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Here is the recently released patch for the SLX Replacement mod. This patch by Solus has updated the GroupLink3 part of the mod which gives...


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Here is the recently released patch for the SLX Replacement mod. This patch by Solus has updated the GroupLink3 part of the mod which gives the AI some brain and it also updated the SLX wounds to version 1.021.

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Download 'slx_mod_update_1.093.rar' (3.81MB)

SLX OFP Replacement Pack
Version 1.093

The pack adds new effects and replaces default content with different versions. The pack replaces buildings, foliage, cloudlets, skies, moon, sun, light flare, muzzle flashes, atmosphereic lights, and various other objects. Most replacements are things from Resistance, some are just copies of stuff in Flashpoint, others are modified or made from scratch. Most buildings are replaced with entereable ones. Some of the bushes and grass in the replacement pack use a technique that works as concealment. It can be shot and walked through, but AI's cannot see through it. The islands Everon and Malden with SLX Grass replacing some bushes and grass is included and used in the config.cpp. The included config.cpp uses different cloudlet effects to make use of the new cloudlets. It also has a supersonic bullet crack sound and includes GroupLink 3 effects for all units which include the SLX Wounds effects. For more about GroupLink 3 and SLX Wounds read the relevant readme files. Also includes various gameplay changes and Sanctuary's DMA UNIGEN animation pack with the DMA leaning and rolling mod. Includes vehicles with get in animations, with units opening doors climbing in and then closing the doors, and opening and closing the doors to get out.

Other mods:
The replacement parts should work with any mod. New effects have to be added to other mods manually. Some modified configs with the new effects are included in the configs folder. The default included config is commented with modifications and additions that can be copied to other configs.


SLX Mod bin\Config.cpp changes:

CfgCloudlet effects:
The cloudlet effects are all based on videos and photographs of their real life counterparts. 

The explosion effects follow the basic descriptions of an explosion written in "U.S. Army Field Manual 3-50 Smoke Operations | Appendix G : Munition-Produced Dust"(, the dust/fire ball, the dust skirt, the rising column of smoke, and some small lingering smoke. They are also based on videos of explosions of laser guided bombs, explosive ordinance disposal, hand grenades, aerial rockets and missiles, and improvised explosive devices. The fireball is usually very brief being usually a bright flash then mostly dust, but sometimes has a lot of fire. The dust skirt comes quickly after the dust/fire ball, it lingers for a while after the explosion before disipating. For larger explosions it spreads out over a large area but for smaller explosions it is just a single cloud and looks fairly good for the low fast appearing smoke from hand grenades. The smoke column rises after the explosion and dust skirt and drifts away in the wind, it is usually light grey and sometimes darker. Then a thin low smoke lingers near the crater. 

The unguided rocket smoke is based on a videos of helicopters firing rockets, it starts off dark black and then thins out turning grey. 

The guided missile smoke is based on pictures and videos of TOW missiles firing, a thin grey smoke that can be seen through, especially since some missiles are gunner controlled. 

The water hit effect is based on videos and pictures of bullets hitting water, a thin plume of water.

The blood effect is based on videos of people getting shot, a small, thin, white, pink, or red vapour puff that sometimes lingers for a second. 

The cfgCloudlets section can be copied directly over any other mod's config.cpp cfgCloudlets and should work fine. The same can be done for the WeaponGunClouds which are based on many videos of rifles and machine guns firing. Also, apparently due to the way OFP works the dust skirt and gun smoke blow in the opposite direction of the wind but the rest blow in the right direction. 

Contains cloudlet models that can be used with the drop command or in a config. Read more about it in the readme.

CloudySmoke.p3d (cl_basic) : Thick curling clouds of dust/smoke. 
Explosion.p3d : Exploding into the air.
ExplosionDust.p3d : Dust flying into the air.
ExplosionDirt.p3d : Dirt being thrown into the air.
Fire.p3d (cl_fire,cl_fired) : Flames.
FlatSmoke.p3d (cl_water) : Flat colored smoke, has soft edges and spins. White colored, and can be recolored well.
WaterHit.p3d : Small thin plume from a bullet striking water.
WaterSplash.p3d : Wide water splash from something large hitting/crashing into water.

Concealment models and SLX_Grass.pbo:
If you are a modeler and are interested in making concealment models, you can take a look at the included MLOD grass(SLX_Grass.p3d in SLX_Grass.pbo and "ker trs travy.p3d" in the NewData folder) to see how it's done. The important parts are: 
Geometry LOD: Geometry where visibility should be blocked and have zero weight.
View Geometry LOD: Shape matches Geometry LOD.

Bayonets, melee weapons, and SLX_Melee.pbo:
All basic rifles have bayonets that can be used just by switching to them by changing the firing mode. Group Link 3 also gives armed units an always selectable "Hand-to-Hand" ability, and an item slot bayonet knife for each side(M9 bayonet knife for west and AK74 bayonet knife for east and resistance) that can be used as a knife, and for east soldiers, an item slot entrenching shovel. Item slot weapons can be used the same as the bayonets. Bayonets and item slot melee weapons should be used with the Group Link 3 shot effects active to make sure the "shots" don't fly too far. AI units are fairly effective with all melee weapons. Also, tanks and APC's are equipped with shovels and axes that can be taken from the vehicle and used.

Gameplay changes:
Higher AI rates of fire at longer ranges, higher man class armor for more wounding while still being easily killed, smaller grenades for more capacity, many changes to missiles to make them work with manual control smoke, vehicles don't deform when they are destroyed, spent casings stay around, less accurate aiming precision, no radar on tanks or APC's, ammo counter removed(only number of magazines or last bullets shown), and many more all listed with comments in the config.cpp.

######### Installation ######### 

To install the SLX Replacement Pack:
Copy the @SLX folder to your OFP directory where your FlashPointResistance.exe is located. Then run the Install .bat file in the new @SLX folder. Then you can run OFP with "[email protected]" in the command line. Be sure you have at least 400MB free space on your disk before running the install.bat.

To install updates:
Extract the update content on top of the existing content, then use the installer.

To use mod configs:
Copy the appropriate folder from the @SLX\Mod configs\ folder to your OFP folder. Then run OFP with -mod @SLX;ModName;[email protected]

To use VTE or Tonal Redux config with GL3 and SLX Wounds with the mod's shout sounds:
Install and use the config, then near the bottom of the @SLX\SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf file uncomment the appropriate line. Make sure you comment out the line before using another mod though.

To edit the shortcut command line:
Find or make a shorcut to OFP and right click it then select properties. Find the line that says "Target:" and has something like this: 
"C:\Program Files\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE"

Then add [email protected] on the end so it looks like this:
"C:\Program Files\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" [email protected]

Remember to keep the quotation marks in the same position. Then click apply and OK. You can also run other mods and disable the spash screen like this:

"C:\Program Files\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -nosplash [email protected];@COC;@SLX

Also remember that content in mods listed after the first mod will be used over the previous ones, so other installed replacement packs or configs cannot be used together. To use other replacement packs with the SLX replacement pack you could copy their content that you want to use into the @SLX\NewData\ folder then run the Install .bat again. If you want to revert back to the default SLX replacement content, just extract the original content from the archive into your NewData folder and run the Install .bat.

Using SLX mod effects with other mods:
The cloudlets and other effects are very easy to add to any other mod's config.cpp. To do it just open up the @SLX\bin\config.cpp and copy the relevant sections you want to use.

To use the new cloudlet effects in another config copy cfgCloudlets, WeaponCloudsGun, and WeaponCloudsMGun over the other config's matching sections.

To use the GL3 and SLX Wounds effects just add the init event handler to the AllVehicles class of the mod, and any other init event handlers for other units. Here's how it looks in the default config:

class AllVehicles:All
	// SLX ADD : Event handler for GL3.
	class EventHandlers
	Init="_this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs};";

And for something that already has init event handlers like ECP or FFUR just add that little line on the end like this example from the included FFUR2007 config:

init="_this exec {\ffur_effects\tracers\EH_tank_init.sqs}; _this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs}";

So basically just add "_this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs}" to an init event handler and you're good to go. Also be sure that all classes that inherit from the AllVehicles class either don't have an init event handler so they inherit it from the AllVehicles class or have the GL3 init added to their init line. Also you need to add the SLX section from PreLoadAddons and PreLoadBanks to the mod's config, look at the end of the default SLX mod config to see how it's done. Here are the parts you need:

In class CfgAddons class PreloadBanks:

// SLX ADD : Preload nessisary banks for SLX addons.
		class SLX

And in class CfgAddons class PreloadAddons:

// SLX ADD : Preload nessisary addons for SLX addons.
		class SLX

Contact info:
You can contact me by PM on the forums as "Solus" or send e-mail to: md-k at pacbell dot net

Change log:
1.0 @ 14-11-06 Initial release
1.01 @ 15-11-06
Removed ninja addon dependancy.
Made pistols much less likely to be selected by AI's.
Installers for non HWTL users.
Changed CraterOnVehicle model.
Added FFUR configs.
1.02 @ 15-11-06
Fixes from 1.01.
Fixed text in regular installers.
Added WGL 5.1 config.
Added WGL fix in SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf.
Removed OFP radio voices in default config. Thanks Extremeus Decimus!
1.03 @ 15-11-06
Fixed SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf.
1.04 @ 15-11-06
Added CSLA config.
1.05 @ 16-11-06
Updated SLX_GL3.pbo to version 1.01.
Added FFUR binarized configs.
1.06 @ 17-11-06
Updated SLX_GL3.pbo to version 1.02. Firefights are much smoother now. Almost no excessive lag. Hit effect should be more accurate than first release.
Added basic "embers" effect to fire, as a visual aid for why fire spreads.
Made burning dropped weapons have a smaller fire.
Added binarized CSLA config.
1.07 @ 21-11-06
Updated SLX_GL3.pbo to version 1.03.
Updated SLX_Wounds.pbo to version 1.01. 
Updated SLX_Melee.pbo to version 1.01. 
Updated SLX_Vehicles.pbo to version 1.01. 
Fixed FFUR2006 2.5 light config: Throwable FFUR grenades in light configs.
Added Tonal Redux config with GL3 Tonal units and JAM ammo with supersonic bullet sounds and working FN FAL Scout bayonet. Includes GL3 mission with tonal african dialect voices shout script.
Added all SLX config changes to WGL 5.12 config: supersonic bullet sounds, hand to hand, bayonets, vehicles with animations, dive anim, extended view abilities. Dive anim is optional and can be uncommented in cpp.
Added VTE+JAM config with supersonic bullet sounds.
Added backup default mod configs.
Updated readmes.
Added example missions for GL3 and SLX Wounds.
1.08 @ 29-11-06
Added VTE+JAM config with supersonic bullet sounds, GL3, and SLX wounds with vietnamese shouting.
Added grass islands to WGL config.
Changed "AimPrecision" values in config for easier shooting.
Changed stamina loss values in animations for slight stamina loss while performing most regular movement for more trembling after moving around, running is slightly tiring, crouch running is more tiring, rolling is very tiring.
Changed dexterity on weapons for more momentum on machine guns and sniper rifles.
Added AT weapon standing and lying prone stances. Made more speeds for AT weapon movement.
Added lowered rifle stance. Thanks to DanAK47 for the idea!
Added faster movement modes for safe and civil stances.
Made radio voices an option in configs. Thanks to WGL for the example!
Made grass islands optional in configs.
Re enabled lock on ability for vehicles. Vehicles without an actual radar cannot see targets on the radar screen, it is only there for the fire control systems lock on ability.
Copied skies to sky folder so users can delete the ones in NewData if they want to use the originals.
Switched tracer colors for sides.
Special Forces soldiers are more stealthy.
Added dive slide back in and enabled by default. Thanks to itweas_LLU for letting his ninja addon be used!
Fixed CoC DKM M46 shell fly and hit sounds.
Fixed WGL hand grenade explosion sound for default BIS grenades.
Updated SLX_GL3.pbo to version 1.04.
Updated various SLX addons with minor changes.
1.09 @ 09-1-07
Changed mod config use.
Changed radar display size and position.
Updated SLX_GL3.pbo to version 1.05.
Updated SLX_Wounds.pbo to version 1.02. Main cause of instability probably fixed.
Updated SLX_Vehicles.pbo to version 1.02.
Updated SLX_Melee.pbo to version 1.02.
Many small tweaks.
Removed speed and altitude readouts on OFP HUD to make vehicle instruments useful instead of redundant.
Made AI's able to turn all the way to the side for shooting to the sides while running.
Iron sights have variable field of view with lowest zoom the same as regular view zoom and maximum zoom at 90 degrees.
Made SF soldiers have flashlights.
Round binocular optics.
Made basic rifle classes have bayonets so special classes are no longer needed.
Added launched smoke grenades that grenadiers launch at enemies first.
Made CoC Artillery shells play the medium range hit sound by default so if the CoC scripted ranged sounds don't work then there will at least be a sound for a hit. If the CoC scripts are working then it should still sound the same.
More and faster pistol movement modes and ability to shoot while moving prone.
Can look through optics while rolling to see the view roll around.
Forests conceal better.
Added tracer magazines to officer loadouts.
Made voices enabled by default in all configs.
Made added replacement pack models not needed in configs.
Added weapons in cargo of vehicles. Many more AT weapons.
CAVS armor and weapon settings.
Changed tank armor to make hitting a tank in the engine easily disable it. Tank guns have more armor to simulate better front protection and reduce the chance of situations where only the gun gets damaged and droops down. Hitting tanks in the side does more damage than hitting them in the front and hitting near the back of the side has a better chance of penetrating and hitting the engine.
1.091 @ 11-1-07
Updated SLX_GL3 to version 1.051.
Included needed files in mod config folders.
Removed JAM requirement in default SLX mod config.
1.092 @ 19-1-07
Changes from 1.091
Updated SLX_GL3 to version 1.052.
Slowed down AT run and sprint animations in default SLX mod config.
Included example mission for using GL3 without the addon.
Reduced thickness of gun smoke a little.
1.093 @ 04-2-07
Changed tank muzzle flash.
Updated SLX_GL3 to version 1.054.
Updated SLX_Wounds to version 1.021.

Possible future additions\fixes:
Binarized SLX config.
BOH config.
Continue tweaking basic aiming precision, stamina loss on movement, and momentum of weapons for best results.
Tweak recoil for different weapons.
Find out if there are any more explosives with missing sounds besides the CoC M46 shells and BIS hand grenades in WGL.
Make sure skies don't blend into strange colors on weather transitions.
Make installers have more install options so users can install only the pieces they want to use.
Possibly make ironsights freeaim.
Include CoC artillery with GL3 effects in config.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is an unofficial addon, and is in no way connected with Bohemia Interactive or Codemasters. The maker of this software is not responsible for any harm that comes to anything resulting in the use of this software. All SLX releases are provided "as is" with no warranty or guarantee of support of any kind. All content in this addon made by SLX may be modified and used in any way with or without credit. All content copyright by it's respective author(s). 

Credits and Thanks to:
Bohemia Interactive Studio for making Operation Flashpoint, Oxygen, TexView, the Flashpoint1985 forums, all content from OFP and OFP: Resistance, ARMA, and all kinds of great stuff
Kegety, Mikero, and Llauma for installer programs and batch files
Sanctuary and DMA for the UNIGEN animation pack and leaning mod
John's fire and smoke effects replacement for the original idea
Call of Duty UO for textures (crater, clouds, smoke, fire)
Half-Life for explosion
3d studio max for particle animation rendering
Photoshop for graphics editing and batch converting/renaming
PANtool for batch converting paa files
itweas_LLU for letting his ninja addon be used
DanAK47 for lowered rifle stance idea
Thanks to all mods for their configs
Programs, teams, and people in no particular order: PBOX, ODOL Explorer, WRPtool, Irfanview, OFPanim, WinPBO, Suma, Visual C++, txtpathswap, cpbo, dxdll, Dslyecxi, ECP, WGL, BergHoff, FFUR, COC, a-lone-wolf, BINView, and many more
BIS, FDF, Flashpoint1985 forums, OFPEC,, PMC, many forums,, YouTube, Google, and all of the Flashpoint community
Forumites, mission makers, addon makers, island makers, texture makers, modelers, animators, innovators, mod teams, and OFP players

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