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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Saria Island by OFman

OFman is at it again; creating another superb island but this one is his best so far in my opinion. It does look stunning and reminds me of Sahrani, the island that will be featured in ArmA, hopefully the release will be soon. Here are some screens to give you a taste of whats to come.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Ural Island - Remote Parts

MODUL ahs released some screenshots of his work in progress island call Urals The Remote Parts. It seems like we should get a realistic look at what the Urals are like since this is where the author comes from. The island looks very good.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance USA Style Islands

For about three years iguanapl has been working on two USA style islands for the Airwolf mod, both islands are 99% complete and should be relased soon. These islands look amazing because of their quality and the fact that every other island is European or Middle-Eastern, the second island will be kept secret for now but here are some screens of the first isl...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Borania Island

drabina has begun work on a Latin - American Island which will feature jungle, slums, military bases, refugee camp etc. His new Island will be based on countries such as El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Government of Borania is corrupt and supported by the US government, most of the inhabitants of the Island will be poor but there will be a small part of the i...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Casurina Island Screenshots

SGT_SAVAGE has released a few screenshots showing the progress of his stunning Casurina Island for us to feast our eyes on. Progress on the island has been slow as he waits for more buildings and objects to become available however he has been given permission to use OFPL's buildings so progress will pick up. Lag can be an issue if you use mods with the isle...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Banania Island by HIS dob released

HIS dob has sent us his new caribbean style island named Banania. Furthermore he wishes an happy new year to the ofpfiles.com community. Check out the screenshots below and leave some feedback on how you find it! See you on the front. Also the download for this map is in the files section.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Berghoff's Tropical Nature Pack Soon!

Berghoff has started on his last addon pack for Operation Flashpoint Resistance. This is what he had to say: Now Nature Pack 2 is hopefully bugfree, I've already began work on the next and my last addon for the old game. Its based and tropical locations which allows you to create very green Islands. Of course it will also has a sample Island only 128x1...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Homeland Island

BergHoff released today on the Official Forums his new Homeland Island! It has 4 different settings. Lush,Desert,Arctic, and Jungle. Size of entire map is 512x512 (or 25x25km) and the island group will have a Desert/Jungle at the south, a Winter Island with many mountains at the North and a temperate island near the middle. It will have some custom made...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 2 New Islands Released from Hell's Circus

Hell's Circus has released 2 new WW2-themed islands on the BIS Forum. The islands are named Enfilade42 and Onslaught45. Both islands come with WWII co-op missions, details of addon requirements for the missions detailed in download Onslaught45 Enfilade42 Island


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Screenshots of Afghanistan Island

Crazy_Soldier, a leader in the "Soviet Era' project has sent flashpoint.ru some updated screenshots of Afghanistan Island. New version will include a totallly newly textured landscape, new objects and course several demo missions.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Midway Island 1.2 Released

Midway Island 1.2 has been released on the Pacific War site. Changes/Fixes Reef has been worked on a bit (added some rocks and small vegetation on certain parts). New harbour sections that look more appropriate for the location. A little bit more vegetation added on the main islands. New hangers by mapfact used (dont know how to get the folding doors...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Spearhead44 v4

Hell's Circus has released an update to their WW2 island Spearhead44 on the Forums. Changes: Original bocage now totally removed meaning no DTA folder files anymore. Added AEF trainline with station, small railyard and factory sidings. Also added a small airfield with working AI take-off and landing. Most roads widened for improved AI pathways. And...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance FDF Maldevic update

The FDF team released their winter version of their Maldevic island. DOWNLOAD More screenshots + read me here.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance New Iceland Island

The Bloody Days mod has released another demo island. This latest one is Iceland, by Jakerod. Download here.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance New Fulda Gap Demo Island

Jakerod from the Bloody Days Mod has recently realsed a beta of his new Fulda Gap Island. Here's what he had to say: This is a demo of the Bloody Days Mod's new German Island based on The Fulda Gap. I tried making the town's roads as accurate as possible to what mapquest.com said they were. I do realize that there is nothing really to it or anything like th...