Interactive Studio and The Codemasters Software Company Limited
("Codemasters"). All rights reserved. "Codemasters"® is a registered trademark
of Codemasters. "GENIUS AT PLAY"(TM) and "Operation Flashpoint"(TM) are
trademarks of Codemasters. Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

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