Strike Island

An island that aims to relieve the monotony and boredom of the BIS islands, which while we all love, we know like the backs of our hands. T...

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File Description

An island that aims to relieve the monotony and boredom of the BIS islands, which while we all love, we know like the backs of our hands. This island tries to offer you a massive expanse to explore, interspersed with interesting spots all over it. You can judge for yourself whether it lives up to the slightly boastful readme but it looks pretty good in the screenshots.

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Thank You for downloading Strike Island

Sick of playing on the same islands?

Introduction by DeadShotScott:

Sick of playing the same old island over and over and over again? Wish you didn't know everything there was to Nogova, Everon, Malden and all the other original OFP and OFP Resistance islands? There is finally a new high caliber island coming out. This island is called Strike Island.

Strike Island was developed and created by DELTA & a few other STO Members. This island is a complete revamping of the original version of the island, "Phaeden's Island" by Phaeden. There isn't just a few little changes from Phaeden's original creation, there's a ton of changes, including tons of new buildings, land textures, towns and airports! Strike Island also has plenty of training grounds, camps, bases and anything else you could possibly ask for! You know this island has to be good since it has been in production since 2003!

All but a few areas that fit onto the new island design were removed, including every tree on the island. Then reentered one by one. No forest blocks or indestructible trees on this island! Most of the original roads and buildings were also removed.

I have personally tested this island out from it's beginnings and even lent a small hand in putting the earlier versions together, and let me tell you this is one impressive island. The detail is unmatched by most of the islands out there!

Another great thing about this island is that it has it's own installer, addons, and possibly some missions in one easy download. The overall size is still unknown but estimated over 50mb big for everything. I recommend this island too for all addon lovers of OFP. And mission creators, make some missions using this island!

here are a few screen shots: (NOTE: Click Image To Enlarge)




Comments by Phaeden:   

Strike Island is based upon "Phaeden's Island" which I released years ago. Originally, Phaeden's Island was created so that I could begin to understand how to make an island. Delta, from STO, took this island proof-of-concept and dramatically enhanced it. While Delta retained some of the original road structures, towns, airfields, and terrain, he has, essentially, created a vastly different island. Strike Island is far superior to Phaeden's Island.

Having created many islands, it must be said that the work Delta completed is no easy undertaking. It requires many long nights sitting at his computer, staring at the monitor placing each and every object. Click-click-click. You can not appreciate this Herculean task without undertaking it yourself. His efforts have paid off. Strike Island is excellent!

Comments by DELTA:

"Hello, My name is Mike (AKA) DELTA. This project is my first. I know, how good can it be then? I feel it is not good enough just to have a good mission, but to have great surroundings to have that mission in, plus I had the privilege of taking a lot of ideas from members of the active and retired military, of which I am one, and a lot of people from around the world that I respect and am glad to call them my friends, and brothers. Many areas on this map are based on many of the ranges I have been to around the USA, FT. Benning, FT. Brag, FT. Hood, FT. Knox, FT Sill. and several around the world. Grafenwoehr, Howenfels, Wildflicken Germany. I took all the ideas, and experience offered to me, and this is the result. I hope that when you get this island, you first go into the editor and add a car or motorcycle and just drive around. Jot down on a piece of paper the mission ideas that pop into your head and that you are motivated to make many missions on this map. ENJOY!"

After you have downloaded Strike Island, you will need to install it properly for it to work with Operation Flashpoint. Follow these steps carefully:

This installation program unpacks the
following files to your addons directory:

!!! NOTE !!!
This installation will create a mod folder called @STRIKE.
It will not reconfigure you game in any way.
To call this mod, use the –mod=@STRIKE switch

You can simply copy the files from the \@STRIKE\addon\ to your
standard OFP addons directory if you prefer to not run this as a mod.

Islands Installed:

STRIKE.pbo = Island DOH!

Addons Installed:
ags_build.pbo = buildings
Ags_inds.pbo = buildings
ags_port.pbo = buildings
baracken.pbo = buildings
sebnam_obj.pbo = plants
STO_RW_textures.pbo = Textures by Delta
usmc_t_1.pbo = Textures  by Phaeden
zwa_hri.pbo = sports field


Phaeden: Original island,  AGS: Buildings, Rophorys: Race track, SEB: Jungle vegetation, zwa, and xwa: Sports Fields. Again if I missed anyone, sorry.


This is the first public release of Strike Island. Therefore this is version 1.0. There is no
history log.


I would like to thank all the soldiers protecting our way of life,
whether they agree or disagree on the reasons why, They are there!

First off I would like to thank my wife's cat SPAZ (R.I.P.) because without her help, I would have had this island done 2 years ago! (jk)
No, Really. There are so many people that I have to thank, I could not list them all here without writing a book. So if I miss anyone,
do not be offended, I have been looking at do many trees and road sections that my brain is permanently damaged.
Phaeden, The whole STO Group, AGS, Rophorys, SEB, WGL, zwa, and xwa. again if I missed anyone, sorry.

NOTE: This island was made entirely with WrpTool. a Must for any island maker.





Rophorys: (last known)



Strike Island is Copyright 2005,to Delta, DELTA DIGITAL and Strike Tactical Operations.
Use of this island in a commercial product without the express written permission of
Delta is strictly prohibited. If you would like to distribute this addon you may do so
as long as you leave it in its original state with installers intact.

1. This is a completely unofficial addon, BIS, Codemasters, Delta, and STO are not responsible
for any possible damages to your computer. Use this addon at your own risk.

2. By installing this island and necessary files, you agree to assume all damage to yourself,
property, and lifestyle and will not seek legal action against Delta or STO should
the use of this addon pack and island create any negative or unwanted by-products.
Essentially, you assume all responsibility by using this product.

3. No part of this addon pack including but not limited to: scripts, configs, functions,
dialogs, islands, models, and textures may be used in any commercial product without prior
written approval by the respective parties.

4. All land textures for Strike Island were created by Phaeden or Delta, you may use them as
you see fit, as long as you notify Phaeden or Delta and keep original information with the pack.

5. All of the addons needed to use this island are included with this pack.



Strike Tactical Operations

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