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It seems BIS is trying to find ways to keep us occupied until ArmA is released. Apparently they are going to release 2 stand-alone VBS based games for around $25. Both developed by BIS's Aussie branch BIA. One is called VBS Lite and is just VBS without any of the extra's. The other is called Australians in Vietnam and that's exactly what it is. Australians in Vietnam Trailer 1 Update A guy at SimHQ has played both of these new games and made 2 AAR (After Action Reviews). Check it out.
Bohemia Interactive Australia will be releasing two stand alone games from their online store within weeks. It is currently not known if this is via download or disk purchase. The first is VBS1 Lite, (VBS1 is the military grade of OFP), VBS1 lite is a lessor product without all the additional modules and tools. I have been testing this VBS1 Lite for a week now, and it is a very nice stand alone game, a nice hold over till Armed Assault is officially released. It is not confirmed yet, but VBS1 Lite is estimated to be about 25 US dollars. ALSO, They will be releasing another stand alone game, titled "Austrians in Vietnam", this is based on the same engine. I have been trying it out for a week now also, and it looks to be a very nicely done single player (noticed there is no network option) stand alone game, and for an estimated price of 20 US dollars. Please be advised that this has not been officially announced or confirmed yet, but more information is coming very soon. I have shared a VBS1 Lite AAR titled Convoy Escort and Hostage Rescue. I have also shared some screenshots from the Austrians in Vietnam game.
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