Starship Troopers MOD Demo v0.2

Starship Trooper Mod Team gave a peak on upcoming mod there making but its in beta check it out! The mod is...


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Starship Trooper Mod Team gave a peak on upcoming mod there making but its in beta check it out! The mod is still a beta, so don't expect awesome textures because you will be disappointed. Some of the weapons have a beta texture while some have no texture. However, this mod is really fun to play with. The bugs are really impressive, having great texture, and you can even play as a bug! The script for the bug is well done, and doesn't have many flaws. The mod still needs some polishings, but it's worth a try especially because they offer something out of the ordinary. Like I said above, you can play as a bug, which makes it really fun. If you want to play with something new and fun, try this mod!

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Starship Troopers MOD Demo v0.2 Beta

1. Installation
2. Mod Team
3. credits
4. disclaimer
5. Special thanks
6. Beta and Warrior Bug Info
7. Soldier Info


1. Installation

A. Open the zip ( :O u done already?!?!?)
B. Extract pbo's to the res addon directory
C. Enjoy :)


2. Mod Team

Vagabond - Modeler, Texturer, Config Writer, Webmaster
Kyle Sarnik - Config Writer, Scripter, Mission Maker
Shannon "sandman" kingston - modeler
Rico - WRP Editior
Captain Winters - Mission Maker
Shawn a.k.a Snake - Forum Moderator, PA
Luke Steel - Config/Script Writer

Missing In Action
ROBO-01 -----made bugs
Humvee -----WRP Editor


3. Credits

The Credits? hmmm credits goes to the WHOLE SST TEAM... a.k.a TEAMWORK ... hence the word team :), T...E...A...M


4. Disclaimer

Starship Troopers and all related multimedia material are copyrighted: 
TriStar Pictures / Big Bug Pictures / Touchstone Pictures / Buena Vista, 
SONY respectively. 
This site is not sponsored or supported by any affiliated party in any 
All material that is not copyrighted by above parties are copyrighted 
by it's 
owners and it's affiliates. 
Most of the graphic on is made by fans, 
those are altered photos, fanarts, etc... 
This is only a Fan site. 
No copyrights infringement was intended
This is not an official Operation Flashpoint MOD, Use at your own risk...:<, what risk?


5. Special Thanks
A Special thanks goes out to all listed below

All our Supporter's
Mission Makers
Forum regulars - you know who you are
Murphy - For helping us to get our bugs to attack
TrooperPX - for listing us on his site and helping with additional info
Pepsi - For the caffene Boost
My Alarm Clock - for not going off allowing me an extra hour of sleep
Star Wars Galaxies - For distracting me from moding like it is now 
Ten'io -> Lowca -> Correlia -> Swamptown (3500m West of Kor Vella)


6. Beta and Warrior Bug Info

We know of nearly all of the bugs and errors in the game but if you find one 
which stops the addon working then e-mail it to [email protected]


1. To get the warrior bugs to attack at any time put a load of bugs on the map
2. make a trigger with the name "SST_Bugs" case sensetive it takes time to activate so make sure it goes off in advance

I know it works with a trigger when activated by West present then after a while they come after you


7. Soldier Info

Fleet Pilot - Morita Carbine, 2 Hand Grenades, 2 Flares/Smoke Mortar (Point Up to the sky)
MI (Morita) - Morita Smartrifle, 2 Hand Grenades
MI (Morita K) - Morita Carbine, 2 Hand Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades
MI (Sniper) - Morita Sniper
MI (LSW) - Morita LSW, 2 Hand Grenades
MI (Terra) - TereMorita, 2 Hand Grenades
MI (Engineer, Bomb) - Morita Carbine, 3 Hand Grenades, Nerve Gas Bomb
MI (Engineer) - Morita Carbine, 3 Hand Grenades, 2 Nerve Gas Grenades
MI (Medic) - Morita Carbine
MI (Comms) - Morita Carbine, White Smoke Grenade, Green Smoke Grenade, 2 Flare/Smoke Mortars (Point UP)

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