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Originally created for an earlier version of the WGL mod, Gaia was a huge and detailed island for it's time. Gaia is a huge 12.8km by 12.8k...


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Originally created for an earlier version of the WGL mod, Gaia was a huge and detailed island for it's time. Gaia is a huge 12.8km by 12.8km island with numerous villages, towns and cities. Moreover each forest is made out of individual trees rather than the traditional forest block used on most islands: it also includes two regular airports and one dirt landing strip.

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Download 'wgl_usmc_gaia.rar' (24.92MB)

== GAIA ISLAND WARGAMES ADDON PACK                                                           ==

by Phaeden [USMC] 	[email protected] 
Version: 1574.567.45.3V  
Thanks to all of the warrior-gentlemen at www.usmc-warriors.com, and AngusHeaf for their  
help and support during the creation and testing of this island (and anyone I forgot to 
mention).  Additionally, I would like to thank my lovely wife, Ellie, for her patience and 

Gaia is an independant nation several hundred miles East-Northeast off the coast of Maine, USA.
It has, over  the centuries, become a Mid-Atlantic stopping point from ocean-going vessels and, 
later, aircraft.  This has  promoted a economy that thrives on international business and 
tourism.  In the past two decades, significant  numbers of people have migrated to the island 
to bask in the glow of a healthy trade and eco-tourism economy.   The U.S.A. had established 
several military bases on the island in the later years of World War II.  After  the 1982 
signing of the Treaty of Anglico, America has signed over all rights to the bases to the 
government  of Gaia. 
This island was made primarily with WrpEdit.  It has taken me over 18 months to create and 
finish the island.  During this process, I have extensively used multiple references, but 
mostly documents and forum discussions at www.ofpec.com. 

Some of the road textures "flicker" where they overlap each other.  This is something that I 
have tried to fix, but have been unable to remedy.  There are also some small gaps between road 
sections.  These are the result of placement.  Both of these are something that I cannot fix or 
do not  want to spend the next year fixing, so please just overlook them and enjoy the rest of 
the island.  The same  "flickering" occurs on some of the buildings.  This is due to 
"overplacement" of objects in order to  manipulate the buildings to "create" new structures.  
Please overlook these as well as they are beyond my  control.  Finally, there are a few 
bushes/trees that still occupy road space - again - I did the best I  could, but may have 
missed some of these objects.  If you see something that bothers you please email me and I will 
attempt a fix: 


WG AddPak Configs and Scripts Copyright 2004 AngusHeaf, WGLEvents FX foundation Copyright 2004
Tactician, Gaia Island Copyright 2004 by Phaeden, WG/CoC Mortar Scripting and Fire Control 
Copyright 2004 by Dinger, addon models, sounds, and other material copyright their respective 

1.  This is a completely unofficial addon, so BIS and Codemasters are not responsible for any 
    possible  damages to your computer. Use this addon at your own risk.
2.  By installing this island and necessary files, you agree to assume all damage to yourself, 
    property, and  lifestyle and will not seek legal action against AngusHeaf or Phaeden should 
    the use of this addon pack and island create any negative or unwanted by-products.  
    Essentially, you assume all responsiblity by using this product. 
3.  No part of this addon pack including but not limited to: scripts, configs, functions, 
    dialogs, islands, models, and textures may be used in any commercial product without prior 
    written approval by the respective parties.     
4.  All land textures for Gaia were created by Phaeden, you may use them as you see fit, as 
    long as you notify Phaeden and keep original information with the pack. 
5.  Many of the objects on Gaia Island were created and released with the AGS_ addon packs 
    which are needed in order to play the island.

[email protected] ... [email protected] ... [email protected]

== REQUIRED ADDON FILES                                                                      ==
- - AGS_Build.pbo (http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/index.php?doc=10)
- - AGS_Inds.pbo (http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/index.php?doc=11)
- - AGS_Port.pbo (http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/index.php?doc=12)
- - USMC_T_1.pbo (included)
- - Baracken.pbo (included)
- - USMC_Gaia.pbo (included)

OFP: Resistance version 1.90 is required.

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