Creeks or Rivers in ofp?

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On the BIS forums [b]FischKopp[/b] informed the community he was experimenting with creeks and rivers in OFP that he might use in his USMC Mod. Right now the creek is passable by soldiers but vehical class units are trying to avoid it. He needs to know how to animate it some how to make it look like a moving body of water. Here's what he posted. [quote]This idea isn´t new. The leader of the CZM (Conflict Zone Mindanao) has told me about the idea. And i took now the idea to relize it. But i´ve still to fight with the engine limitations - not animated textures. I mean with that, textures in motion like a creek should look if it flow down a hill. So i ask you, the community, about it. Shall the USMC mod include it on the MOD island with some waterfall and spring somewehre in the mountains. Maybe we could use for the waterfall the script used by AEF-Mod in their teaser. Just a suggestion. If an Scripter has an idea to realize maybe a creek in motion, maybe we could colobarate. But now some Screenshots. The creek doesn´t looks like a real one.Too straight. But it´s just a quick test object. BTW: Sodliers crossing the river. Only car class vehicles try to avoid it, but if nessasary they cross it too. [/quote]
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