S-37 Berkut

Adds the Russian S-37 Berkut. It looks pretty swish, although the skinning's a little plain. I'd give it a shot though, it's a nice aircra...

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File Description

Adds the Russian S-37 Berkut. It looks pretty swish, although the skinning's a little plain. I'd give it a shot though, it's a nice aircraft. A slightly strange aspect is that you can use it as a West object if you so desire.

You'll need the U.S./Japanese Pilot Addon to use this.

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S-37 Berkut addon
It is experiment machine S-37Berkut of Russia. 
Because Su47 was more, the retrieval result in Google is made Su47 though the file name is Su47. 
Add-on Pilot of Mr. Rezin is necessary to operate. -OFP laboratory-http://f19.aaacafe.ne.jp/~rezin/

Class attribute
S-37 Berkut
S-37 Berkut(FAB-500)
S-37 Berkut
S-37 Berkut(FAB-500)

S-37 is equipped with the Gsh-30 30mm machine gun (number 150 of) and R-27Alamo air-to-air missile and R-73Archer air-to-air missile. 
S-37(FAB-500) is equipped with Gsh-30, R-73Archer air-to-air missile, and FAB-500 no smart bomb. 
Please contact me with E-mail or BBS if there are a bug report, a demand, and a material offer. 

A part of the script uses the one that the permission of Mr. F2C and Mr. REZIN was gotten. 
Mr. Gachopin and Mr. REZIN helped for making the script. Thank you. 
Update history

February 17, 2005
To talk about neither Fox1 nor Fox2 on the East side, it changes. 
It corrects it because there was no wait on a part of the script. 
East and it adds it to the airframe ..East side.. name. 
February 15, 2005
Correction of the top of addition of texture, addition of cockpit 
aspect, and model. 
The ejection seat is added. (When the damage of a constant amount is 
received, operate compulsorily. )It is necessary to have changed 
something slightly ¥¥¥ The aircraft carrier operation was enabled on 
November 29, 2004. 
It changes to the Weapon bay method. Number change. 
Airbrake abolition. Srat is added. 
Correct the texture of the correction missile though mended 
variously ..forgetting.. ....(.. interference of be add-on and arms 
on a part of L„D¼R2004 September 18, year.. . Change the 
inducement performance of airbrake addition.R-27 . the R-27Alamo 
addition on September 11, 2004. Move also the shadow of shadow LOD 
addition and be a movable wing. Can set Geometory again, and take 
off . The attribute in the top is partially changed (be smooth ¨ 
Production beginning of a certain day of beta version opening to the 
public of July, 2004 on September 5, 2004


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