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Alrighty, I guess this is your Christmas present this year guys. Here we have a stargate mod for everyone to enjoy.

Ok, this is b...


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Alrighty, I guess this is your Christmas present this year guys. Here we have a stargate mod for everyone to enjoy.

Ok, this is basically Plug-N-Play. All you need to do is do what the readme says and use the example missions. It's real easy. (Sorry if something similar to this is already uploaded, I searched and results came up with nothing.) It's easier than the other guy's version of something similar to this. Same case, I didn't make this BxBx did. I just put my email because BxBx has no email I know of.

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Download 'sg_mod.rar' (4.64MB)

 I am not origin English - speaking , forgive me please for all mistakes in text
      ___  _______         ___       ____         _______  _____
     /       |     /    |        /        /     |    |
     ___     |    /     |___/     |  __    /      |    |___
             |   /____  |        |    |  /____   |    |
     ___/    |  /       |        ____/ /        |    |_____

STAR GATE v1.0 beta

models   BXBX , HONZA_SG1
textures BXBX , HONZA_SG1
scripts  BXBX

mod star gate was tested only for SP on OFP v1,91 CZ, for problems while using with other version untroubled!!
It is beta version for any reminder and instructions on improvement I'll only like: [email protected]
version for MP I'll try to give up as soon as I can.

classes objects
empty.StarGate MOD.STAR GATE_ironstairs
                    .STAR GATE_rockstairs1

how it functions:
  in mission editor on any island insert two gates (two at least, number of gates isn't
  restricted, but take view to games engin and rating your PC),gates I advise give rather
  along asunder and to each  give  one, or more data entry equipment(DHD, Pult,...) and of course
  player, now already you can start game. What is happening:at point, where you are inserted gates is  in
  matter lies only pedestal, which indeed in time t0 (in trigger time instant)
  creates (inset to the game) model of gate, gate and stage are two different
  objects.Each DHD and next data entry equipment will assign to nearest gate (max
  distance 50m),Will be possible over these DHD take control of gate. Gate after itself put in
  creates name in a way 1st gate is P3X 1, 2nd gate is P3X 2 etc, name can be change
  by order "createidentity.sqf" vide infra, and itself gate create random address (sequence of
  six chevronu for dialing and seventh like home symbol).
  And you can play... At the moment of , when come up to  one of DHD,LCD... near one gate
  you can order "dial up [title of other gate]", whereby begin dialing between gates.
  May come these events :1) You stop dialing selves "STOP DIALING",2) dialing self will finish
  and else gate begins join to your gate:somebody dial your gate earlier/faster than you.
  3) seventh chevron no will lock: called gate is already in connection to next (third) gate.
  4) connection gates will finish successfully(seventh chevron will lock and protoplasm will outflow) :now
  is connection ready and you any time when do you want you can taking in, worm hole is single line traffic
   it is impossible to return , you must wait than gate will close (conditions automatic shut down
  vide infra) and then redial connection by opposite direction , and once none of open gate cannot travel
  through gate at you (like in serial ).
  can be control only from model "pult,LCD,CRT" , averting unasked incoming.  if iris is closed
  you cannot walk through gate, if second gate's iris is closed and you enter the horizont of events you are dead.

automatic shutdown connected gates:
  gate watchs who wants walk to the gate, to the those group
  possible interested persons about transport is automatically associated every from band that who gate
  opened and next are added persons from another band where somebody from their members travel through gate.
  from those group every transferred will be erased so that if number of members is equal zero
  gate will automatically close.(rule of merging groups pays only for friendly persons), if all members
  from group of those what they want travel, will remove from gate on 100m gate will close.

how walk on with group:
  if you are group commander is best way to move in first ,other will be following you
  or send all members to the gate, is it slower but functions it same. if come through first ,
  gate supposes, that you find far from first gate and you don't see what is happening near first gate and
  sends soldiers even if script no detects passage through gate , precluding conflict , that some freeze
  and they don't walk to gate (see problem with more objects before gate).

problem with more objects ahead gate:
  gate detects if something wants travel through, that will find nearest
  object near gate and then by complicated algorithm smoothing - out if has or hasn't given to object transport.If
  e.g.on the ahead horizont of events in center of gate's ring stand soldier,script this soldier no will carry,
  no passed horizont of events , if at the same time goes through next soldier horizont of events next to
  inner ring of gate ,gate don't accept him  (that in the middle of is near) and so transport nobody.

opening gate by switch ,(no player):
  script [sw1,gatein,gateout]exe "SG_DHDsqsstartAI.sqf"  ,
  sw1 :is switch ,or soldier, which wants gate open, gatein and gateout are name of gates in editor
  mission , no gate title defined by script createidentity.sqf.

  !!switch condition  may not be shaped [this,gatein,gateout]exe "SG_DHDsqsstartAI.sqf" ,
  but place this you must use switch name

sending unions through gate:
  is valid only for group in player isn't commander, or isn't in as other member
  [myGRP,gate]exe "SG_DHDsqstogate.sqs",  myGRP is group ,which will get command to go on ,gate is title
  of gate in editor mission.

definition title and gate address :
  in editor to the line init insert one of the following lines

  [this,Earth] exe "SG_DHDSQScreateidentity.sqf" template address Earth , parameter
  this is obligatory

  [this,Chulak,"0 SetOvercast 1"] exe "SG_DHDSQScreateidentity.sqf"; template address Chulak,
  third parameter includes script which will be entered when player get second gate, best
  using is for a change time and weather for extension effect that ,you get to other planet,
  but I limit using exactly  to anyone no give.
  [this,[[1,2,3,4,5,6],1,"my adr"],"0 setfog 0;skipTime (10 - dayTime)"]
  exe "SG_DHDSQScreateidentity.sqf" definition own address ,[1,2,3,4,5,6] gate address ,
  1 home chevron ,"my adr" word gate title ,"0 setfog 0;skipTime (10 dayTime)"
  script loaded when player bridge to second gate.

sample: [this,[[earth,crater,vingo,vingo,centaurus,libra],earth,"my adr"] = [this,[[1,2,3,4,5,6],1,"my adr"] etc.

Template constellation constant and whole gates address for script createidentity.sqf

 earth            =1;
 crater           =2;
 vingo            =3;
 bootes           =4;
 centaurus        =5;
 libra            =6;
 serpens_caput    =7;
 norma            =8;
 scorpio          =9;
 cra              =10;
 scutium          =11;
 sagittarius      =12;
 aquila           =13;
 mic              =14;
 capricorn        =15;
 pisces_austrinus =16;
 equuleus         =17;
 aquarius         =18;
 pegasus          =19;
 sculptor         =20;
 pisces           =21;
 andromeda        =22;
 triangulum       =23;
 aries            =24;
 perseus          =25;
 cetus            =26;
 taurus           =27;
 auriga           =28;
 eridanus         =29;
 orion            =30;
 canis_minor      =31;
 monoceros        =32;
 geminy           =33;
 hydra            =34;
 lynx             =35;
 cancer           =36;
 sextans          =37;
 leo_minor        =38;
 leo              =39;

 Abydos              =[[27,7,15,32,12,30,0,0],1,"Abydos"];
 Alaris              =[[4,29,8,22,18,25,0,0],1,"Alaris"];
 Argos               =[[24,4,20,9,15,29,0,0],1,"Argos"];
 Cimmeria            =[[11,35,22,17,6,26,0,0],1,"Cimmeria"];
 Edora               =[[28,24,7,9,15,3,0,0],1,"Edora"];
 Ernestova_planeta   =[[27,7,15,32,13,30,0,0],1,"Ernestovaplaneta"];
 Euranda             =[[30,27,9,7,18,16,0,0],1,"Euranda"];
 Hanka               =[[30,6,24,12,14,19,0,0],1,"Hanka"];
 Chulak              =[[9,2,23,15,37,20,0,0],1,"Chulak"];
 Juna                =[[29,8,18,22,4,25,0,0],1,"Juna"];
 K_tau               =[[18,2,30,12,26,33,0,0],1,"K-tau"];
 Kheb                =[[26,35,6,8,27,14,0,0],1,"Kheb"];
 Klorelova_lod       =[[3,39,16,8,10,12,0,0],1,"Klorelovalod"];
 Martinova_planeta   =[[24,12,32,7,11,34,0,0],1,"Martinovaplaneta"];
 Oaness              =[[4,29,10,17,36,25,0,0],1,"Oaness"];
 Tollan              =[[6,33,27,37,11,18,0,0],1,"Tollan"];
 Othalla             =[[11,27,23,16,33,3,9,0],1,"Othalla"];
 Tollana             =[[4,19,8,22,18,25,0,0],1,"Tollana"];
 P2X_555             =[[28,8,16,33,13,31,0,0],1,"P2X-555";
 Zakladna_Beta       =[[29,5,36,6,23,20,0,0],1,"ZakladnaBeta"];
 Zeme                =[[28,26,5,36,11,29,0,0],1,"Zeme"];
 Vorash              =[[38,9,28,15,35,3,0,0],1,"Vorash"];
 P3X_118             =[[9,26,34,37,17,21,0,0],1,"P3X-118";
 P3X_562             =[[3,28,9,35,24,15,0,0],1,"P3X-562";
 P3X_595             =[[38,28,15,35,3,19,0,0],1,"P3X-595"];
 P3X_979             =[[26,2,6,24,10,32,0,0],1,"9C-372"];
 Apophis_mother_ship =[[3,39,16,8,10,12,0,0],1,"Apophismothership"];
 P5C_353             =[[27,20,15,26,12,30,0,0],1,"P5C-353"];
 Earth               =[[28,26,5,36,11,29,0,0],1,"Earth"];
EN: Earth = CZ: Zemì

known bugs:
  - gate doesn't need to transport men ,when is setacctime bigger how one
  (keys [ - /+] beside Backspace,or script)
  - lighting effect open worm holes is creation by the help of object fire,
  that's why you like commander can to your isubsidiary members (over key 6) get command "quench fire",
  quench fire however doesn't go.

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