Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Radio Check Episode 5 Released

This weeks episode of podcast has Tigershark talking with the guys at UKF where they discuss their mod and seasoned mission maker Crashdome gives some handy tips on how to make your missions better. Enjoy! Get the latest episode here - Episode 5


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Radio Check Episode 4 Released

Tigershark has released Episode 4 of the OFP Podcast series Radio Check. As always the show containsvery interesting interviews which give an excellent insight into the community. In this weeks episode: Back to our original format this week. We speak with Ebud about recent updates he is making...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Radio Check Episode 3 Released

Tigershark_BAS released a few days ago the third installment in his OFP podcast project. In this episode there will be a round table discussion between with a few important people in the OFP/ArmA community and Placebo the Community manager from BIS. Get all Radio Check Podcasts here.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Drago Island Screenshots

Several screenshots of the upcoming Drago Island. Check them out below.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Desert Combat Tournament Video

Highlights of the Desert Combat Tournament Round 2 matches!!! All the highlights from i. vs Ronin and the Ronin vs SODKP game mixed together with couple of songs making it the longest video ever released on OnlineWarfare. If you like tanks and being on a big map, and you think the desert addons a...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Stargate World Island Screenshots

Several work in progress screenshot of the Stargate World Island. "I created this Island so it would be easy to create a misson with many different functions without haveing to keep quiting and reloading the map. If you have any suggestions for the map or would like to BETA Test Please E-mail me at...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance IM:UC - Type-69 Enigma 2 Screenshots and tutorial!

The IM:UC Mod has updated their site with two new screenshots of their Type-69 Enigma Tank! Also a tutorial made by Hottentotten Mike to learn how to texture using a spherical object in O2. See the screenshots of there Type-69 Enigma Tank, which will soon be in their later release of a demo! See the...


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance FFUR 1985 'Top Gun' Video

Pierre from the FFUR Team has made a stunning video featuring a dogfight. This video was made to mimick the film 'Top Gun', and featues the soon-to-be-released FFUR 1985 Desert conversion modification. Download Also out: FFUR 1985 Desert Video FFUR 1985 Woodland Video


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance FFUR 1985 Video

Pierre from the FFUR Team has released a video based on scenes from the yet-to-be-released FFUR 5.0 1985 Conversions. The FFUR Team is currently working on a range of other modifications, including a 2005 Conversion and a top-secret pack to be revealed on release day. Download


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Deployable M-60 on Tripod

Kyle Sarnik released today a short video of his new Deployable M-60 on Tripod for his upcoming Vietnam Troops. Download it here


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Oblivion Mod Trailers

Oblivion Mod Trailers 2 and 3 are on the site. The more astute among you will have noticed the lack of No.1, this is because the download on the site is busted. If it ever gets fixed, you'll see it on here. Download Trailer 2 Download Trailer 3


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Middle-Eastern Rebels

John J. Rambo, new to the addon scene, has released his set of turban toting rebels. They seem to be well worth a look. Download it here.


Operation Flashpoint: Resistance The Red Snow - Trailer Video

MaxRiga sent gamezone.cz his video trailer for his upcoming film The Red Snow. Download