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Interview conducted with FWW2 Mod Leader Von Rundstedt (VonR) and co-leader HateR_Kint (HK) Date: 23.10.2005 Q: 1. First could you give us a brief overview of your mod as well as your team? VonR: The Mod itself is aimed to represent the wars that we Finnish went through during the World War II, beginning with the Winter War (Talvisota) taking place in 1939-1940, then moving into the Continuation War (Jatkosota) which was fought side by side with the Germans, soon after the beginning of the Operation Barbarossa. As the last part we intend to represent the Lapland War (Lapinsota) during which Finns drove the remaining German forces out of Finland due to a peace treaty with Russia. As a mod it's aimed to be a realistic view on war within the limits of OFP's capabilities. There are various things we would like to do but we can't due to OFP engine. Player will mainly play as a Finnish frontline soldier in various duties but we will also be bringing the Russian side in the mod. A campaign for the Russians might be a bit too much to ask for though, at least at this moment... What comes on tank fights for example, it's mostly pretty one sided: Russians had tanks, Finns did not. Same goes with planes. Our team is quite small, yet we still have couple very committed members and with them we will surely complete this mod, eventually, that is. Yet we hope to get more people so we can get this one out sooner. HK: The mod will be released in phases, each phase will be covering one of those above mentioned wars… Q: 2. Where did you get the idea to create this mod? VonR: Basically the idea came from FDF Mod and my personal interest in WW2 history. FDF Mod is a great mod but it doesn't have WW2 side so I thought "There's a lot of interested people and I have the time, so why not?" Also the fact that pretty much all other WW2 mod ideas were already being made into mods, and some were the same as the others, I decided to concentrate on a bit less known side of the war. Q: 3. Does this stand for your first attempt at a mod? VonR: For OFP, yes. Generally no, I modded Freespace 2 for quite a long time. HK: This the first big mod I'm a part of. I am/I've been involved in single AddOns before though. Q: 4. Are there any current vehicle or troop types that we don't currently know about? VonR: Most definitely, the best stuff is pretty much still to come.. Q: 5. Are there any new features that you guys have planned for the mod that we currently don't know about? HK: As this is more my field; yes, for example: -AP mines that are not seen or avoided by the AI. No triggers required… The mines have a few features that have not been seen in OFP yet, but I'm not saying anything about them yet ;)... -AT mines that will be triggered only if a tank thread goes over it, no scripting involved = no lag/FPS drop... -Quite realistic(ishy) Molotov cocktail. Will set tanks (some of them), cars and men on fire, as well as houses (done before the latest ECP came out, so no idea theft there ;) :P).. Doesn't burn trees/bushes etc. though, waaayyy too much work... -some other smaller things like some crappy burning fx, snowing and other that kind of stuff... -New GUI (and mission editor), of course.. …And so on.. Q: 6. What has been the hardest part of this project so far? VonR: The huge hole especially in our texture artist department. Also lack of other talented people slows down the project dramatically.. HK: The other thing besides the lack of staff is the scripting that has become quite a major part in all this… Almost everything has something scripted ;D… Q: 7. By which aspect of the engine are you the most admirative? HK: That's a bit hard to answer as we all probably all admire different parts of it… For me it would be the AI and the scripting I guess… Although both lack things they could have.. Q: 8. Will you be creating your own Islands? VonR: Yes. At least one with winter and summer version.. HK: The island is absolutely awesome. I personally just love the winter version, it has a lot of stuff that has not been seen in other winter islands yet. ;) Plus some other nice ideas that are featured in both versions… Q: 9. How far into development are you with the mod? VonR: Maybe about of 35-40% done. Basic troops are done, tank models are pretty much all done. Lacking textures severely on pretty much everything and above all, time. For instance I am 90% of time away due of my military service, which leaves a huge gap in our soldier developement. HK: Then there's the insane pile of scripting which will never be finished ;)… Q: 10. Are you seeking to use FDF's unfinised WWII work for your mod? VonR: No. Or we did ask them if there was a possibility for that but the said no... They will finish theirs eventually.. It's no wonder though, we would probably have done the same if the places were switched… Q: 11. Have you recruited any former FDF members to your mod? VonR: We have tried but so far they haven't been all too interested in us. As they said themselves, they suffer serious lack of interest. Q: 12. What is your favourite mod in the community other than your own? VonR: Not an easy question, don't really have time to play these days. Maybe Inv44, when it gets released. I also play around with Lib mod occationally. HK: Hard to say because I rarely get the chance to play with OFP as all my time with it goes for different kind of modding/scripting related stuff... I'd say FDF probably is my favorite, I do download/downloaded things like CSLA2, BAS stuff, CBT! stuff, ECP, PUKF stuff... But I really haven't had the time to get into them... Which is a shame really.. Q: 13. How many people do you have on your team? VonR: Our active staff is very small, perhaps 5 members. Semi-active is around 10. HK: 'Semi-active' is a bit relative term.. Some of them have not even been 'seen' in months… Well, maybe in IRC, but that really doesn't count as being active... Q: 14. Can you give us any information on when the mod will be released? will we see a beta first? VonR: When it's ready :). It's hard to say, once we get certain stuff done and out of the way things will evolve much faster towards the eventual release day. Hopefully during this year, but I can't promise anything. There won't be a beta. I don't want to hand unfinished stuff out to public. Although if for some reason this mod dies, which I hope doesn't happen, we will release our work to public as it is at that moment.. Q: 15. How has Community Support been, anything the community can do to help Contribute? VonR: We've had couple active fans around asking pics and release, but mainly hardly anybody has had any interest in us, other mods mainly. We definitely need talented, and above all enthusiastic people to join our ranks. We have posted job openings all around and I hope people take on them. HK: We have not been so visible in the community so can't say much about that. The talented enough community could contribute a lot by joining us and fulfilling the job openings we did announce recently... ;) Q: 16. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? VonR: Stay out there, we will release our work in one way or other. ;)
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