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WWII Plane Skyraider, final version.

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WWII Plane Skyraider, final version.

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Douglas AD-6 Skyraider 
(aka Spad, Able Dog, Sandy, Crazy Water Buffalo)

by Digital Centurion and Footmunch 


The Sandy was a ground attack plane reportedly designed in a
single night for the USAF. The first prototype flew before
VE day, and the plane was introduced into service in the
late 1940's. The plane is essentially an extension of the
Close Air Support concept, whose effectiveness in the WWII
was demonstrated by planes such as the Il-2 Sturmovik, the
Hawker Tempest and the P-47 Thunderbolt. This concept is still
valid today, with such planes as the A-10 consistently proving
it's worth on the battlefield.

The rugged, simple construction of the plane is an essential
part of it's survivability, with many Spad's bringing their
pilots home when other planes would have failed. The large
number of pylons allowed for a huge range of weapons to be
carried, allowing the Spad to engage any target.

In the Korean War, the Spad began it's career as a workhorse
for the US Air Force, US Navy and Marines. In the Vietnam war
15 years later, the Spad continued it's record of close air
support missions. The long range of the plane allowed it to loiter
over active areas, before being vectored to particular hot
spots for the support of US and ARVN troops.

The number of versions, other roles played (Anti-Submarine Warfare,
Tug Plane, Ambulance, Search And Rescue, etc) and total production
of run of Spads is a particular testament to this workhorse.


The plane has four Mk20 Rockeye cluster bombs. These fall as normal
and deploy (open) at 50 metres. A number of submunitions then fall
and destroy all soft targets within an area of around 10 metres by
30 metres. The munitions also cause damage to armored targets.

Other ordanance includes 18 rockets and a gun pod with 500 rounds
of ammuntion.

The pilot can also fire flares and smoke shells to mark targets for
other forces. The flares are launched directly upwards, while the 
smoke shell is launched along the axis of the plane.


Plane : RKTAFSandy

Mk20 Rockeye : RKTRockeyeRail
Rockets : RKTRocketRail
Gun : RKTSandyGun

The Authors can be contacted at the official forums at:

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