Russian T12UM1 Black Eagle

T12UM1 Black Eagle

Guys from Decisive Killing Machines Mod released their surprise for End of old year: Russian MBT - T12UM1 "Black Eagl...


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T12UM1 Black Eagle

Guys from Decisive Killing Machines Mod released their surprise for End of old year: Russian MBT - T12UM1 "Black Eagle". There is with this addon many great features (as usual by DKMM :). For more, more informations about these features look on Decisive Killing Machines Mod site. Basic information: this tank is made in four camos: woodland, desert, green and winter.

newest addition to the list of addons is the T12UM1 Black Eagle. This tank is a Russian MBT with a 125mm smoothbore gun, capable of firing HEAT or SABOT rounds (in OFP). This vehicle has enhanced suspension, designed to make the tank move like the real thing.

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Download 'dkmm_blackeagle_v1.exe' (5.79MB)

T12UM1 Black Eagle

T12UM1 'Black Eagle'  by DKM-Mod

Version: 1.0 (for ofp resistance versions 1.92 and up)
This addon for Operation Flashpoint is shareware and can be distributed under the 
following conditions: 
- Non commercial distribution
- The original files have to remain in the addon
- No changing the original files in any way.

If you want to reskin or remodel this addon send a request to [email protected]

Model by DKM-Chavez/DKM-Carnage
skins by DKM-Carnage
Coding by DKM-Rastavovich

new Vehicles available:
DKMM_GT12UM: Green camo
DKMM_DT12UM: Desert camo
DKMM_CT12UM: Woodlands camo
DKMM_WT12UM: Winter camo

125 mm Smootbore gun with Sabot and HEAT rounds
.50Cal Coaxial machinegun

New weapons available: (do not use outside BE)
Ammoname is the same as weapon name.

DKMM_BE_Gun125				Maingun
MachineGun12_7 (deafult OFP weapon)	Coaxial MG
DKMM_RSC_VehicleSmokeL			Smokelaunchers
Ammonames are the same as the weaponnames.

- Navigation map inside commanders cockpit
- Navigation map zoomable
- Working smoke dispensers
- Automatic smoke launcher (selectable)
- Realistic suspension (nose up/down on accel/brake)
- recoiling main gun
- realistic recoil (tank rocks and wobbles when main gun is fired)
- Semi-random unit numbering

Known issues:

extract DKMM_BE.pbo and DKMM_RSC.pbo and put in operation flashpoint\res\addons folder.

Revision history:

**** v 1.0
initial release

BIS for their T80 interiors.

This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk. DKM-MOD will not be held responsible for any damage these addons might incur.
Nor will we be responsible for any problems you might encounter in installing or using this addon.
Any problems or questions with these addons should be directed to our bugreport forum. 

We do our best to make the addons as faultless as possible, but cannot guarantee that there will not be any.

Be aware that if your make a mission that uses a custom addon, the addon will need to be distributed with your mission.

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