Operation Hexenjagd

A superb World War II horror mission. It spent a long time in development, and there's a lot of work behind it.

It includes such feature...


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A superb World War II horror mission. It spent a long time in development, and there's a lot of work behind it.

It includes such features as:

- A 12 minute cinematic intro - Hour-long gameplay time - 80 scripts - Newly developed sounds - Voice acting

Get settled in for a long run of pant-wetting.

Please note that several addons are required to use this:

-WWIIEC US Pack -Zombie Mission Addon Pack -Invasion 44 Demo

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Download 'wwiiec_operationhexenjagd.rar' (7.35MB)

Sengir Vampire (WW2EC) and WW2EC TEAM Present:


A mission from WWIIEC production.
Made and tested on OFP version 1.96.

Yesterday at night, there was a squad of our paratroopers dropped to the island of Hexenwald, in the North Coast of Germany. According to our inteligence reports, the SS is running some chemical experiments on this island. The Allied HQ decided to send the paratroopers group in, to learn more about it. The paras had to find out more about those experiments and then contact our HQ by the radio at 4 A.M. Unfortunatelly, they never called back...
As a soldier of the 2nd Rangers, your mission is to find those paratroopers who had mysteriously disappeared on the island of Hexenwald. Something worst than war begins...

Yeah, this is the long awaited mission ! I have used all my missionmaking skills to make this adventure a mission you shouldnt miss out. I hope you will enjoy the mission as much as I did the editing - this one took me several months to build it to the point when I´m fully satisfied with it finally. It´s fully tested with the help of my WWIIEC mates, there are no gameplay bugs, all runs smooth and fine. The mission is a bit laggy at my Duron 750Mhz, so anything faster is recommended. The mission experience will be much greater, if you play it at night, with the sound loud and nobody is at home with you ! :o)
Enjoy my dark adventure in Hexenwald and have fun !!!


The island you can see ingame is a good old desert island, I placed all the objects to the map one by one myself in the editor
over 12 minutes long intro
the gameplay time is aproximatelly 1 hour, it´s a long mission !
over 80 scripts made/used
precise sound usage: tons of soundfiles and music to enhance the gameplay experience, they will lift you from your chair ;)
awesome, dark atmosphere
great, scary, interactive adventure
fully voiceacted in English

CREDITS: At the first place, I would like to thank to all the people in the WWIIEC TEAM for their work ! You are the best !

The voiceactors:

Parker - player
Gogs - player
Daniel "Boonie" Haden - Radioman
sim - soldier
Timmay - SS officer
King Tiger - para1
Webster - para2
Sengir Vampire - some zombies :)

Special thanks to:

Scott Tunstall - for awesome zombies, visit his mod website here
-=cave= - his MP mission Graveyard battle inspired me a bit and i have used small bits of his graveyard
Slayer - i have used a small bit of a graveyard from his excelent mission Davidian
Cherry, Wildo, sim, Parker, Red Devil, Black Magic
to BIS for OFP, you can make everything with this game

Many thanks for sounds from:

MOHAA, Call of Duty, Nosferatu, Internet sound libraries, voiceactors

Addons needed:

WWIIEC US pack 1.11 Download (17 MB)

Invasion44 Demo v1.2 Download (68 MB)

Zombie mission addon pack (Scott Tunstall´s Zombies+RC1 included) Download (3 MB)
If you get these errors - KEGres_House10x & | or KEGres_House11x, then you have an early release of editorupdate102. Use the one in the zombieaddonspack, please

Also the INV44 issues: One grenade pickup at a time and sometimes when taking ammo for a Kar98 rifle you have to drop the rifle on the ground and pick it up to load a magazine. Eh, what could I do with it ?

You can host this file on your website as long as you keep the archive name and files unchanged.
You are not allowed to modify the mission
You can use the sounds as long as you mention this mission in your readme
Use at own risk , I am not responsible of any heart attacks :)!

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