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I thought the RHS release week was over however they have released this new pack of FSB Special Operations Units. I really don't know much a...


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I thought the RHS release week was over however they have released this new pack of FSB Special Operations Units. I really don't know much about the Russian Military so here is an explanation of the FSB by an RHS member;

[FSB Special Operations Units.

As you may have noticed, recently another RHS release was made, this time involving FSS / FSB SOC units. In transliterated Russian: Centr Spetsial'nogo Naznacheniya Federal'noy Sluzhbiy Bezopasnosti. (Federal Security Service Special Operations Command.) As mentioned in the readme, the two major (well, best known) units under FSS/FSB SOC authority are "ALFA" and "VYMPEL."

"Alfa" is the premier counter-terrorist unit in the Russian Federation. Originally designated "Group A" and authorized by Yuri Andropov on 28 July of 1974, it was later referred to as "Alfa" by many following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This unit has taken part in the vast majority of hostage rescue operations since its formation. However, Provincal (Oblast) and even city authorities have the final say on which team is used; when local OMON or less often, OMSN units are deployed, we find that they do not perform as well as the FSS Alfa, sometimes tragically resulting in the deaths of hostages or friendly units.

Alfa consists entirely of Commissioned Officers (Lieutenant and above) from the KGB, and later FSB/FSS. The unit contains underwater demolition specialists, snipers, negotiators, psychologists, and the like. During Soviet times, Alfa deployed regional subunits, which later became the leading counterterrorist elements in those nations at the breakup of the Soviet Union.


Vympel can be translated to mean many things. I find the most appropriate translation is "Banner," although "Pennant" also works nicely. Sometimes this is also translated as "Flag."

To clarify what the strangely translated section of the FSS SOC readme says, the primary duties of VYMPEL and the history thereof is as follows:

Primary tasks are to conduct reconnaissance and subversive operations, engage in counterinsurgency and counterterrorist warfare domestically and abroad, protect important personnel and train in their evacuation (IE: Protecting Ambassadors, etc), capturing strategically vital objectives during wartime (Example: Nuclear Power facilities), assisting in the protection of strategically important facilities in the Soviet Union / Russian Federation, all while working in close cooperation with the KGB and GRU.

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Download 'rhs_fsb_v1.00.rar' (14.23MB)

Red Hammer Studios Russian Federal Security Service Special Operations Center Units v1.00



Put RHS_fsb.pbo and RHS_fsb_Scripts.pbo into the addon directory. 

Needed Addons:

- RHS Weapons v1.01 or higher along with the script.pbo's;
- KyleSarniks BD Grenade pack v.3.3;
- Facestex ver. 2.0 add-on.

Unit listing:


- FSS SOC Team Leader ("Gorka" / "Partizan" coverall)
- FSS SOC Sniper (ghillie suit)
- FSS SOC Spotter (ghillie suit)

- FSS SOC Rifleman Grenadier ("Gorka" / "Partizan" coverall)
- FSS SOC Rifleman ("Gorka" / "Partizan" coverall)
- FSS SOC Support ("Gorka" / "Partizan" coverall)
- FSS SOC LMG Rifleman ("Gorka" / "Partizan" coverall)
- FSS SOC Assault Team Leader (black uniform)
- FSS SOC Precision Marksman (black uniform)
- FSS SOC Assault Operator (black uniform)
- FSS SOC Assault Rifleman Grenadier (black uniform)

------ NOTES --------

The units can be found in the Editor under East> RHS FSS SOC Forces.

Credits & Thanks go to:

- Laser (project leader, modelling, texturing)

- ShadowNX (testing,research,texturing help)

- Paval aka AK (testing,research)

- www.specialoperations.com (background info).



This is an unofficial addon, BIS, Codemasters, and the Creators of this package are not responsible for any
possible damages to your computer. Use this addon at your own risk. 

The distributer of this pack retains Intelectual 
Property rights to the content and prohibits any modification or extraction without prior permission.
If youre intrested in using parts of the addon or modify it contact us at: 


or send a PM to: 

Shadow NX 

at BI Forums



Units in the add-on represent actual real-life Russian FSS SOC (Federal Security Service Special Operations Center - Centr Special'nogo Naznacheniya Federal'noy Sluzhby Bezopasnosti) units. Two major units fall under FSS SOC authority - "Alpha" counter Terrorism unit and "Vympel" unit.

Group A

KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov authorized the formation of group Alfa on 28 July 1974 via a unique, hand-written letter.  Officially designated Group A, the media came to refer to the unit as "Alfa" after 1991.

This unit has taken part in virtually all hostage rescue operations in Russia since its formation.  During this time, no hostages have been injured and no operation has failed.  Those operation which Alfa did not participate in (local authorities usually have jurisdiction over which team is used) oftentimes ended tragically, notably with the deaths of the hostages.

The group was made up of KGB personnel from Moscow and nationwide, with priority given to those who excelled at certain types of sports.  Those selected were then trained in driving techniques (from automobiles to armored cars) and in the use of all types of firearms, in addition to numerous other skills.

Structure of group Alfa includes subdivision for underwater demolition and combat. The members of this unit trained on the Baltic fleet and in Cuba. 

The structure of Alfa includes explosives experts, climbers, snipers, experts in negotiating, an analytical center, and psychologists. Ranks of the employees of group - from lieutenant to the colonel.

In USSR there were regional branches of group Alfa, which were in republics USSR. These have now become national antiterrorist groups in the independent states.

Vympel (Pennant)

The decision on creation of group Vympel ( Pennant ) was accepted at the closed session of ministerial Council USSR and agency of the central committee communist party of the Soviet Union. The commander of group became kontr - admiral of sea frontier parts Evald Kozlov. 
Problems of group: realization reconnaissance - subversive operations, struggle with terrorist and guerilla groups in territory of other states, protection and evacuation of the citizens and establishments USSR abroad, capture of the important objects of the opponent (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, NUCLEAR POWER STATION, chemical and enterprises of oil etc.), protection of the important objects against the saboteurs of the opponent. All these operations should be conducted at interaction with intelligence investigation. During war in Afghanistan the employees were occupied with investigation, data gathering, acts of sabotage. They have penetrated into groups of mujahideen, Pushed together
groups among themselves, order a misinformation, freed the soldier from captivities. In 1991 to problems of group the problem on clearing of the terrorists of the grasped important objects was added.
The group worked in the training, conducted of KGB (improvement of actions on suppression of actions of subversive groupings of the enemy). The group Vympel worked as terrorist. The employees of local departments of KGB and MVD, internal troops conducted operations on a finding and detention of "saboteurs" - employees of group. For "acts of sabotage" on the training the important objects - air defense system of the country, missile complexes, enterprise for an armament production (chemical and nuclear), railway missile complexes, nuclear power stations , chemical and enterprise of oil got out. Usually operations of group Vympel were conducted at once on three - four objects and consist at once of several problems: a collection of information about object, reception of samples of production, kidnapping of the important employee, penetration on object, act of sabotage. The local bodies received the information, that in their region the subversive group has landed and then intense struggle began. Everyone, who worked in such doctrines, received wide experience on the structure.

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