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After a period of tense development since it's 4.12 release the developers from the WarGames League have released version 5 of their tactica...

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File Description

After a period of tense development since it's 4.12 release the developers from the WarGames League have released version 5 of their tactical and realistic mod. The aim of this mod is to force you to work tactically with your sqaud - humans or AI - however this mod is not completely realistic as to retain the fun of regular OFP. A lot of nice features have been incorporated into this mod that most of the Operation Flashpoint community would enjoy. For example when engaging in a tank battle destroyed tanks will not have the "crushed paper" effect. In addition there is the mortar system with which you can call indirect mortar fire on enemy positions to aid you in your mission. Moreover the WGL development team have also included the latest DMA animation packs: thus adding to a realistic but fun gameplay experience.

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changes - 05-08-05

~ Removed model bugs and muzzle flash (allmost all i think)
~ Fixed A10 flare UserAction (though this might not be available to players but just work automatic)
~ Fixed Su-25 weapons/magazine confusion
~ Fixed West engineer ("Miner") - magazine loadout overflow
~ Some config tidying

changes - 05-08-11

~ Added sancpistol and latest dma animation pack
~ Fixed [Bug 94] "launch smoke" doesnt work with m2aX-variants
~ Updated [Bug 116] ruck_dropstuff.sqs misses some definitions of rucksack PackDummy
~ Updated [Bug 87] A10'S GAU-8 APDU causes low FPS
bz entry - plz see this comment, its very important !
~ Fixed [Bug 90] remove guided weapon classes from xxx- rockets variants (cobra & a10)
~ Fixed [Bug 91] AGM offline script not working at AH64 AGM

changes - 05-08-15

~ Fixed: The "MB-LB Repair" variants could not repair. (Too low transportRepair value)
~ Fixed: BZ#119 - WGL ZU-23/ZU-23M east/res confusion cleared up (?)
~ Fixed: "wgl_uav" is now "WGL_UAV" (naming/capitalisation consistency)
~ Fixed: Lots of other capitalisation inconsistencies.
~ Added: WGL4 compatibility class "WGL_T80". (Invisible in the mission editor)
~ Added: BZ#117 - Utility mortar logic to help mission editors use mortars
~ CoC CE2 dialog compatibility fix (dummy text resource with idc=9999 having text="addWP" added to WGLDlgMortar)

changes - 05-08-16

~ Fixed: CfgPatches/WGLVIT_BMP3 declared the BMD-3 again instead of the BMP-3.
~ Lots of ruck model fixes in this one (this might have been the reason for the crashes - tests needed !)
~ wgl_m1a2sep.p3d:
Fixed: alpha hierarchy
Fixed: normals on turrets and details
Fixed: firegeo lod convexity errors
Fixed: geo lod convexity errors

~ wgl_m1a1.p3d
Fixed: "zasleh" selection was incomplete (this caused horizontal part of muzzle flash to appear)
Fixed: see M1A2SEP above
Added: modelled the actual muzzle itself on the M2

~ wgl_m1a1ha.p3d
Fixed: see M1A2SEP above

~ Added: Mortar dialog resources from wgl_veh_config\wglmortar.hpp added to main game resource.cpp. Eases mortar usage.
~ Fixed: BZ#96 - The WGL Ka50 variants now have working speed-dependant "AGM offline" feature.

changes - 05-08-17

~ Added General Baron's editorupdate102 to wgl/addons
~ Mortar system: small fixes, made more robust. Also, manning empty mortars is now "discouraged" since they will be locked down.

changes - 05-08-20

~ Deploying tripods/weapons and dropping ammo is now "quicker" from a player's
point of view
~ New insideSoundCoef values for man helicopters.
~ New inventory pictures for:
* Smoke shells
* Rucksack Carl Gustav rounds
* Rucksack Stingers and Strelas
* Rucksack Mines
~ Medics and miners now have consistent loadout across the board:

Medics have
* 4 rifle magazines (NB: see Bugzilla #70, this is not set in stone)
* 4 bandages
* 2 smoke cans (yellow and violet)
* 1 rucksack white smoke pouch
* 3 rucksack bandage pouches

Miners/Engineers have
* 6 rifle mags
* 2 AT mines
* 2 rucksack mines

changes - 05-08-21

~ More simple islands intro, for faster ofp loading
~ Llaumax sky pack added

changes - 05-08-22

~ WGL_ZU23Res, WGL_ZU23MRes, WGL_MTLBRes, WGL_MTLBURes, WGL_MTLBAMBRes, WGL_MTLBRepairRes, WGL_MTLBZU23Res-classes changed to FIA
~ Added wgl_baracken and baracken (v1.5) to the package for better mission compatibility
~ \bin-cpps moved to bin/src/ (config.cpp and resource.cpp)
~ Now only bins in \bin (bin/config.bin and bin/resource.bin)
~ Text file with change info (doc/wgl_changes)
~ Config.bin &.cpp have more preloaded addons - see bz #120
~ Added res variants again for compatibility with scope=protected; - bz #119

changes - 05-08-24

~ Added units: FIA Crewman, Pilot and Officer (WGL_SoldierRCrew, WGL_SoldierRPilot, WGL_CommanderR)

changes - 05-09-01

~ Rotating weapons will just rotate them, not make them move around.
~ HMMWV Radar vehicle now has an OFP-type radar in the driver's GUI.
~ Deploying weapons and tripods will create the correct amount of ammo on the ground. Unlimited ammo creation exploit fixed.
~ Static DshK machine gun can now be rotated too.
~ AGS-17 "rucksacks" now recognised by the rucksack system
~ Locality issue with placing of AT mines and satchels fixed - now every client will see the explosion effects
~ RPK74 rucksack mag inventory picture changed. They also carry 3 RPK74 mags now.
~ M433/VOG25 rucksack mags now show these designations instead of just "40 mm nades".
~ Pre-game AT Launcher weapons loadout issue fixed. Before, one could not select an AT4 rocket for the AT4 Launcher.
~ More ongoing class name capitalisation fixes.
~ WGL mortar impact dust effects now added to any CoC UA 1.0 firing units.
~ Core BIS Resistance support trucks can now actually provide support (ammo/fuel/reparations)

changes - 05-09-03

~ New crewed weapons magazine handling using the "DROP MAGAZINE" action to
work around the BIS'ed (aka "screwed") "addMagazineCargo" command.
~ Correct of ammo boxes/ruck mags are created depending on how many mags the weapon actually has when you take it apart.
~ Deploying ATGM:s from carrier vehicles will now make them accessible faster. ("reveal trick")
~ Deploying the hide also appears quicker. (again with the reveal trick)
~ AKS74U mags added to the WGL_DefaultEastMagazines TransportMagazines macro
~ Mi-2 cockpit fan and MTLB mud guard flaps actions disabled
~ Crewed weapons can't be taken by heavy weapons soldiers (M60/PKM/M82 and the likes)
~ New recoil code for the A10 cannon, courtesy of SquadEngine forum member "John Smith"
~ SA-13 launcher pods are now green instead of bright yellow.
~ Proper inventory picture for the AKS-74U SD
~ Rucksack 7.62 sniper mags have 3 items in them (was 2)
~ Rucksack Bino and NVG mags have 1 item in them (was 2)
~ East RPO soldier now available.
~ AI:s under player control can now be made to dismantle and reload crewed weapons.

changes - 05-09-04

~ M113A1/A2/A3 models improved: missing flag proxies added, gunner/gun traversal fixed, driver's hatch added to gunner view LOD

changes - 05-09-10

~ Consistency: WGL_Truck5TOFIA renamed WGL_Truck5TOpenFIA. New compatibility classes: WGL_Truck5TOFIA, WGL_BTR80G
~ Ported from WGLZ: Bn880's tracers, Kegetys' spectating system.
~ Added: M3 Bradley Scout series vehicles (WGL_M3A1, WGL_M3A2) with more ammo onboard and only three cargo seats.
~ Fixed: BZ#102 - "No ammo in that AGS-17 static under crew served". The AGS-17 now has one magazine if placed in the editor.
~ Fixed: Added secondary weapon checks in the conditions for disassembling weapons and tripods.
~ Fixed: More sanity checks in the "adding magazines to crewed weapons"-actions.
~ Improved ammo checks for AI "Add ammo" actions when dealing with crewed weapons.
~ SoldierRCrew reverted to a normal resistance soldier model.
~ Re-ordered loadouts of soldiers that had ...,NVGoggles, Binocular to ...,Binocular, NVGoggles. Fixes an animation issue.

changes - 05-09-11

~ Fixed: hopefully the last one with errormessage with handgrenade-effects (due to an unnecessary emtpy line in soem arrays)
~ Added fia variants of wgl_t72 and wgl:t80b (as well as their ai version)
~ Converted some g classes to fia
~ Added and reorganised the compatibility classes
~ Updated cfgpatches.hpp completely (units! not weapons)
~ One missing file added to wglevents.pbo which caused an errormessge

changes - 05-09-12

~ Fixed: little biggy with bmp1k: wrong magazine

changes - 05-09-15

~ Fixed: Rucksack and excess magazine handling when undeploying crewed weapons.
~ Dropping magazines is now implemented using a dummy vehicle that actually drops them. This works around the
broken addWeaponCargo and addMagazine cargo commands for MP play.
~ For evaluation: BZ #108 - "Muted AI chatter". There are now no voice being heard when issuing orders to AI:s, nor do they talk
back to you except in text form. Result: quicker response when giving orders.
~ Fixed: stun still active after player's death #76
~ Fixed: BZ #205 - "In editor for vehicles default position is always driver, not commander".
~ Fixed: BZ #186: "M1 exhaust from incorrect location". Engine exhausts have been moved to the center of the rearward-facing grates.
~ Added BIS Buildings Indestructible. BZ #203

changes 05-09-18

~ Typo in WGL_16inchHC class: indirectHitRange value wasnt set - value needs rework
~ Fixed: HMMWV THEL Geolod, Firelod, fixed to prevent bugs. Also fixed so shadow works and hitpoints for the wheels.
~ AI-manned helis no longer have speed limits for ATGM use, since they can't adapt to those limits. AI helos now fight!
~ Added: the ability to re-pack certain magazines into rucksack mags using a "Pack <something>" action.
~ Fixed: AI helo ATGM speed limiter removed only if the pilot is an AI. Imagine being stuck as gunner with an AI pilot...
~ Fixed: several other HMMWV models (Firelod, proxies fixed so no more errors when running binarize. )
~ Fixed: "HMMWV, M1403, Cargo" can now carry 1 passenger only, since the 3d model only has one cargo proxy. See BZ#164.
~ Cfgpaches tidying
~ DShK-naming standardization

changes 05-09-19

~ Fixed: little typo in cfgpatches
~ Fixed: Wrong muzzle at "M4A1 + M203". BZ #213

changes 05-09-20

~ Fixed: limit set to 1 passenger only for the HMMWV THEL, MRRS and ADT variants. Also, the ADT now has a radar HUD for the driver, just like the MRRS one.
~ Fixed: Smoke launcher action conditions changed. You can't launch smoke without any smoke launcher ammo anymore
~ Optimized: several naming things
~ Removed: several copy bla files
~ Changed: to WGLZ BIS classnames BZ #201
~ Fixed: BZ#93 - cargo issue for the M577/M1068 command vehicles.
~ Fixed: BZ#208 "Cbra startup checklist" - now, only the Apaches and Blackhawks will show "Tail Wheel is LOCKED" during pre-flight.
~ Fixed: BZ#221 "IED model bug" - the IED:s are no longer considered directional charges but are just variations of satchels.

changes 05-09-21

~ Re-fixed: BZ#221 "IED model bug".IEDs would make two items appear on the ground. IEDs are now properly handled as directional mines.
~ Fixed: BZ#167 "Deactivating WGL claymores and bombs gives you a BIS PipeBomb".
~ Fixed: BZ#28 "AGS-17 Range < 200M.". BMD3 AGL grenade detonations now with proper grenade explosion FX.
~ Fixed: (BZ#63) More model fixes, this time to the WGL Chinook models.

changes 05-09-22

~ Added latest version of wgl_campaign_adds/config.cpp
~ Fixed: dud of grenades are deleted after 1 seconds (before 10) (reason: nearestobject command was "blocked" that way)
~ Config value change - needs further testing / balancing (added accuracy=5;) BZ #69
~ Change - needs further evaluation: Graphical errors relating to smoke reduced. BZ #77

changes 05-09-23

~ Fixed: moved initialisation of WGLHelo* variables from helo_initfx.sqs to WGLinit.sqs.
~ Fixed: commented out unused parts of WGLinit.sqf.

changes 05-09-24

~ Fix tweak - BZ#28,"AGS-17 range < 200 m": BMD-3-fired grenades will now airburst with sound properly.
~ BZ #228: "Error message from wglevents script after reload". Hand grenade FX issue, hopefully fixed.

changes 05-09-25

~ Added: BMP1FIA class
~ Changed: class WGLmortar: scope = 1; and class WGL_Mortar81W: scope = 2;
~ Further 'editor reorganization': renamed BIS units vehicles classes and made several Non WGL and BIS units invisible in the editor (scope=1)
~ Rucksack freeze workaround: have soldiers drop their rucksacks when they die.
~ Automatic corpse cleanup: a max of 50 soldiers+50 rucksacks will remain on the battlefield. That number can be adjusted by setting the global variable "WGL_maxcorpses" to one's desire. Default value: 100.
~ Changed: some more vehicle class and scope changes 
~ Rucksack freeze fix-oops fixed: dead guy will now retain his non-rucksack weapons and magazines.
~ Rucksack handling should run only where the user is local.
~ Change for evaluation: WGLZ aimPrecision values
~ Change for evaluation: WGLZ realistic running speed.
~ Change for evaluation: WGLZ FOV changes.

changes 05-09-26

~ Changed: little more vehicleclass tidying
~ Fixed: killed the ugly AI pistol usage mystery ! bz #74
~ Change for evaluation: BZ #118
ATGM Missiles - Engagement range rework.
AIR ATGM Missiles - Added engagement ranges.
Bombs - Engagement range rework.
~ Fixed: onPlayerStun.sqs still contained a small bug - BZ #76
~ Change for testing: added 1 sec wait in onplayerbleed.sqs script.
~ Added and replaced old version:
DMA Animation Replacement pack 1.1
DMA Pistol Replacement pack 1.0
~ Fixed a little bug about minRange definition declared twice
~ Added: AAA airburst sound effects.
~ Fixed: some 4kB+ sized function files that were preloaded are now called using 'call loadFile'.
~ Changed: made defines all lowercase to make them work
~ Reworked: aimPrecision values - see bugzilla
~ Changed: some more vehicleclass changes
~ Changed: add few more vehicle class changes.

changes 05-09-28

~ Fixed: Squad leader classes (SL/TL/Officers) no longer have magazines firing nothing but tracer rounds.
~ Tweaked: Tracer rounds every four shots for most machine guns.
~ Capitalisation changes for certain weapon class names, WGL_GAU_Doorgun added.
~ Fixed: crewed weapons didn't have a complete init EH.
~ Fixed: capitalisations - WGL_LITTER is now "WGL_Litter", WGL_netting is now WGL_Netting.
~ Fixed: the fired EH for some helos wasn't enclosed in quotes.
~ For evaluation: BIS-type tracers disabled for all WGL vehicle and infantry weapons. They now use Bn880's tracers only, where applicable.
~ Fixed: some OH-58:s and Cobras didn't call WGLfuncVehFiredEH in their fired EH:s.
~ Fixed: the A10:s had incomplete init EH:s.
~ Changed: Pistol engagement values to KS suggestion
~ Little vehicleclass optimization

changes 05-09-29

~ Fixed: WGL BMP-2D and BMP-2K were equipped with the BIS BMP-2 weapons and mags. Not so anymore - they now inherit from WGL_BMP2.
~ Fixed: BZ#158 "BLUFOR 5T Truck model error" (5t covered had the "uncovered" model in one of it's visual LODs)
~ Fixed: WGL_SoldierGWMG, "FIA-G West Machine Gunner", was carrying a PKM and a Tokarev instead of a M60/M9 pistol.
~ Fixed: WGL_SoldierGWSniper, "FIA-G West Sniper", had an SVD/a Tokarev. He now carries a M21 rifle and M9 pistol.
~ Updated: DMA anim.pbo to Patrol version
~ Fixed: made AI attack with WGL_Cannon25AP (M6A1) air units (maybe Stinger-WGL_Cannon25AP usage needs optimization now)
~ Changed: WGL_762x51_Auto_Bullet (M60 and M240) and WGL_762x54R_Auto_Bullet (PKM) set airlock = true; AI should engage air units now

changes 05-10-01

~ Changed: vehicleclass-naming to "WGL FIA - unit" (etc) (from "WGL - FIA - unit")
~ Changed: vehicleclass-naming to "WGL FIA - T80U (AI)" (etc) (from "WGL FIA - AI - T80U")

changes 05-10-02

~ Fixed: CTD when placing claymores (west claymore and east MON200) and IED:s
~ Added: added -Radar- classes for all tanks and air units with BIS canSee values (for better AI playability)
~ Changed: editor (for now) flawless :)
~ Added: "WGL_M2StaticMGW", "WGL_M2StaticMGE" - classes (BIS conversion of M2StaticMG)
~ Fixed: alternative rucksack freeze fix system implemented. The old one (see mgfix.sqs, it's now disabled) caused a lot of stutters.
~ Added: predefined groups of WGL armoured vehicles for use in the mission editor. For now, it's just tanks.
~ Changed for evaluation: Deactivated helicopter/plane speed-check for AI only manned ones. BZ #237
~ Changed for evaluation: Deactivated helicopter/plane startup-routine for AI only manned ones. BZ #229
~ Changed for evaluation: now startup sequence will be triggered again, if the engine is turned off for more then 5 seconds
~ Check for engine start is now 20 times slower. (1 instead of 0.05)
~ Added: hiddenSelections for BMP1FIA, T72FIA and T80BFIA to make their green painting appear again.

changes 05-10-04

~ Fixed: Satchel placement tracking works better now...before, when a satchel blew up, you'd get a complimentary one for free :-)

changes 05-10-09

~ Changed: implemented a complete scope system via defines
~ Fixed: still a few issues with some res-addons not letting them be changed.
~ Fixed: little naming issue: RES,Ammo Crates (FIA) in stringtable.csv

changes 05-10-15

~ Changed: Death messages are gone.
~ Changed: modelOptics of WGL_M9 and WGL_Tokarev back to BIS default until they are done.
~ Changed: deactivated text message while burning. bz #79
~ Fixed / optimized: the chopper / plane startup script to have the engine turned on automatically once the startup phase is done.

changes 05-10-16

~ Fixed: commented the line out to have a visible reload action. why this is in here at all is unknown. BZ #214

changes 05-10-19

~ Fixed: removed alpha channel from tracers to remove BIS ones completely - bz #223
~ Added: config_file system: user can set via defines some things own his own:
+ editor visibility
+ AI radio voices 
+ tracers (not fully implemented)
system is not final that way - more changes to come.
~ Changed: sprint speed to be increased by 25% of current values on Phaeden's request.
~ Changed: now ONLY medics do have healing ability - squad leaders do now carry 1 or 2 banages.
~ Changed: removed config.bin and made working config.cpp available in the bin folder as with svn rev #197 the fix to the pistol issue with config.cpp was added.

changes 05-10-22

~ Fixed: error in the include path
~ Fixed: path error related to define_config_file
~ Changed: a few inventory load outs to be more consistent.

changes 05-10-22

~ Changed: mod-folder naming schema changed to "@wgl5".

changes 05-10-25

~ Changed: Recoil and dispersion values set to WGLZ ones for evaluation.
~ Added: two new defines (DEFAULT_DESTRUCTION_TYPE and WGL_VEHICLES_RADAR) for the config file system.

changes 05-11-05

~ Fixed: BZ 253 - M1403Mk19 and  M1109Mk19 are invulnerable against direct hit.  The model had an untidy Fire Geo LOD which made it "transparent" to bullets.
~ Tweak: The build script had a misplaced "@echo off" line, causing unnessecary output to be printed.

changes 05-11-09

~ New: WGL radios are now recognised by and useable with CoC Unified Artillery 1.0.
~ Fixed: UA 1.0 will now recognise the WGL laser designator.

changes 05-11-10

~ Fixed: old debug output from the WGL-UA radio bridge
~ Fixed: The Konkurs launcher had an error in it's "Load AT-5 Mag from BRDM" action - it tried to rearm from a WGL_ATGMCaddyW instead of it's east counterpart, WGL_ATGMCaddyE.

changes 05-11-12

~ Deactivated Hint and Chat sound (for now).
~ Added Locke anim mod.
~ Added little more explanation in the config-file.
~ Fixed: WGL_AT6C (Mi24 and Kamov) was missing engagement ranges (still using BIS ones).
~ Added: missing DirectHitRange value from Yakk gun (values need rework still).

changes 05-11-13

~ Fixed: BZ 254, "Model bug with rucks". Rucksack model was seen untextured when you turned your head around. This was an issue with the View-Pilot LOD, where the visible parts of the rucksack had no textures on them. All sorted now.
~ Fixed: all special characters from non English languages.
~ Changed: to Jinef's modified version. Mainly some command and chat naming changes.

changes 05-11-14

~ Fixed: Added LOCKE anim to interpolations.
~ Fixed: WGL_Rocket80x40 (Kamov) was still canLock = 2 / true.
~ Changed: 3 parts for the new gui.
~ Changed: Wargames GUI revised completely.
~ Changed: all waits below 0.001 to a value ten times slower for evaluation.
~ Fixed: some small mistakes and removed F**K-parts.

changes 05-11-16

~ Changed: (vehicle) FOV for evaluation.
~ Fixed: forgot to delete a local define (for testing).
~ Fixed: forgot a part for the observer system.

changes 05-11-17

~ Fixed: A few small bugs. (stringtable.csv)
~ Fixed: Missing arrows in campaign view.

changes 05-11-20

~ Fixed: sub variants based on wgl_classes.
~ Fixed: some naming to capital letters.
~ Fixed: Effects synchronisation quirk leading to unneccessary createVehicles and therefore network traffic
~ Fixed the fix: only one machine will move the _glow entity around
~ Added: two defines in the define_config_file.cpp to change the armor of Helicopter or Planes by a factor to allow more easy testing.
~ Fixed: Pistol cross hair.
~ Reverted: some wrong change related to the problem above.
~ Fixed: some capital naming issues (Mag).

changes 05-11-21

~ Fixed: changed script logic to avoid sound deactivation.
~ Removed: the score overview in mp ! :-)

changes 05-11-22

~ Fixed: forgot comment about MP overview deactivation.
~ Changed: removed Locke anim mod option from define_config_file.cpp
~ Fixed: weapon names starting with special characters generated tracer syntax errors

changes 05-11-24

~ Restored: the WGL compass, GPS, radio and watch.

changes 05-11-25

~ Fixed: ARMOR_HELI and ARMOR_PLANE values where within quotation marks, and thus all armor of those vehicles was wrong/not working.
~ Fixed: The WGL "Radar" variants of vehicles should be visible in the editor menus by default.

changes 05-11-26

~ Removed: all old references to bn-tracers, observer system.
~ Added: wgl_zm.pbo incoperated (ruck fix updated. variables changed to WGL system. contains bn-tracers, observer & marker system).

changes 05-11-27

~ Changed: wgl_gui in unpbo'ed format.
~ Moved: new gui to wgl_gui/wgl.
~ Added: wgl_gui/bis (modified BIS missionbook available via define_config_file (standard setting)).
~ Changed: large GUI fonts standard setting now (define_config_file).

changes 05-11-28

~ Added: wgl_zm.pbo documentation.
~ Changed: tracers back to former WGL5 values.
~ Re added: bn's fix for weapons starting with numbers. 
~ Fixed: wgl_zm needs to be preloaded in the main config so as to be transparent to mission editing and not sneak itself into mission.sqm:s

changes 05-12-03

~ Fixed: possible problem with incomplete define.
~ Fixed: re-added a friendly kill message.
~ Fixed: (hopefully) Dropped stuff couldnt be taken up again. see bz #287
~ Fixed: made (currently typed) chat white to be able to see it best.
~ Fixed: player list back to default.
~ Added: WGL5-UA1.0 radio bridge now extendable á lá UA 1.1 using the global array of strings CoC_IFradiotypes

changes 05-12-04

~ Fixed: config had 2001-style 'missing addons groups' pollution in the shape of an empty Markers class. NO\! BAD noobie config writer\! BAD\!
~ Fixed: added delay to keep warnings from stacking, sound file is ~2.33 seconds.

changes 05-12-05

~ Changed: default defines to more user friendly.
~ Changed: naming from define_config_file.cpp to config_base.hpp.
~ Added: new define to be able to hide unfinished vehicles.
~ Reorganized: config_base.hpp a bit.
~ Added: new define: ENABLE_BIS_GUI_MODELS - activate BIS GUI models like notebook etc.
~ Updated: comment about config_base.hpp.
~ Added: models_base.hpp system (more additions needed).

changes 05-12-06

~ Fixed: not complete capital naming by a few defines.

changes 05-12-08

~ Added: a few TruckV3S WGL4.12 compatibility classes.

changes 05-12-10

~ Changed: define naming from MODEL_CLASSNAME to CLASSNAME_MODEL.
~ Changed: model define syntax from "model=X" to "model = X".
~ Changed: moved "model =" entry to the top of each class.
~ Changed: shortened delay of warning.
~ Added: model defines for all vehicles.
~ Changed: model define isn't "model = DEFINE;" but now only "DEFINE".
  Benefits: if you don't define some exchange, the class wont have a model 
  entry at all and therefore will inherit the one from his mother class.
  Also "define text" can be a define now.
~ Added: defines for "hiddenSelection"-Array and define for "gunnerOpticsModel"
~ Optimized: some structure introduced in wgl5_models_base.hpp.

changes 05-12-11

~ Added: defines for men classes ("hiddenSelection"-Array,"model","wounds"-Array)
~ Added: imports to necessary files.
~ Changed: structure of files to use the model_base define system.
~ Updated: another attempt to fix problem with sound. (see changes in the revision before. committed it in that by accident).
~ Changed: deactivated WGLfuncHE (effect from AAA guns) until proper one available (FPS killer).
~ Fixed: trabant class missing most values (incomplete incoperation).
~ Added: config for BIS and DMA army pack.
~ Updated: wgl5 config with various things (class comment etc).
~ Added: compatibility fix for WGL_UH60.

changes 05-12-12

~ Changed: exchanged class system for combat units and air (BIS system now default (radar and tank tracks), in addition there is realism versions).
~ Added: cfgModels define, some comments, user choice system in models_base.hpp.
~ Updated: dma_army_models_base.hpp.
~ Changed: doc structure (sub-folders added).
~ Added: unitlist.xls and weplist.xls (contain all classes for mappers).
~ Fixed: define system to ensure noob safety didnt work.

changes 05-12-17

~ Fixed: WGL_AKS74GL WGL_GP30Muzzle wasn't based on WGL_GrenadeLauncher.
~ Added: models_base.hpp might be fool proof now ;) At the end there is a fall-back-define in case one deactivates all model defines.
~ Fixed: error message related to the "Pack VOG 25 Grenades" user action. (Unbalanced parentheses)

changes 05-12-18

~ Added: defines for modelmagazine (models_base.hpp).
~ Added: defines for model (models_base.hpp).
~ Added: defines for modelOptics (models_base.hpp).
~ Fixed: modelOptics defined twice for WGL_AKS74PSO1.
~ Added: include of models_base.hpp.
~ Added: defines for weapons (model, modelOptics, modelmagazine).
~ Changed: some infantry in dma_army_models_base.hpp.
~ Added: dma_naval_models_base.hpp and changed models_base.hpp accordingly.
~ Added: define and include to have cfgmodels define work.

changes 05-12-19

~ Fixed: planes should not have rotary aircraft-style rotorwas dust effects...
~ Re-fixed: condition check for the VOG-25 rucksack grenade repacking action. This time it's a keeper. Promise :-)

changes 05-12-27

~ Added: Ability to disable the heli/airplane startup sequence by setting the global variable WGLAirframeFX to false.
~ Changed: made a few non radar AAA guns visible in the editor again.
~ Added: WGL_maxcorpses=100; now set by default.
~ Added: markers for realism vehicles too.
~ Added: new utility logics to disable heli/plane startup sequence, random failures and ATGM speed limits. Utility logics consolidated into wglevents now (was in main config and wgl_veh_config previously)
~ Removed: last of the friendly fire (TK, team kill) message strings (STR_KILLED_BY_FRIENDLY).
~ Fixed: wglevents config needs to include bin/config_base.hpp for the utility logics to be visible in the mission editor.

changes 05-12-31

~ Fixed: new rucksack freeze fix trick by John Smith. BZ #305
~ Fixed: BZ #300 - "M4A1 optics still old BIS". The WGL M4 now has a custom iron sights view.

changes 06-01-08

~ Added: the ability to disable Bn880's tracer effects by either using a utility Game Logic or setting "WGLNoTracers=true".

changes 06-01-13

~ For evaluation: BZ #243 - "WGL_AH1 weapon needs rework for AI". The TOW Launcher weapons had very short reloadTime values (half a second) which made AI helos very quickly ripple fire their TOW:s at targets.The reloadTime is now set to 1.0 seconds which improves things. Affected weapons are the one with class names WGL_BGM71*Launcher.
~ Modified: BZ#258, "AH-1 cannon too inaccurate". I've lowered the dispersion value for the WGL_M197Cannon from 0.0125 to 0.005 which corresponds to the value for the AH-64 cannon, WGL_M230Cannon. Let's try that value for a while...
~ Fixed: BZ#305, Ruck fix action command referenced a non-existing "_dummy" entity. Also: the post-fix cleanup and WGL_dead traversal has been made more robust.
~ Fixed: an OFP'ism is that one should always use "deleteStatus" before a "saveStatus" to guarantee the consistency of the saved status data.

changes 06-01-14

~ Updated: CfgPatches tidying.
~ Added: sort of re-added standard faces for civilians. its done via additional entries in "class CfgFaces" and changes in the "civilian" part further below where it is defined which character should get which face (not unit!).
~ Re-Added: Guba's face should work now again.
~ Added: CTI specific classes (WGL_M577A3_CTI, WGL_MTLBU_CTI).
~ Changed: naming to BLUFOR, REDFOR, RES and CIV.
~ Changed: vehicleclass-naming to "BIS Infantry" and "BIS Armored Vehicles".
~ Changed: vehicleclass-naming of WGL classes:
 + Prefix added: "#WGL ...".
 + Removed side comment (BLUFOR etc).
 + Changing Infantry classes naming a bit.
~ Fixed: forgot to adept a few vehicleclasses to the new naming system.

changes 06-01-16

~ Fixed: WGL_SoldierESaboteurPipeHG still had a BIS weapon.
~ Fixed: WGL_SoldierESaboteurPipeHG had wrong ammo now...

changes 06-01-23

For evaluation: BZ #255 - "bullet impact sound too loud". Sound levels for WGL_Bullet were all at "db+5" but are now reverted to the WGL4 levels of "db-25". Let's see how that works out...

changes 06-01-29

~ Removed: files named "context.bin" are just crash dump files OFP produces for BIS debugging purposes. It's not used nor needed.

changes 06-02-02

~ Fixed: a bug introduced by me which made sound return also on WGLrespawn true.
(onplayerdeathblack.sqs does the reactivation of the sound with WGLrespawn true)
~ Added: Gamelogic to Enable "WGLrespawn".

changes 06-02-03

~ Fixed: RPK-74 and -47 can now use normal AK-74/47 magasines too.
~ Fixed: The M249 SAW can now use normal M16 magazines too.
~ Reverted: No simple/good solution to having the M249 SAW be able to use M16 mags. (AKA "It didn't work"). The M249 only fires in full auto whereas the M16 mags are single shot or burst modes. Adding "WGL_M16Mag" to the M249's magazines[] makes it possible to pick the M16 mags up, but you can't fire them since the M249 weapon doesn't support either the "Single" nor "Burst" firing modes of the WGL_M16Mag and I couldn't work out a non-tacky way of solving that. The tacky way is to define two separate muzzles for the M249, one for firing M249 boxes in full auto, the other to load M16 magazines and fire them in "Single" or "Burst". Single- or burst mode fires can't be done on a M249 IRL (AFAIK), so that's just...well, tacky.
~ Changed: weapon and magazine class naming part 1 (PKT). bz #286
~ Changed: weapon and magazine class naming part 2 (NSVT). bz #286
~ Fixed: two small issues with PKT naming.

changes 06-02-05

~ Updated: to DMA pistol animation 1.1.
~ Updated: to DMA nextGen animation 1.1 (patrol version).

changes 06-02-13

~ Fixed: transition problem from crouch position and move to the "crouch walk.
(Sanctuary: i noticed you forgot to define the animation that is coming before the crouch walk (i guess the problem is that Locke forgot to do it in his config mod)
And so when an unit is in crouch position and move to the "crouch walk", it does not look smooth at all and the unit was standing up before being mysteriously morphed to the crouch walk.)

changes 06-02-14

~ Fixed: All instances of "WGL_IconBoat" needed changing to "WGL_IconPBR", the latter which is an existing marker type.

changes 06-02-20

~ Added: text tile named version.txt which contains always information about the latest version of the MOD. this should help users getting their local version more easily.
~ Fixed: there were no impact effects for large mortars due to a missing parameter in the effects call. Large (81/82 mm) mortar impacts are now a lot more impressive.

changes 06-03-06

~ Added: tracked variants of the support vehicles (Ammo, Fuel, Repair) based on the M113 and BMP Ambulance models. (TODO: add these to the bin\model_definitions\*.hpp framework)

changes 06-03-08

~ Changed: modified/normalised lots of airframe pilot and gunner FOV values. For example, the WGL Chinook now has a cockpit view that's useful again.
(FOV values are still fixed at 1.2 for all airframes that aren't command helis) - See Bugzilla #334.
~ Fixed: just some small indentation/code prettifying things done.

changes 06-03-09

~ Fixed: more FOV tweaking - less fisheye feeling overall.
~ Changed: Mission-editor placed groups now have their leader at the top of the "triangle of units" that are being placed. New US infantry platoon groups are also added (A few smaller plt cmd elements and a 9-man rifle squad (SAW))

changes 06-03-11

~ Fixed: made the UH-60 and CH47 Medivacs be 'healers' in that you can heal at them.

changes 06-03-12

~ Added: custom callsign word "Weapons". (This can be used with setGroupId either as the first or second parameter, ie letter or colour) 
~ Added: four new marker colours - orange, dark blue, light grey and dark grey. (Place a marker, use SHIFT+up arrow and/or down arrow to cycle between colours)

changes 06-03-13

~ Fixed: WGL_CH47D FOV nigglies. (BIS CH47D addon resets FOV values to stock BIS ones)
~ Fixed: WGL_Truck5TM2 had odd gunner FOV values too.

changes 06-03-16

~ Fixed: The UA 1.0 radio bridge doesn't need to be kept running on a dedicated server. It now exits after the inital setup.

changes 06-03-0522

~ Added: GV to disable stun from bullets etc for fast paced pvp play (optional).
~ Removed: un-need folder. see comment of the next revision.
~ Changed: integrated GUI files in wgl_ui.pbo and changed naming a bit.
~ Added: GV to disable vehicle destruction effects and a gamelogic for the same.
~ Changed: made 'host local server' the default option once you switch to multiplayer section (connect to server is useless anyway without selecting a server first).
~ Changed: animspeed to 1000 (instead of 1) to remove GUI anims and make windows appear instant.
~ Changed/Fixed: Made options menu well horizontal and vertical aligned.

changes 06-03-27

~ Fixed: during MP, the score table ("I" key) is still 'disabled', but the player list, "P" key dialog is now usable again. Many thanks to LWLooz for handing me the solution. Just awesome. (Changes were made to class MPTable in config.cpp

changes 06-04-02

~ Changed MultiplayerSetup appearance a bit (more rows).
~ Added: comments about different models_base configs.

changes 06-04-03

~ Fixed: display problems with campaign overview.
~ Fixed: model bug with singlemission overview.

changes 06-04-06

~ Changed: sound values to the ones ryan suggested - thanks mate ! - still sound levels are a BIG todo for the future.
~ Updated: unit and weapon docu a bit. more to come.

changes 06-04-07

~ Changed: link to the wgl wiki.

changes 06-04-08

~ Fixed: (maybe) cartridges for pistols defined now (in main config).

changes 06-04-09

~ Fixed: wrong class derivation.
~ Updated: unitlist.xls for a better schema
~ Added: infantrie class overview.
~ Updated: layout a bit.
~ Updated: description text and displayName from FIA to RES.

changes 06-04-10

~ Fixed: default position in the editor for west is commander again. bz #205
~ Added: new MP variants of shilka, vulcan, a10 and su25 without almost all EHs (only destroyedInit.sqs and wglinit.sqs).
~ Re-Added: launcher's smoke FX upon firing.
~ Fixed: Ammo name of Strela launcher had case insensitivity.
~ Fixed: wrong ammo class defined (M82A1 should have now some new effects (dust, shock, smoke)).
~ Fixed: case insensitivity with WGL_Timebomb and WGL_Pipebomb.
~ Fixed: case insensitivity with WGL_MON200Explosion.

changes 06-04-12

~ Fixed: (Jinef) Removed CfgGroups from kmmint, lsr_gru and lsr_vdv.pbo since they are not to be visible in the editor in WGL5.
~ Added: sound files in sub folders for the pending WGL5 sound level fixes by Jinef. The old ones (wgl_sound\*.wss) are slated for later removal (exception being wgl_click.wss). More on this as it develops. For now, accept the redundancy and file bloat.

changes 06-04-16

~ Re-Added: WGL4.x satchel effect as the former was buggy / not nice at all.
~ Fixed: M82(ammo) was mistakenly listed in here and made the original effect not happen.
~ Added: "WGL_ClaymoreExplosion","WGL_MON200Explosion","WGL_IEDSMLExplosion","WGL_IEDMEDExplosion","WGL_IEDLRGExplosion" to let them have the satchelFX for now - tested currently not in use effects (fx_claymore.sqf, fx_mon200.sqf, fx_satchel.sqf), but none of them locked nowhere finished. maybe not really suited to MON200 and Claymore - feedback required.
~ Fixed: M16 Single shoot sound was using M16Fire.wss instead of M4Fire.wss (okay..), yet the sound level was much too low now (reseted back to original "M16" sound).
~ Changed: now using again WGL4.x effect as its more pretty and the effect is deactivated in MP anyway (see next revision for details).
~ Added: GV WGLMPgame which is true for (dedicated?) server play and false for single. Its also used to deactivate a few effects in MP completely.
~ Changed: WGLfuncCart effect is now only called on the init of the function instead of every 0.0001s in the loop... 
~ Changed: WGLHERotarytypes effect deactivated in MP.
~ Changed: WGLMGTypes and WGLrifleTypes effect deactivated in MP.
~ Changed: MK19 grenades effect deactivated in MP due to FPS problems.

changes 06-04-17

~ Fixed: Placeholder faces now define all attributes of faces, so that one don't get error messages.
~ Changed: finally sound and sound levels completely reworked. BIG thanks to Jinef and bn880 !
~ Changed: infantry weapons have now unshiny textures.
~ Changed: blood is basically a more vividly red cloud now.
~ Changed: default destruction type of non air units to 'destructmen' - this means no BIS explosion, smoke and crumble. air units still have BIS default.
~ Changed: default destruction type of ammo creates to 'destructno' - this makes them invincible.
~ Changed: AI voices disabled by default. user action is needed to reactivate them.
~ Fixed: another case insensitivity with WGL_Timebomb, WGL_Pipebomb and MON200.

changes 06-04-18

~ Changed: scores overview (I) shows now: "Stats during the game are not available".
~ Fixed: naming issue with Baretta's sound file.
~ Fixed: LAW now using its new sound.
~ Changed: updated to DMA Pistol Replacement pack 1.2.
~ Added: DMA pistol anim replacement 1.2.
~ Replaced: LOCKE anim mod with DMA Lean Mod 1.0.
~ Fixed: We dont know WGLZdedy..
~ Changed: DBR gamelogic to something useful - it says 'Disable DBR' now (wgl_maxcorpses=99999).
~ Removed: WGL_KilledEH - wasn't in use..

changes 06-04-19

~ Replaced: Editor102Addon from GB with Mikero's - it is more advanced and polished.
~ Fixed: lower case conversion.
~ Added: DMA lean and pistol readmes.
~ Fixed: a soundcoeff define wasn't set. therefore most infantry weapons had no explosion sound (by Jinef).
~ Changed: AA and Strela hit sound now lower (still barely noticeable).
~ Changed: AK47, RPK47 and PKM use their former sound again.
~ Changed: Hit sounds now 5 times longer & louder to be heard (by Jinef).
~ Updated: docu a bit.
~ Added: misc sheet - useful for CTI conversion for example.

changes 06-04-20

~ Optimized: indentation.
~ Changed: made an own file for cfgammo definition (includes cfgrecoil as well) for better structure.
~ Changed: Bn tracers removed from A10, Su25, Vulcan, Shilka, ZU23 and re-added BIS tracers for them.
~ Added: introduced WGL_Tracer_MidBullet for WGL_Cannon20HE, WGL_Cannon25HE, WGL_Cannon25AP ammo classes (were using the same tracer class as those units above).
~ Changed: Jay Sanders : Scuds don't launch much but when they do WHOOOOSH.
~ Fixed: a small bug.
~ Removed: cursor from all non planes (include all ground vehicles and helicopters). If you have played without crosshair anyway, the only thing changed that helicopters are missing the cursor now too - better get a gunner anyway ;)
~ Fixed: a bug with mission overview book at the map end.
~ Optimized: loadFile calls.
~ Fixed: mission book in BIS style.

changes 06-04-21

~ Fixed: the unit tracker system showed no markers for units in parachutes (UnitmarkerInit.sqs had wrong names for the markers for Parachute[East|West|G|C]Marker.
~ Reduced: sound volume of permanent insects nature sound.
~ Added: coc ns for easy mission use.

changes 06-04-22

~ Fixed: (Lupus) Model face properties were not set to allow proper damage rendering. Other small errors.
~ Fixed: Face properties set for proper damage rendering. Visual and logical LOD fixes en masse. TODO: Move the commander's machine gun out of the way...
~ Fixed: some faces in the 0.5 LOD of the M113:s were not set to be part of the hull (face property=50) and were therefore seen as undamaged/non-blackened on a destroyed M113.

changes 06-04-23

~ Added: Dustcloud explosion effects for directional mines/IED:s. (Silly for Claymores and MON200:s, but for IED:s it's "realistic". Only way we can do it - Claymores and MON200:s are really only glorified satchel charges in WGL currently)
~ Updated: internal and external version files.
~ Removed: value after the defines - were useless and made people misunderstand the system anyway.
~ Changed: this will make waiting players visible upon selection in the playerlist 'p'.

changes 06-04-24

~ Fixed: issue with version.sqf.

changes 06-04-28

~ Fixed: the utility game logic "MP Version Check" had version "5.00" hardcoded into it. The version number is now dynamically loaded from wglevents/version.sqf.
~ Fixed: Unfinished vehicles should not be visible in the mission editor. (HIDE_UNFINISHED_WGL_VEHICLES now defined/"active")
~ Changed: 2A42 30 mm cannon rate of fire lowered from 550 rpm to 300 rpm as per discussions in BZ #100.
See http://www.lausch.at/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=100

changes 06-04-29

~ Fixed: the smoke block can be completely removed from burning vehicles (Phaeden).

changes 06-04-30

~ Fixed: small naming issue.
~ Fixed: WGL_DShKbulletx4 had BIS tracers by accident. removed them again.
~ Changed: armor level from helicopters reduced to 50% for evaluation. (bz issue 97)
~ Changed: armor level from places reduced to 30% for evaluation. (bz issue 97)
~ Changed: Accelerated ROF to 1000 rpm (0.05) from 500 (0.10).
~ Fixed: alpha channels for wgl weapons textures in lower lods (by wheresmyrabbit).

changes 06-05-01

~ Updated: to Dynamic Mission Alliance Animation Replacement pack -UNIGEN-.
~ Updated: to DMA Lean anim pack "UNIGEN".

changes 06-05-02

~ Added: link and description about Excel Viewer 2003 - for those who don't have excel itself.
~ Removed: due to not being lowercase.
~ Added: link and description about Excel Viewer 2003 - for those who don't have excel itself.
~ Fixed: BTR80A HA had the WGL_M2A0Cannon25 and not the one from the BMP2 (WGL_2A42Cannon30).
~ Fixed: two misleading comments about the path to certain files.

changes 06-05-02

~ Fixed: BZ #346, "ITOW/AT-5 UserActions can be called from inside a vehicle". The "Undeploy X", "Load X Mag from..."
and "Shift X Left/Right" actions are no longer available to players inside vehicles near a ITOW/AT-5 launcher.
~ Fixed: BZ #345, "Undeploy/Refill ITOW/AT-5 only works for WGL_ATGMCaddyE and WGL_ATGMCaddyW". New functionality added to make
all variations of ATGM launcher vehichles work. (BRDM and HMMWV variatons and Ural/5T truck types)
~ Fixed: ruckacks and corpses should now both be removed after a while, according to the set threshold WGL_maxcorpses.
~ Fixed: irSignature removed from rucks.
~ Improved: The BZ #345 fixes from rev 466 are now improved - the UserAction conditions now completely cover all current types of
ATGM launcher carrier vehicles properly.
~ Fixed: added "WGL_M113ITOW","WGL_M113ITOW_R" to the list of ATGM Launcher carriers that the static TOW launcher regognises.

changes 06-05-05

~ Fixed: The refill action for the static TOW launcher had a script call that was missing a trailing .sqf in a loadFile argument
~ Changed: reverted a few expression back to default (mainly fixed terms / several ppl were confused by those).
~ Changed: 'normalized' a few ones (no foul words).
~ Fixed: a few expressions were the initial sense was changed.
~ Fixed: WGL_AGS17 was named in Breakdown UA machine gun - not its grenade launcher.
~ Changed: rucks now don't have any longer a map icon once dropped on the ground (icons can be seen only in cadet anyway).

changes 06-05-06

~ Added: support for the other TOW Launcher class, "WGL_M220Launcher" to the functions used by the WGL_TOWLauncher UserActions.
~ Added: FIA and _R variants of BMP/M113-Repair/Fuel/Ammo vehicles.
~ Changed: made all BMP/M113-Repair/Fuel/Ammo variants use the models_base system.
~ Updated: reference docus to reflect the changes.
~ Changed: made all BMP/M113-Repair/Fuel/Ammo variants use the models_base system.

changes 06-05-07

~ Removed: wgl_vitapc folder / pbo (see next revision for more info).
~ Updated: VITAPC pack to latest version (0.8 to 1.4).
~ Removed: wgl_vitapc folder / pbo.
~ Added: dkmm_rsc.pbo, vitapc.pbo.
~ Added: wgl_vitapc_config - its a modified version of the orginial vitapc_config (canLock disabled, former wgl_vitapc compatibility added, changed scope to ADD_VEHICLES_HIDDEN, includes to config_base and models_base added, model definition moved to models_base).
~ Exchanged: WGLVIT_BMD3_AGS30AMMO to VIT_AGS30AMMO (wglevents\vehiclefx\typesgrenade.sqf).
~ Updated: wgl_veh_config:
~ cfgmoves.hpp: class WGL_NSVGunner - file=\VITAPC\anim\NSVGunner.rtm;
~ cfgpatches.hpp: required addons updated.
~ cfgweapons.hpp: WGLVIT to VIT and a few other changes.
~ cfgvehicles.hpp: WGLVIT to VIT / WGL_VIT to VIT and BTR use now WGL_PKT and a few other changes.
~ Updated: main config (PreloadBanks and PreloadAddons).
~ Updated: model_definitions added for VIT models in use currently.
~ Remaining issues: BMP3 and BMD3 still miss damage properties for a few LODs.

changes 06-05-11

~ Added: a few new mech infantry/IFV NATO map symbols made by lwlooz
~ Fixed: In MP, the spectating feature didn't allow a player to watch all of his side's units, which is the intended default.
~ Changed: Removed all vehicle grenades in MP due to FPS problems.
~ Optimized: weaponfx: scripts and functions to have the server exit them, if they are not needed (like for effects or camcreate).
 + sqs-way: ?WGLdedserver:exit (at the very beginning).
 + sqf-way: if(!WGLdedserver)then{ ... }; (at the very beginning).
~ Optimized: vehiclefx: scripts and functions to have the server exit them, if they are not needed (like for effects or camcreate).
 + sqs-way: ?WGLdedserver:exit (at the very beginning).
 + sqf-way: if(!WGLdedserver)then{ ... }; (at the very beginning).
~ Fixed: ofp only likes 5 digits, so i changed the version number from 5.060423 to 5.60423 (zero removed from the decade).
~ Improved: BZ #345 - Konkurs/ITOW Refill action had a quirk allowing infinite refills.

changes 06-05-12

~ Fixed: the word "lose" has been misspelled as "loose" for too long.

changes 06-05-13

~ Improved: performance tweaks, especially for MP, done to the vehicle FFAR WP and grenade tracker scripts.
~ Fixed: script exited before the DeathCamArray setup based on WGLMPgame, which is wrong. It now exits on WGLdedserver instead,
as intended.
~ Fixed: buglet in determining if WGLplayerside is initialised or not.
~ Improved: indendation for clarity, syntax for determining wether or not to initialise WGLplayerside.

changes 06-05-14

~ Changed: we use now FxCartridge rather than FxCartridgeSmall for pistols as well, as FxCartridgeSmall is very large and mass of the model is incorrect (which makes the cartridge jump very high upon impact).
~ Trimmed: most local variables to make them as short as possible - see shortvar_explanation.txt for the list.
~ Removed: all unnecessary blanks from the arithmetic operators (+,-,*,/,&,|,<,>,=).
~ Unified: sqf files (1st line: server exit condition in applicable, 2nd private variables array, block with default variables assignment
~ Optimized: loops a bit in track_grenadelauncher.sqs, track_grenadelaunchersmoke.sqs, track_smokegrenade.sqs and in general (removed comments from fast loops and made the label as short as possible etc.
~ Removed: tabs, spaces, ';' (only sqs) from the end of a line.
~ Optimized: drop commands by removing all unnecessary things and made em fit a single line. 
~ Optimized: indendation for clarity (vehiclefx\weaponfxinit.sqs, weaponfx\weaponfxinit.sqs).
~ Optimized: effects script now possible to 'loadFile' due to size reduction.
~ Changed: aiRateOfFire to make AI choppers fire their ATGM in larger time intervals (to avoid x rockets on the same dead bmp-like vehicle).
~ Added: ENABLE_BIS_FACES define to use BIS default faces again rather the WGL camo ones (BIS faces are default setting).
~ Optimized: if-clauses to make them more efficient by proper nesting.
~ Updated: firedEH.sqf with WGLZ improvements (proper nested if-clauses and few other optimizations).
~ Merged: Bn880's WGLZ rewrite of heliFX scripts.

changes 06-05-20

~ Modified: Mission-editor groups for the east side are now led by squad leaders, not machine gunners. The rifle squads have
also been redone according to FM 100-63.
~ Fixed: "War Games League - OPFOR" is now shown as "War Games League - REDFOR" in the mission editor "F2" group placement dialog.
Added: An east infantry platoon weapons squad (PKM).

changes 06-05-23

~ Fixed: The DMA Army models config now uses the proper model for the east side medic.
~ Fixed: hardcoded model, wounds and hidden selections for the DMA Army model config western medic too. The reason is that we
want to let the WGL_SoldierWMedic inherit from the basic SoldierWMedic (countType applications, "find a medic") instead
of WGL_SoldierWB. The needed changes to wgl_men_config are in the next commit.
~ Fixed: The east and west WGL medics are now based on their stock BIS counterparts, SoldierEMedic and SoldierWMedic. This gives
scripters the ability to tell that a unit is a medic using the countType command.
~ Fixed: all medic type soldiers now descend (directly or indirectly) from the BIS Medic classes. DMA Army and Naval model configurations altered to use proper models for the reconfigured Docs.
~ Added: a new east soldier class, "Antiarmor specialist", carrying a one-shot RPG-22 tube. WGL_SoldierEMAT, corresponding to
it's western counterpart WGL_SoldierWMAT, which has the M136 AT-4 Launcher.

changes 06-05-25

~ Fixed: M60 Weapon and Tank had the same (Model) define. M60 Machinegun's define is now WGL_M60MG_*. darn ... 
~ Changed: Re-enables color for waiting and not-selected ppl in the 'p' list (and makes disabled 'i' view even uglier).
~ Changed: made the rifle grenades be used by AI units. The old arming delay feature of the rifle grenades are now disabled
but the code is kept for future reference.
~ Changed: we use default BIS T55 model again as the modified doesn't have proper damage properties.
~ Fixed: In the docs for the group marker tracking system, there was a reference to a global variable "WGL_GmMarkers". That should
be "WGL_GMarkers", which it now is.

changes 06-05-27

~ Fixed: naming of 'losing connection'.
~ Fixed: forgot ARMOR_HELI factor in WGL_Mi35FIA class.
~ Added: armor_values_overview - remember keeping this up to date.
~ Fixed: naming of GVs WGLHeloAirFrameFX and WGLHeloRocketAirframeFX.
~ Merged: Bn880's WGLZ rewrite of vehicleFX scripts for helos:
 + overall optimization.
 + click sound removed from startup sequence.
~ Fixed: helo_initfx is now a sqf file and therefore needs to be loaded with loadFile in cfgvehicles.hpp.
~ Optimized: EH definitions a bit by removing unnecessary spaces (main config and wgl_veh_config's cfgvehicles.hpp).

changes 06-05-28

~ Fixed / Reworked: horizons - now they are fixed on an axis and not floating around in the cockpit. Still it could be better as once the plane's/helicopter's angle is straight up or down the horizon object comes out of the console a bit.
~ Added: new optics for AH-1 variants.
~ Added: OSV96 weapon:
 + sounds (wgl_sounds/Man_Wep)
 + model (wgl_wep/v94)
 + icons (wgl_wep/icons)
 + config parts (wgl_wep_config: CfgPatches, CfgModels, CfgAmmo, CfgWeapons)
 + infantry classes added (wgl_men_config: CfgPatches, cfgsoldiersebasic, cfgsoldiersespets)
 + wglevents updated (weaponfx/tpyes82, weaponfx/ruck_dropstuff)
 + model_definitions updated.
~ Added: sound for M40_Fire and SV98_Fire(wgl_sounds/Man_Wep, wgl_wep_config/cfgweapons)
~ Reworked: reloadTimes for M40 vars and SV98 (wgl_wep_config/cfgweapons). 
~ Updated: documentation files to reflect the OSV96 addition.
~ Added: new WGL_AH1 optics to AH1 variants.
~ Tagged: obsolete files with the comment 'NOT USED'.
~ Optimized: code by removing unnecessary spaces (?_/:_) and removed leading zero of zero-doubles (_0.xxx).
~ Fixed: set AirFrameFX GVs by accident to the wrong value (from the merge) - they are active now again.
~ Fixed: we also want the AirFrameFX scripts be run on planes (the system was different before, so it had to be changed now).
~ Fixed: duplicate GV WGLHeloDamageFX removed.
~ Fixed: startup sequence was too fast and not synchronized any longer after the WGLZ merge. 
~ Fixed: the bleeding to death in vehicles almost completely. Issues remain:
 - If one bleeds to death in an air unit, it ejects one into a chute and one just dies after the landing.
 - Very rarely the bleeding to death issue still happens.
~ Follow-up: The bug seems to be produced when being setDammage'd to early / while still being in the eject animation / not yet being out of the vehicles correctly.
~ Moved: WGLbloodloss=true to the hitEH script to have it set as early as possible to avoid multiple class of the script (suggestion by Tact).
~ Changed: load up screen features now the nice WGL5 logo (if you haven't set 'nosplash' - also ONLY this one is shown for 3 seconds).
~ Added: A M6 Linebacker model that has a 4-tube Stinger launcher instead of the M2 2 x TOW launcher tubes.
Model is based on the WGL M2 model and done by [42K]Firefly and ryan.
~ Added: a selection of company- and battallion level map symbols.

changes 06-05-29

~ Changed: horizon back to BIS from those which were BIS before and just have BIS broken horizon. Both ways it looks awful, but at least its BIS fault here now again.
~ Optimized: made variables private.
~ Reverted: back to former working version of firedeh.sqf (with a bit of trimming).

changes 06-05-30

~ Reworked: volume of the sounds (reduced them by 7.5db). Lets see if its better now.
~ Tweaked: ATGM min/mid/maxRangeProbability set to 1.0 for all ATGM ammo types.
~ Tweaked: indirectHit damage values for the western BGM-71 variants lowered to 50% for gameplay balance.
~ Tweaked: aiRateOfFireDistance for WGL_StaticBase increased from 2000 to 4000.
~ Tweak: instead of lowering the west BGM-71 indirectHit values by 50%, double the indirectHit values of their eastern
 counterparts. That results in both sides now having "dangerous" ATGM missiles.
~ Added: icon for SV98.
~ Added: model for SV98.
~ Updated: optics for V94. 
  Again BIG thanks to Ryan and 'Where is my Rabbit'

changes 06-05-31

~ Tweaked: ATGM damage values, again. West ammo lowered to 75% of their original indirectHit values, east increased by 25%.

changes 06-06-02

~ Fixed: texture path errors in the "View-Cargo" LOD of the OSV-96 import.
~ Fixed: RES side preconfigured groups are now led by the first unit in the formation and that unit is a squad leader where applicable.
~ Tweaked: WGL pistol bullet damage increased somewhat. It shouldn't take two magazines to take down an opponent,
 WGL Bandage gameplay feature or not. :-) [ WGL_9x19_Bullet, WGL_762x25_Bullet for the WGL_M9 and WGL_Tokarev pistols]
~ Updated: HE impact effects from Phaeden.
~ Added: new alternative stringtable for "for those that want a little more 'realistic' version - basically it adds swearing and changes some statements to more military-style ones." (Phaeden)
~ Added: New M1 tank cannon round, "M1028 Canister". This magazine has two rounds. The M829A1 Sabot magazine has been reduced
 by two rounds to 28 to re-balance. No effects for its "shotgun blast" implemented yet, though.
~ Removed: old, unused sound clips.
~ Updated: version.sqf to 5.60531.
~ Updated: version.txt to reflect the beta update and exchanged the link to the primary download location.
~ Changed: made the turret servo sound of M2/M3 vehicles louder (acutally discernable now)

changes 06-06-04

~ Re-fixed: the inaudible Bradley turret sound was actually a soundServo[] property sound file path buglet.
~ Fixed: a few more VITAPC units were visible in the editor. All hidden now.
~ Added: overview about ruckmags (name, count, magtype).
~ Changed: The resistance BTR-80 now uses the VITACP 1.4 resistance BTR-80 model (rusty look).
~ Fixed: The BMP-3 driver-turned-out-looking-funny issue solved. A million thanks to granQ of SFP for nabbing it!
~ Fixed: Lower in-flight sound for the WGL_BigGrenade and its descendants.
~ Added: Variant of wgl_sounds\FX\Fly_4.wss named Fly_4a.wss. Sound level lowered by 12 dB using Audacity.

changes 06-06-05

~ Changed: the range (dB setting) that the grenade launcher soundFly sounds reach. (0.06->0.01, WGL_BigGrenade, WGL_M433GrenadeHit)
~ Reverted: fx_he.sqf to former script:
 - a) hardly visible
 - b) massive fps drain
 conclusion: unfinished / buggy.
~ Renamed: 'realism' vehicles to 'PvP' vehicles.
~ Updated and fixed: Various UI elements:
 + changed default text color to yellow (some parts are always black now like mission book).
 + introduced new config_base value (CHANGE_UI_COLOR_TO_GREY), which changes the user interface's color from yellow to grey.
 + replaced default fonts to "AudreysHandB48" and "garamond64" (easily to be changed by defines now).
 + adapted and fixed several text display elements.
 + removed config_base values ENABLE_BIS_MISSIONBOOK and ENABLE_BIS_GUI_MODELS - black GUI is removed completely.
~ Added: resource folder which contains the active schema (quick), realism (Phaeden's one) and resistance (res default with WGL requirements) one.
~ Reverted: defines for fonts of mortar and observer dialogs.
~ Reverted: change from svn rev175 - AI M6A1 uses now again its stinger rockets. Yet thats he is only weapon now as we had to remove airLock from WGL_Cannon25AP. I never found out why AI prefered the AP cannon over the rockets...
~ Fixed: units inside vehicles on mission start were not included in the automatic MP spectating system.

changes 06-06-07

~ Changed: aimPrecision for sprinting animation to one (again). This fixes the animation bug while running (when the units were sprinting, the animation could suddenly put your arms in very strange direction). reference thread: http://www.squadengine.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1741.

changes 06-06-08

~ Fixed: added missing wgl_deployactions define.
~ Fixed: added missing DefaultManWeapons to weapons-array of WGL_SoldierWCaptive.
~ Fixed: added wgl_armor_basic and wgl_deployactions to WGL_SoldierEMedic and WGL_SoldierWMedic.
~ Fixed: made wgl_armor_x definition more consistent.
~ Fixed: WGL_SoldierWPilot and WGL_SoldierEPilot were missing wgl_armor_none definition.
~ Changed: moved wgl_deployactions definition at the end of each class to prepare the change of system here (we will include the definition in the future).
~ Removed: trailing white spaces ([ |	]*$).
~ Changed: renamed GV WGLdedserver to WGLdedy.
~ Fixed: the M6A1 model has now proper damage properties and hit-point definitions.
~ Changed: ATGM cost value raised from 20k to 30k - suggestion by looz to make AI fire their ATGM only on valuable targets (>M113) and use other weaponry instead.
~ Fixed: the M2A2 model has now proper hit-point definitions.
~ Replaced: we moved the infantry's UA-definitions to an external file to have other addons be able to include them as well and to define more useractions in a different define (class based UAs for example). wgl_deployactions define exchanged with an include of the file useractions.hpp which contains the UA definitions.

changes 06-06-11

~ Fixed: All three M2 Bradley variants now carry 8 (4x2) TOW.
~ Fixed: planes are not meant to execute the heliInit.sqf (yet they lack proper damageFX now: vehicleFX\helo_damagefx.sqs).
~ Reverted: removed locking for WGL_HydraLauncher_Planes (unguided rockets).
~ Changed: removed locking from WGL_A10Cannon30 and WGL_Su25Cannon (see revision before for actual changes).

changes 06-06-13

~ Added: gamelogic 'WGL_InfantryMGFX' which deactivates infantry machine FX by setting WGLMGTypes=nil via WGLlogicInit.sqs once WGLWeaponFXInit is set. 
~ Reactivated: rifleFx and MGFX again in MP environment. MGFX can be deactivated by the mapper with the gamelogic WGL_InfantryMGFX.

changes 06-06-16

~ Fixed: The rucksacks and radios didn't list the WGL_M240_PDM rucksack magazine pouch.

changes 06-06-17

~ Fixed: onMapSingleClick knows only about _pos (and a few other hard coded variables) and NOT _p - slipped through in variable optimizing. thanks to Igor for reporting !

changes 06-06-18

~ Added: WGL_ReammoBox to have a BIS replacement for that one.
~ Updated: GUI by adding a proper campaign book - thanks to granQ ! Also changed a few fonts back to fixed ones to ensure proper text display.
~ Fixed: a few general naming bugs and missing special characters.
~ Fixed: a many general naming / syntax bugs and missing special characters.
~ Added: unpacked anims.pbo to allow easier editing and tracking.
~ Changed: replace units to WGL in island intros (not visible) and in the credits intro.
~ Added: a few hopefully useful setGroupId group names: Dominator, Hammer, Trains, Tomahawk, Paladin, Howitzer, MLRS, Black, Red,
Blue, White and Green.
~ Added: marker types for the M113 and BMP Ammo/Fuel/Repair vehicles. (Used by the unit tracker system)
~ Added: links to our wiki and home site.
~ Added: wgl4 docu as they are good history reference / overview.
~ Changed: made 'splash'-screen's text white (picture on OFP startup without -nosplash).
~ Changed: island intros' music to more appropriate ones:
 + eden: Track3
 + abel: 7thDarken
 + cain: 7thOverdose
 + intro: 7thLifeless
~ Added: missing displayName for WGL_SoldierESniper.
~ Fixed: exchanged "WGL_SoldierINSMG" with "WGL_SoldierINSAR" (former doesn't exist).
~ Added: excel overview about WGL groups.
~ Changed: the M1 models have had the commander's .50cal MG removed for visibility/playability reasons. It was blocking the view
           when turned out.
~ Fixed: initialisation of the global variable "wgl_gmgroup" is now "wgl_gmgroups" (with a trailing 's') as it should be.

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