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New Weapons: - Flame Grenade:can burn soldier and car,once you're on fire,you'd better keep moving or jump into water :) - Tear Gas Grenad...

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New Weapons: - Flame Grenade:can burn soldier and car,once you're on fire,you'd better keep moving or jump into water :) - Tear Gas Grenade: If near you'll shed tears,that's a good tool for block way - Flash Grenade:the fact is StunGrenade if it blow up near you(3-5M),you'll blind and can't hear anything.maybe later I will make a better one. - Flare Grenade:like grenadelauncher's Flare - Bead Grenade: silence grenade,but easily to hurt yourself - Flamethrower:has no model yet,you can find Soldier(Flamethrewer) under West/Men - Some soldier can make makeobject when he has Building Resource(A backpack) - FIA, FIABlack, PLA's TZBD Recon and Spetz Netz can build trap(can only make damage to soldiers) - All Engineer(include USMC's and so on) can build at last 2 kind of buildings such as wirefence and woodfence - All Sniper can build camonet - Medic can drop bandage(he has 6 bandages) - USMC and PLA Airborne's Medic can build Field Hospital. - Smoke Anti-Missile Script for PLA's ZTZ99 tank & USMC's M1A2 tank - Smoke and Reflex Armor Anti-Missile Script for Russian's T80B tank - Para jeeps,you can find it in PLA_Air,If you want them work please set them to"flying"

New Effects: - New damage effects (soldier armor) - New effects when you get hurt from different part: * head: die or stun (=you'll need some time lying on the ground and maybe can't hear anything at sametime) or blind. * hand: hard to take Aim or drop your gun. * leg: lying down or bleeding (= If you move ,you'll increase bleeding speed,If no bandage or medic near,you'll run out all your blood in 3-4 mins) * torso: stun or dying or bleeding.

Close Combat AI: In CQB AI mode,they won't be lying excepted if they must,they'll keep moving and advance, know how to use smokeshell, they now hit and run,seeking cover when under attack, but they may also flee when are under heavy fire. Different soldiers has different AI, if a squad losses their leader(Officer),their formation will be desorganized, grenadier use fire support, machine gunner cover squad's back, sniper stay back, some officers have their own skills so you really need to kill them first etc...

Requires: Marine Assault Pack v1.0 VME PLA ADDONS (1.0)

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