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FlashNews 100th Edition!

Well finally it's here, the 100th edition of FlashNews, we'd like to thank everyone who has checked out the previous editions of FlashNews as well as giving feedback and suggesting content. As promised we have a few special surprises in store for you:

FlashNews 100th Edition Armour Hit Competition
With the cooperation of a number of companies around the world we're running a special FlashNews 100th Edition Armour Hit Competition, Prizes are:

1st prize

2nd prize

Runner up prizes:

  • 1 x 12 month subscription to UK magazine PC Format (for best worldwide runner up)
  • 1 x 12 month subscription to US magazine Computer Gaming World (for best USA runner up).
  • 1 x 12 month subscription to German PC Powerplay magazine (for best runner up from Austria, Germany or Switzerland).
  • 1 x 12 month subscription to Russian magazine Game World Navigator (for best Russian runner up).

Obviously this competition would not be possible without the generosity of the companies offering prizes, we would like to say a special thank you to: CGW, Game World Navigator, Icetek-UK, Naturalpoint, PC Format & PC Powerplay.

Click here to visit the FlashNews 100th Edition Armour Hit Competition page

Regular visitors to our forum will know that TracKIR and Fresnel Lenses are the current must have cool item as discused by fans of the game and they both have their own threads: TrackIR Forum Thread - Fresnel Lens Forum Thread

TrackIR Pro 4 - Special Armed Assault Discount
To coincide with the 100th Edition of FlashNews Naturalpoint, the makers of TrackIR have kindly arranged a special offer whereby anyone going to the website via this link will receive a discount of $30 from any TrackIR Pro 4 order. For more details click on one of the images.

Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki
As many are aware a community wiki has been in development for a number of weeks. This wiki is intended to serve as the first stop for anyone seeking knowledge or information about Bohemia Interactive, whether that be information about the company, the games it develops, the technology. As the OFPEC contributors themselves have been saying for sometime the wiki is for the community, by the community, everyone is welcome to use it, everyone is welcome to contribute to it, within the basic rules of use which are viewable when first creating an account.

A word from Marek Spanel:

"It's really great to see the launch of our community wiki, another key element of the infrastructure that we provide to our valuable community. I encourage all of the talented people around to join the wiki and help us to make it as complete and accurate as possible, as without you it will never reach its full potential. Opening our wiki is one more step towards the release of our next PC game, Armed Assault, which will surpass Operation Flashpoint in many areas, most notably in terms of how open it is to the editing community. The wikipages are also an important platform that allow us to share information quickly and efficiently with you."

Special Thanks:
The wiki could not have been created without the dedication and tireless work of a number of devoted members of the community, we would especially like to thank the following people for their help with the wiki content and design: 
Baddo, Bedges, Berghoff, Chneemann, Codarl, Fragorl, Hardrock, Homefry, Hoz, Jahve, MachoMan, Mikero, Nominesine, Planck, Raedor, Rhodite, Rhysduk, RichUK, The-Architect, Thobson and also everyone at OFPEC not mentioned here. We would also like to thank Parvus for his supreme screenshot help, as visible in the wiki banner and also the competition image.

Click here to visit the Community Wiki

Bohemia Interactive News
Armed Assault at Games Convention

We can now confirm that IDEA Games will be presenting Armed Assault at Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Germany.

Game Convention runs from 24th - 27th August for public visitors and 23rd - 26th for business visitors. IDEA Games will be in booth I65 of the Developers Village which is part of the GC Business Center, the Business Center is not open to the public. If you would like to arrange a business meeting or game demonstration please contact IDEA Games.

Recent Armed Assault press coverage.

Norwegian Website Gamer.no have a preview of Armed Assault on their site, this is again based on the E3 press demo.

Polish Website Gry-Online.pl have written a second preview based on their experiences with the E3 press demo. An English translation was kindly provided by community member Lecholas in our forums.

Russian Website Scaners Games have a preview of Armed Assault on their site, again based on the E3 press demo.

Print Magazines:

PC Zone UK preview Armed Assault in their September issue which should be hitting doorsteps right now.

Game Navigator of Russia have an Armed Assault preview in the new issue of their magazine.

German magazine Gamestar have an Armed Assault text and video preview in their new issue and on their website.

North American magazine Computer Gaming World have an Armed Assault preview in their new issue.

German magazine PC Powerplay also have an Armed Assault preview in their new issue, they also have a video preview available on the website and magazine's DVD.

Next FlashNews

Due to vacation from July 20th - August 1st, FlashNews 101 will be online week commencing August 7th.

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