PDCE dynamic Coop



The Partisan Dynamic Coop Engine is a dynamic coop mission based on the Coin Coop Engine (CCE) by Tacrod, choose from 11 mission types fighting the Soviet forces on Malden as a Resistance soldier.



Mission Name: PDCE
Island: Malden
Based on: Coin Coop Engine v0.3 by Tacrod
Made by: Zeewolf
OFP version: 1.96
Language: English
Type: MP Coop

Addons required: JAM_Magazines, editorupdate102

Installation: copy the .pbo to your Operation FlashpointMPMissions folder.

Partisan Dynamic Campaign Engine

This is a dynamic coop mission, choose from 11 mission types inspired by GDCE (Frontline Assembly) and "The Partisan" dynamic campaign (McHale).


Hit and run gameplay: Not only must you complete your mission, you must evade the enemy's dynamic response and live to fight another day.

Random locations: Twelve possible base locations, randomly selected at  initialisation, each base location has a full set of mission types. Creating 132 distinct missions.

Random traffic patterns: Roads can be dangerous places, particularly when random enemy road traffic can alert other squads to your location.

HQ support: Order Suicide bombings, indirect fire from mortars; HE, smoke and illumination missions available.

Enemy QRF: Airmobile quick reaction force provides backup to enemy squads underfire.

Enemy Hunter killer groups: Enemy special forces tasked with locating your base and possible hiding places.

Unit/vehicle caching: This is not a persitant mission, all vehicles and units used re
preplaced and moved into position on demand. Createunit is never used and createvehicle is used only to create explosives (bombs, mortars etc.). This should give smoother MP gameplay.


You do NOT have permission to release versions of this mission that simply change the island, or add some esoteric, unnecessary units from your favorite addon. I DO give permission to alter the scripts to make substantial improvements to the engine or mission types (e.g. adding SOW saving, sensible day/night cycles, innovative new support units etc.). If in doubt ask, you can PM me through the BI forums at www.flashpoint1985.com.

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