Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Bambi International SF Pack - Info

Bambi has announced on the BIS Forums that he is continuing with the International Special Forces pack/packs. This time around he is working on some Photoreal American SF. These new updated models will feature Llauma's new head, and Offtime's John Doe Templete. More can be seen in the BIS Forums. This project isn't dead...Not yet atleast I haven't be...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Nature Pack - European Released

BergHoff on the BI Forums has released his European Nature Pack... Features --------------------------------- 41 new trees 3 new forest types, Seapine and Fir (Wachtmeester is working on a Oriental forest) 5 new shrubs *A sample edited Everon Island (that uses the following list of foilage) *Brich trees *Broadleaf trees *Fir trees *Maple t...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance USN Tarawa and LCAC

Philcommando released today on the BI Forums his new USN Tarawa and LCAC. The Tarawa can hold up to 16 Vehicles and 60 Men. It has a custom gunner and ship officer. It has full geolod support. Download it Here


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Dynamic WWII Campaign

Winters released today on the BI Forums his new Dynamic WWII Campaign. New dyn. campaign in the works needs help testing and ideas for additions. It is based on Counter-Insurgency by TacRod, CoIn AddonFree by Sanctuary and Dynamic Afghanistan by Honchoblack. and switched it to the I44 Sicily island. It is still a work in progress but your input is most welc...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance LSR Deltas/Rangers/Weapons 2.0 Released

Laser has released V2.0 of his Delta Force/US Army Rangers and US Weapons pack, on the BI Forums. Download


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance OPERATION FARMLAND FOLDER PACK + Farmland Island + Required Addons V-1.0

OPERATION FARMLAND FOLDER PACK Version 1 is out. The pack contains: 1-Farmland Mod Folder; 2-the addons required to play with Farmland Island: bat.pbo (v.0.33); editorupdate102.pbo; FML_Base.pbo (v.1.0); fml_isleobj.pbo (v.1.0) fml_objects.pbo (v.1.20); fml_rsc.pbo (s/v); JOF_Objects1.pbo; 3-Farmland Island: -Size: 128x128; -WRP Fo...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Soviet SU 85/100/122 Pack Released

The Berlin 1945 Mod have released their Soviet SU 85/100/122 Pack on the BIS Forum. Includes: East: (wwIIec) Tank ----> Su85 Early , Su100 Early , Su122 Early , Su85 Late , Su100 Late , Su122 Late West: (wwIIec) Tank ----> Su85 Early, Su100 Early, Su122 Early, Su85 Late, Su100 Late, Su122 Late Guerrilla: (wwIIec) Tank ----> Su85 Early, Su100 Early, S...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance More transparent water

For those of you who were not satisfied with the bata screens of the water here are some more.... Don't worry there is still much to be done but I think this looks better...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Transparent Water

Russian addon maker Voyager has released screenshots of his transparent water. Unlike previous addons this one will be transparent the whole distance.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance New version of HX - 1

Xavier Petit released new version of HX - 1 (v1.3) What's new: - interior - outdoor -also some new sounds etc. Unfortunately there are also some rather big bugs like missing ??? view gunner lod. Offcurse everybody can use it and do what they want with it. Download


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance JJRs Afganistan Rebels Update

Munk released an updated version of his JJRs Afganistan Rebels. Here's whats changed: Completely re-written config JAM regular&HD units+groups Pistol proxies added US flag removed from arms Wound textures added New model added (just swapped some textures) 12 arabic faces added (used with permission from Lost Brothers Mod) Slight model correctio...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance G-shock watch by Gachopin

Gachopin has released his own modified version of the original watch textures... Looks pretty good. Download


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Footmunch F-15C

Footmunch has released a bata version of his F-15... I've updated the F-15C with the eject scripting and rolling wheels, as well as model tidy-ing, new textures and shine effects: 2 colour schemes - Standard grey, and the mod scheme shown above. 4 AIM-9, 6 AIM-120 (with proximity detonation) and gun. Download