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This addon will give you a set of US Rangers wearing woodland camo, and an assortment of new weapons.

The skins are nice and are suitably...


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This addon will give you a set of US Rangers wearing woodland camo, and an assortment of new weapons.

The skins are nice and are suitably authentic to the real-world Ranger camouflage. The weapons, too, are well done, and are compatible with JAM magazines while they do not actually use them to begin with. There are many professional touches such as a night-vision goggle script, done with help from BAS.

The addon features some new weapon sounds and models, these are also professionally done and seem a lot better than the bog standard BIS ones.

The readme is comprehensive, with installation instructions, and, something which makes a nice change from the norm, actually says which versions of the game the addon has been tested on.

This is a very professional and high quality addon, very suitable for use in any Ranger missions, which they will spice up very nicely.

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Download 'lsr_rangers.rar' (16.64MB)

United States Airborne Rangers ver. 1.00
An Operation Flashpoint: Resistance addon

Soldier Models / Textures: Laser[ORCS]
Project Coordinator: Denorc[ORCS]
Extensive Beta Testing and Helpful Hints: Denorc[ORCS]

Extract all the .pbo files into your OFP Addons folder.
Extract the RLTW.Cain.pbo into your OFP Missions folder.

NOTE: this addon requires OFP: Resistance 1.85 or higher (tested on 1.85, 1.91 and 1.94 versions).

This Addon adds:
A set of US Airborne Ranger units in Woodland camo, wearing SPEAR Ranger battle armor and RACK carrying systems. All units are extensively researched and represent actual real-life units as closely as it was possible within the limits of OFP.
Units can be found in the editor under "WEST" - "United States Airborne Rangers". All units include wound textures. Grouped under "WEST" - "United States Airborne Rangers".

This version of the addon incorporates animated helmet-mounted night-vision goggles. Two units have been given this feature: rifleman and squad leader.
To animate the NOD's you should use following commands:

Lower NVG:
this animate ["ngoggles", 0]
[end code]

Raise NVG:
this animate ["ngoggles", 1]
[end code]

Since Rangers were created to make decent counterparts for our Russian Federation VDV 1.5 units, the weapons in these two packs are fairly balanced between each other. Although not JAM-compatible directly, weapons CAN use corresponding JAM magazines. For example, M16A2 from this pack can use "LSR_M16mag", "JAM_W556_30Bmag" and "JAM_W556_30BHDmag".

LEGAL STUFF (Thanks to...)

- Bohemia Interactive Studio for producing the game we still enjoy
- Red Storm Entertainment (textures)
- (all sorts of reference and photos)
- Ballistic Addon Studios (textures, helmet-mounted NVG idea and script, M136 AT4 and SATCOM)
- Inquisitor and corresponding authors (weapon models and textures)
- HawkfighterJP (base character animations)
- Kabal (M24 sniper rifle)
- Jocko Flocko (sounds)
- Lloyd Bailey (M249 and M60 base fire sounds)
- Earl (optics)


"Synchrotone" by Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down soundtrack)
"Tribal War" by Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down soundtrack)
"1916" by Motorhead (published on "1916" album)
Tail rotor failure script by Vektorboson
Thanks to Ballistic Addon Studios for their great Blackhawks addon.

NOTE: BAS Blackhawks and JAM V1 are required to play the demo mission.

Feel free to comment and constructively criticize my work at [email protected] Thanks. 


THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ADDON BLAH BLAH! Well you probably know all this stuff anyway so there's no reason for me to repeat it all over again. Should your house burn down - you're the only one to blame.
This addon is SHAREWARE. Files included cannot be altered or changed in any way. If you want to use something from this addon, contact yours truly for written permission.

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