Y2K3 Mod

(3/24/04 - 2/8/05) version 7.0

Full Install Information West Side

* Infantry -> HYK soldier * Sniper -> HKY sniper with M2...

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File Description

(3/24/04 - 2/8/05) version 7.0

Full Install Information West Side

* Infantry -> HYK soldier * Sniper -> HKY sniper with M24SWS and Colt M1911 * Sniper (Anti-Material) added in with M82 and Colt M1911 * Black Op -> LSR Rangers * Black Ops renamed to Speical Forces & Special Forces (Day) * Speical Forces (Day) equiped with G36SD all Special Forces equiped with silenced mk23 pistols * Speical Forces equiped with M4SOPMod SD * M21 -> Dan_M14 pack M21 * M60 (tank)-> SIG M-60A3 * M1A1 -> INQ/King Homer M1A2 * 5T truck -> Marfy's 5t truck * 5T open -> marfy reskin * UH60MG -> BAS HH60G pavekhawk (all scripts and animations retained and renamed in editor to "HH60G (mg)") * UH60-> BAS MH60G grey pavekhawk (all scripts and animations retained and ffars kept in weapon loadout for compatibility and renamed in editor to"MH60G (ffar)") * AH1 -> COG AH1 * A10 -> Oyman / INQ A10 * A10(LGB) -> Oyman / INQ A10 * M113 -> Combat M113A3 * M163 -> INQ M163 * AH64 -> MPIV AH64D Longbow * Grenadier equiped with 203 vest * Machine Gunner equiped with M249 * Laser Designator -> AN/PEQ-1 (from BAS) * OH58 -> BAS OH58 * M2A2 -> Rudedog's M2A2ODS * Carl Gustave changed to M87 Dragon * Pilots -> BAS Soar Pilot Model with visor, face mask, and nvg options retained. * JeepMG -> INQ's HTTV. * HMMWV -> CBT Humvee * JeepMG and Humvee have MUCH better off road capibilies * Support Trucks replaced by HMETTS (covered = repair, mg varient = ammo, fuel = fuel)

Resistance Side

* Infantry -> edge's retextured resistance * PS3V -> Zil 130 (covered camo) * PS3V Fuel -> Zil 130 (fuel) * T-55 -> RHS T-55 * T-72 -> Sig T72cz * T-80 -> Sig T80BV * UAZG -> CSLA GAZ69 * Grenadier equiped with 6 nades also accepts gp25 vest * LAW soldier equiped with RPG7

East Side

* Infantry -> ORCS Motorized Infantry * Sniper -> Suchey & Earl Russian naval infantry machine gunner * Spetsnaz -> Suchey & Earl Russian naval Spetsnaz (recon) * SVD -> ORCS SVD * Crew -> RHS crew * T-72 -> SIG T-72B * T-80 -> SIG T-90s * PK -> PK Replaced with VITPKM * Ural -> CSLA Ural * UAZ -> CSLA UAZ * bmp1 -> CSLA bmp1 * bmp2 -> CSLA bmp2 * spetznaz now carries such/earl silenced ak74su * grenadier now equiped with gp25 nade vest * ak sights -> suchy/earl ones * repair truck -> Zil 131 repair * M2(east) -> vit's Kord * Mi24 has retractable gear * Su25 -> tomid's su25 replacment

Civilian Side

* Ps3V -> Zil 130 (open flatbed) * Sportscar changed to BlackBarrons 69 Corvette * Bike -> Dawg * Cars have CD Players (with 14 pre-set songs) and better off road capibility * Sports cars -> Sigma's White dodge challenger, and black barons challenger convertable (convertable feature left in)

Other Misc Changes

* Snipers have 10 slots avilable now * Burst fire mode removed from AK-74 & AK-47 for realism's sake * Bodies explod upon direct hit with rocket or if too close to something that does explode Example * Blood, flies,AT backblast, and other misc ECP effects enabled again * "plane" name changed in editor to Cessna 182 * All optics are also changed to suchy-earl / benus * All Weapons Replaced with INQ's (except the svd, pkm, pistols and AA/AT weapons) * BIS launched grenade now uses only 1 slot * Compass changed to WGL one * Pilots have life vests in case they bail out over water * Pistol Sights and Sounds replaced by better more realistic ones. * extra fire from missles and rockets (helo launched) * MBT tank fire effect from main gun * Tracers added to Helos, Tanks, and Soldiers (default tracers turned black so the new ones are visable) * Custom GUI

I may of missed a few things, matter of fact I KNOW i missed some things on the list. but I assure you that "total conversion" means just that. total conversion. everything is changed.


Step One : Patch your game up to 1.96 Step Two : Download and install the Y2K3 Main Installer. Step Three : shut down any memory hogging programs like messengers, explorer windows, and internet windows. Step Four : Then Run the main installer (this will take awhile, be patiant). the default install path should be correct. if you need to modify it, then find your CodemastersOperation Flashpoint Directory, and add Y2K3 after it to install this into a Y2K3 mod folder then run the extra file installer. Step Five : Go to your Y2K3 mod directory and look in the Bin OFPY2K3 sub folder for a premade exe file. Step Six : Test out your new and improved Operation Flashpoint Resistance.


You will also need the Extra File Installer. You can get this here.

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