Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance ADF Mod Update

Rico from the ADF mod for OFP has posted some new screenshots of the Bushmaster, of which Killkill who has joined has been working on. However, they are still looking for textures, coders and scripters. See the screenshots below:


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Tonal Second Edition

Ebud on the official forums has now announced that his second version of Tonal is on course for a release this weekend! This is a great present for a lot of people who have been waiting for this version for a long time and enjoyed numerous hours of playing on the old Tonal. Based on African bush this time round, Tonal looks set to blow you away again.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance IM:UC Mod update

Remcen from the IM:UC has shown us a few new images of the Iraqi infantry. they have also said that they still plan to release for Operation Flashpoint: The stuff again that you will be seeing in OFP from our mod are as follows: * BMD-1 * MT-LB * BRDM-2 * Iraqi Soldiers * and as far as i know a lil island to play with these units on Enjoy the...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Otokar Cobra Series

Alright here is an update about some of the Turkish Union things. Cheers! After a long break, Turkish Union is back with another tough, distinctive military replica, Otokar Cobra 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle Series. As you might remember from our website, we've been working on this project for a long time and planned releasing an exclusive video before...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Nogovan Light Infantry

As his very first addon, R0adki11, is making some Light Infantry units for Nogova: hopefully he will expand this further to include some vehicles as well and give Nogova a proper army. The units come with a custom Nogovan camo which looks pretty good but they are only armed with old British Sterling SMG's as R0adki11 has to decide on the rest or their arsena...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Shinkansen's Tonal Supplements

Shinkansen has just started to make some addons for the great Tonal mod. The Tonal addons will boost the Tonal Forces Military strength, addons will include aircraft and ships.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Codeblue ACU Units

dave8 of Codeblue is currently developing some very high quality US ACU units with a minimum cost to performance. He is trying to make very accurate models so that the soldiers will be carrying the correct gear etc. Even though the addon is only in Alpha stage I would say this could be the best ACU units for OFP.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance VC\NVA Fighting Positions

Sgt.Anderson has posted several more screenshots of his work in progress VC\NVA fighting positons which will feature on his new Island Tuc Song.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Myasishchev M-4 ("Bison"), Cold War Soviet Bomber

APS Gnat has been working on a Soviet bomber, the M-4 for the past few weeks. His last release of a Cold War bomber was the American B-52 which was of a high standard as it included several functioning minigun turrets on the aircraft. Hopefully his Soviet bomber will compliment the B-52 well.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Vietnam Bunkers Addon

Sgt Anderson is currently making Bunker addons for his Vietnam War era Tuc Song Island, the Island so far looks very good and is not dependant on any mod. Furthermore with the Vietnam Bunkers Pack the Island will be more interesting and feel more authentic: the beta of the Island should be out soon.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Tonal Mod Unit Replacements

minorthreat is currently working on a few units which will replace the outdated units in the Tonal mod. Units that are currently being replaced are soldiers and tanks.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Berlin 1945 mod Universal Bren Carrier

The Berlin 1945 mod team are currently developing a few bren gun carriers. These carriers will be more unique as they have made some German variants as well as allied ones.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance RKSL Major Update

RKSL Studios have outlined their plans for ofp and Armed Assault, these projects sound really good so it's definitely something to watch out for. RKSL now and in the Future. Since I haven’t post anything RKSL related for a while I thought I’d close the old thread and start a new one with all the latest information. A lot has been going on behind...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Light Effects

The-Architect has managed to make ofp even better by getting rid of the cone of light on vehicles etc. Good job!


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance South Korean Special Forces

Zerg63 has posted several screenshots of his work in progress South Korean Black Berets.