UKF WMIK Landrovers

This is the latest version of the UKF Wolf Landrovers which includes a change in textures, MP bug fixes, weapons and new models. UKF's atte...


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This is the latest version of the UKF Wolf Landrovers which includes a change in textures, MP bug fixes, weapons and new models. UKF's attention to detail always pays off, their addons are some of the best for OFP.

The WMIK Pack 2 release is a very much overhauled addon since the first release. New models, new textures, new weapons and lots of work to improve performance and framerates has been done. The new pack includes a MILAN mounted vehicle in both NATO green and desert schemes, a 4th crew slot, a front basket, completely reworked suspension, L1A1 HMG, camo nets and much much more. The LOD's have been revisited to ensure smoother playability, and included with this release is a patched version of our original Land Rovers, fixing some issues in scripts that can cause problems in MP. Its taken a long time to get this addon completed, so we hope its been worth it.

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Download 'ukf_wmik_2.0.rar' (25.82MB)

      ______   __    __   __        _______
     / _   /  / /   / /  / /       / _____/
    / /_/ /  / /   / /  / /       / /
   / ____/  / /   / /  / /____   / /___
  / /      / /   / /  /   ___/  / ____/
 / /      / /___/ /  / /\ \    / /
/_/      /_______/  /_/  \_\  /_/

Addon Name: British Army Landrover XD 110 (Wolf) WMIK (Weapons Mount Instalation Kit)
Version: 2.0
By: Project: UK Forces (
Contact: [email protected]

Original Models:	DeLiltMon
WMIK Modifications:	Messiah
Original Textures:	Bohemia Interactive Studios, DeLiltMon, Jonno 
WMIK Textures:		Messiah, Orson
CPP Programming:	Bohemia Interactive Studios, DeLiltMon, Messiah, Swift88, BennyBoy, Killswitch
Custom Animations:	Gameer, DeadMeat, Shifty
Sound:			Shifty
Research:		The UKF Team, DFaulder, LR90FFR77KF52 (from Land Rover Owner International Forums)
Beta Testing:		The UKF Team, VOLCBAT
MCar Coding		Sa8Gecko, Hater_Kint

Fuel Guage:		Colonel Klink
Number Plates:		DeLiltMon
WMIK Scripts:		Messiah
MCar Scripts:		Project MCar Team

Special Thanks:		DeadMeat, for putting up with my tedious questions.
			Colonel Klink for his brilliant Fuel Guage Script.
			Brsseb for creating such great tutorials.
			The VCB Guys
			Deliltmon for helping me get this as accurate as possible.
			Shifty, for learning how to make great weapon sounds, and great animations.
			Killswitch, for generally keeping our addons working and streamlined.
			Sa8Gecko for his brilliant help in applying the MCar system to the MILAN.
			Hater_Kint for his help fixing bugs with my scripting.
			The MCar team for making the MILAN WMIK Possible
			Da12thMonkey for his eagle eye and keen interest in our addons, and their authenticity.

2.0 (01/08/06)

Changed - Suspension is now accurate
Changed - New camouflage net textures, model and placement
Changed - Floor textures + additional small texture changes
Changed - L1A1 Mounting and Height
Added - Front basket and scripts
Added - Second cargo position (4th Man)
Fixed - Playability and LOD errors

1.1 (29/06/2005)

Fixed - missing texture error.
Fixed - init.sqs error.

1.0 (28/06/2005)

- First release


This addon requires the following addons:

-UKF Land Rover Pack 1 (Specifically the UKFLR90GS.pbo and UKFLRTEXT.pbo)

-Jam 2 or 3

-UKF Vehicle Weapons (UKF_Weapons.pbo - Supplied with this addon)

This addon depicts the Land Rover XD 110 (Wolf) models with a WMIK (Weapons Mount Instalation Kit) as used by British Armed Forces across the globe. It comes in two different colour schemes, NATO Green and Desert Sand and also comes with three weapon mounts; the L1A1 HMG (12.7mm), the General Purpous Machine Gun (GPMG) and the MILAN Anti Tank weapon.

The WMIK (Weapons Mount Installation Kit) is a modular equipment and weapons platform based on the standard XD110. A tough, flexible and mobile platform it is suited to a wide variety of uses including peacekeeping support and humanitarian and refugee protection. The RDV also features a rollover protection frame with ring mount suitable for a range of weapons including GPMG and .50 Cal machine guns and the 40mm grenade launcher. Although a relatively recent addition to the army inventory (the Wolf started reaching units in 1997) it has already seen action in the former Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Working fuel guage.
Random Numberplates.
Custom Animations for driver,gunner and passenger.
Fully customisable vehicles.
Working Reverse Light.

Simply extract the UKF_WMIK.pbo into your Operation Flashpoint\Addons or Operation Flashpoint\Res\Addons directory


For the "West" Side

Under "UKF Vehicles"

Name - classname -weapon/magazine name

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK + L1A1 HMG"
ClassName: 	UKF_WMIK
wpn: 		UKF_HMG
mag: 		UKF_HMG

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK Desert + L1A1 HMG"
wpn: 		UKF_HMG
mag: 		UKF_HMG

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK + GPMG"
ClassName: 	UKF_WMIKG
wpn: 		UKF_GPMG_Mounted2
mag: 		UKF_GPMG_Mounted2

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK Desert + GPMG"
wpn: 		UKF_GPMG_Mounted2
mag: 		UKF_GPMG_Mounted2

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK + MILAN"
ClassName: 	UKF_WMIKM
wpn: 		ukf_mcar_milanLauncher
mag: 		ukf_mcar_dummymilan

"Land Rover XD 110 WMIK Desert + MILAN"
wpn: 		ukf_mcar_milanLauncher
mag: 		ukf_mcar_dummymilan


ROYAL MARINES SPECIFICATION - The Royal Marines use customised WMIK's which have the side engine vents removed, and a snorkel added for deep water forging:


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_RMDES.sqs"


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_RMG.sqs"

CLANSMAN ANTENNA - Adds left, right or both antenna, TUAM boxes and an optional flag texture:


[vehiclename, "texturename"] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaLDES.sqs" - Left antenna with flag texture
[vehiclename, ""] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaLDES.sqs" - Left antenna with no texture

[vehiclename, "texturename"] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaRDES.sqs" - Right antenna with flag texture
[vehiclename, ""] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaRDES.sqs" - Right antenna with no texture


[vehiclename, "texturename"] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaLG.sqs" - Left antenna with flag texture
[vehiclename, ""] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaLG.sqs" - Left antenna with no texture

[vehiclename, "texturename"] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaRG.sqs" - Right antenna with flag texture
[vehiclename, ""] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_antennaRG.sqs" - Right antenna with no texture

Supplied with the addon are three flag textures - Red, Blue and The Light Infantry:


Can also utilise the BIS flags pack:


Or a custom flag texture placed in the mission folder:


CAMOFLAUGE NETTING - Adds camoflauge netting to various places on the model:


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_camnetDES.sqs"


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\UKF_camnetG.sqs"

DIRT LAYERS - Adds either a sand or mud layer on the vehicles:


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_sand.sqs"


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_mud.sqs"


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_redsand.sqs"

FRONT BASKET - Adds a front basket holder on the hood of the vehicle, which carrys camouflage netting and tent poles.


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_basketG.sqs"


[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_basketDES.sqs"

IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN OPERATIONS - Applys IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) Panels, Unit Markings and other related items to the vehicle (Minefield plates etc) - DESERT VERSIONS ONLY

[vehiclename] exec "\ukf_wmik\ukf_iraq.sqs"


Unfortunatly there always will be limitations with the flashpoint engine. The following are limitations, and the workarounds/decisions made:

1. Gunner View in Car MG class is not placeable - This presented us a major problem with the MILAN WMIK as the optics are electronic and do not line up with where the gunner looks into the viewfinder. The solution (to allow players to be able to fire and track targets effectivly) was to create a 'view tunnel' with the optic at the end. Although not entirely accurate, it is the best the engine allows and is very close to reality.

2. To achieve the higher rear suspension, and a working ring mount weapon, the vehicle starts off with the front wheels raised slightly off the ground. This is normal, and had to be done to achieve the correct suspension height. Once moving, the vehicle will rest correctly on the ground.

3. MILAN scripts can be unpredictable if used under circumstances where there is heavy lag. This causes the missile to crash into the ground before the guidance scripts can 'catch' it. If this occurs, we suggest you lower your visual/viewdistance settings to increase performance. The MILAN works in MP, and has been extensivly tested, but can suffer from the same problems as outlined previously. Every effort has been made to prevent this problem from occuring, but we cannot cater for those who run flashpoint above their benchmark settings.


This is NOT an official addon. Use at your own risk. Do not blame BIS, Codemasters or PUKF for any damage caused to your PC. You know the drill.

You are permitted to install and use this addon for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial, military or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author. 

You are free to distribute this addon as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified in any way and this readme file is distributed with it. If you wish to modify this addon, please contact P:UKF at [email protected] If you do not gain permission first, before using any of Project: UKF's material, it will be classed as theft and regarded as such. By instaling this addon you agree to abide by these conditions. Legal action has and will be taken against those failing to comply with this agreement.

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