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- Emty Shells stay in the ground by 30sec (not ever) - The slide stay back when you empty the mag - The mags stay in the grou...


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- Emty Shells stay in the ground by 30sec (not ever) - The slide stay back when you empty the mag - The mags stay in the ground when u throw 'em (not the BIS box) - Custom sight accurized to the ballistic values of the weapon Known Bugs: 1) the custom sight have a muzzle flash, but it don't works. 2) not compatible with the "wip_45" previously released (by config changes)

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Download 'wip_45_1.1b.rar' (1.25MB)

WIP M1911A1:

Weapon:          |  Magazine:        |
wip_m1911        |  wip_m1911mag     |

wip_45.pbo v1.1b:

The Changes over the version 1.0 are:
- Now it has a dry sound. (it don't made before)
- Remade sight textures. (now Marpat for the sleeve)
- Resized sight texture. (now the bullet fall over the aim point)
- Internal custom optics name changed and textures added.

1)When you swap from the hand gun to the grenades, the slide of the .45 goes backward.
2)The muzzle flash on the custom sight don't appears ingame but's there.
3)The bullets fall right at the edge of the aim point at distances of +15/20m (aprox.) and at the center of the
  aim point at distances of -10/15m. Above that, the bullets fall a bit to the left (a BIS pressent).
 *I'll thank if some one could fix the muzzle flash bug not appearing when you fire from the sights.

Model MADE BY: King Homer, addon maker who made the HEP pack from where i took this beautyfull Colt .45.

Textures MADE BY: King Homer, many thanx for let me stole u yar hand gun.

Muzzle Flash MADE BY: Cassandra, addon maker, ex-BAS Beta Tester & music artist (various electronic generes).

Sounds MADE BY: Fire sound BY TWS addons studio, Empty & Reload Sounds BY the weapons master INQUISITOR.

Sight MADE BY: Me, Charles Wipman, OFP fan.
*Notes: Wizout any of those persons, we couln't enjoy this damn fuckin' good 'n fanzy hand gun. Thank in 1St place
        to King Homer lease me his nice hand gun; thanx OVERALL to CassieG, wizout she... we DON'T will have this
        hand gun workin'. Thanx to INQUISITOR for his nice sounds, his INQ_Weapons Pack 1.1, his INQ_HTTV, 
        his G36A, his INQ_A10 & INQ_SU25. Thanx to mom & dad 4 have bring me to this shit of world. 
        Thanx to that so called thing bad named... "community", for DON'T offer any kind of help, 
        don't assist me wiz any doubt, don't tell me how to solve the things that were fucked off in the 
        hand gun... & for B a fuckin' crew of damn dick suckas that only help they'r fuckin' buddies that 
        suck the dick ones to anothers all the time. Thanx 2 'em 2 for have killed that; the thing bad called now 
        "community". I hope that u enjoy the wip_1911. Don't forget that wizout King Homer that let me took it 
        & CassieG that had the guts to help me & solve the bugs that i knew how to solve, we couldn't enjoy 
        rightnow this addon weapon. So... God save 'em & now fuck u. Let's cu.

BIS, Codemasters, The FBI, Me, God, the fuckin' "Virgin" & Wall Street don't offer any kind of support 'bout this
weapon; so... if it fucks off yar dear OFP... uninstall & reinstall again the OFP, the best game ever made for PC.

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