Terran Marines

Now here we have today the Terran Marine Corps made by Mr. Duck , I have played with them many times now and they seem to fit great with the...


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Now here we have today the Terran Marine Corps made by Mr. Duck , I have played with them many times now and they seem to fit great with the other Sci Fi addons if you have any. They are also very hard to kill and all so look like Master Chief to me so that's just more reasons to like them.

So if you like Sci Fi units or just want some lovely things to shoot at or shoot from download now!

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Download 'terrantroops.rar' (1.11MB)

Terran Marines (by mr. Duck)


Don't blame me if your cat or other pet dies because you played with these sprites. 
Don't blame me either if you get into other nasty situation.
Bottomline... Use at your own risk.

Copyright Issues:
Some people will recognise the "terran eagle" icon on the head and shoulder as the icon
from the terran imperium in ground control 2. If some official objects that I do this, 
please, notify me and I'll use another symbol.

Just put the PBO files (TerrWeap.pbo and TerranSoldier.pbo) in you addon/mod-folder. 

Other notes:
If you want to modify these troops (or use parts of them), just ask me, I won't bite. 
I promise! (contac me through the flashpoint forum) 

Thanks to,
BIS for making OFP and resistance.
[email protected] who inspired me for doing this stuff.
Bungie for making masterchief, the ODST and the battlerifle.
The makers of ground control 2 (eagle icon). 
The makers of Quake 4 (sounds).

These "marines" were actually meant to be some generic scifi troops with no backstory,
thus you could pit them against the predator, alien, zabrak, alien invaders or commies. 
I intended to give them energy weapons, but hesitated to make them more flexible (and laser 
pulses or plasma bolts look so damn ugly anyway in the ofp engine). So, they now are armed 
with an M12 rifle (you could say they're using caseless ammo, or maybe it's a coilgun? You 
can decide that). 

Known issues:
- No shadows
- No blood textures
- Textures suck a bit

All grouped in west under Terran Infantry. 

editor name			classname
(1)Rifleman		-	TerSolR
(2)Combat Medic		-	TerSolM
(3)Squad Leader		-	TerSolTM
(4)AA/AT Specialist	-	TerSolRocket
(5)AT Grenadier		-	TerSolAT
(6)Grenadier		-	TerSolGL
(7)Armor Crew		-	TerSolC

Pretty obvious what this is. Basic grunt.

Same as above. Medic.

Squad leader, team leader, officer, whatever.

A stinger and carl gustav gunner at the same time, armed with a RPSG.
(Rocket Propelled Smart Grenade).

Armed with an underslung gauss grenade launcher, warning, is deadly, 
is able to demolish a BIS BMP with one shot. Note that the grenade 
launcher does not has a trajectory like your average M203. This one
shoots like a rifle, so aim like you would aim a rifle. 

Same as above, only this one is deadly to infantry.

Just your average armored vehicle crew. These guys man the tanks and APC's.

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